Best Cold Air Intake for 5.7 Hemi Charger: Buyer’s Guide 2023

We’ll suggest the K&N Cold Air Filter Kit every time you ask for the best cold air intake for the 5.7 Hemi Charger. It’s because the filter increases airflow, and power and improves the overall fuel economy.

Also, there are other options like Cold Air Filter By AF Dynamic, Mopar 300 Cold Air Intake, and Genuine Mopar Cold Air Filtration System that come with individual features and specifications.

You can explore different price points as well. Let’s go through our recommendation list and we hope that it will help you make the right decision.

How To Choose the Right Cold Air Intake for 5.7 Hemi

Before buying the new cold air filter for your Hemi 5.7 Charger, you need to go through a list of criteria and see if your best option fulfils them.

Here is a list of what you need to look for before buying cold air filtration system.

Proper Fitting

Your newly purchased cold air gadget must fit into the 5.7 Hemi Charger. If the size does not match, there was no point in buying the new kit. You can simply use your old air intake for size comparison.

Air Filter

Buy a cold air equipment with the fines air intake filter that is efficient and washable. If it is not washable, you will have to dispose of it pretty early. Disposable air filters are cheaper than washables but cannot be used for long. Washable air filters are little expansive but can be reused after washing several times.

Air Intake Chamber

Air intake housing is in charge of supplying your Hemi 5.7 engine with air. The air amount that can fit into the housing depends on the size, and the efficiency of the air supply depends on the shape.

Heat Shield

This shield is essential to prevent the air and the engine from getting too hot. So, it is vital to get the intake system with the best heat protection. There is no use of the air intake if it cannot provide cold air, so air intake with a high-quality heat shield is always recommended and preferred.

Best Cold Air Filter For Dodge Challenger

Here is a list of the best cold air filtration systems for your Hemi 5.7 Charger.

Cold Air Filters For Dodge Challenger infographic

1. K&N Cold Air Filter Kit 57-1542

K&N Cold Air Filter Kit 57-1542

K&N is one of the best and most famous companies for cold air filter kits. If you want the best cold air intake for dodge charger, this is the one you should buy.

The Kit 57-1542 prevents the accumulation of any pollutants. It will also give you far better performance than the built-in kits.

It has thousands of minuscule cotton filters that prevent the insertion of toxins and protects the engine. These filters also let fresh and crisp air into the engine. As a result, your engine provides optimum performance with the best engine sounds.

Kit 57-1542 has the largest air filter that can fit inside the OE filter chamber. It results in 50% greater filtration, and you do not even need to change anything. This vast size also can filter a substantial quantity of contaminants. You can drive your car up to 100000 miles before cleaning the kit.

Moreover, you do not need to do extra drilling as this air filter is mounted on the OE chamber. So, you can install it easily with a few standard tools. It will take you approximately just one hour to install it.

Kit 57-1542 also improves acceleration, uphill function, and throttle response.


  • The cotton filters prevent the toxins to insert
  • It offers 50% better filtration
  • No extra drilling needed
  • It shows a significant increase in horsepower and torque


  • The instructions should’ve been easier to read

Who Should Buy

If you are interested in racing, then K&N Kit 7-1542 is the finest cold air filter kit.

You can buy this kit for your regularly used car too.

2. K&N Cold Air Filter Kit 63-1114

K&N Cold Air Filter Kit 63-1114

This one’s the best cold air intake for dodge ram 1500 5.7 Hemi. It has several similarities with Kit 57-1542, with a vast air filter chamber and extreme horsepower. 

The kit makes the interaction between the air filter and the engine by eliminating airflow restrictions. This results in enhanced engine function.

What’s more, the cold air filter feature refines and upgrades the engine’s air supply. And it works perfectly to prevent overheating of air supply and the engine by intercepting the interaction of air to fuel.

You can install it on the OE chamber, so there is no need for extra drilling. 

This kit will improve your engine’s sound quality, acceleration, throttle response, and uphill operation. And due to its large filter size, you do not need to change it as frequently as other cold air filter kits.


  • It offers improved engine function
  • It also improves the engine’s acceleration, throttle response, and sound quality
  • Instructions are easy to follow
  • You’ll certainly notice an increase in performance and a decrease in fuel after installing it


  • Since none of the parts is labelled, beginner users might find it a bit difficult to fit

Who Should Buy

Those looking for boosted-up dependable power should get a K&N Kit 63-1114.

3. Cold Air Filter By AF Dynamic

Cold Air Filter By AF Dynamic

AF Dynamic kit has an air filter with maximum airflow. You can wash this filter after use and then use it again.

It comes with an aluminium temperature protector and insulation rug. These two work together to reduce heat consumption and balance the engine’s temperature.

This air intake kit works more efficiently to insert cold and fresh air into the engine than most cold air filter kits. It filters contaminants with 95% more efficiency than OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturer paper filters. 

This efficient in and out of air increases the engine power 5 to 10 times. Along with engine power, this also improves torque response by 5 to 10 percent.

Cold air filter by AF Dynamic gives you better gas mileage from your engine. It also changes the engine’s sound into a deep and loud tone.

This kit is positioned in the same place and point as the OE system. So, there is no need for any extra drilling or fabrication. It also comes with a stepwise instruction manual. So, you can install it easily without much help.


  • It filters contaminants 95% more efficiently
  • It’s constructed with high-quality materials
  • This filter improves torque response by 5-10%
  • No need for extra drilling
  • Affordable price


  • Most users found the included instructions worthless

Who Should Buy

Those looking for extra heat protection for your engine should buy this cold air filtration system by AF Dynamic.

4. Mopar 300 Cold Air Intake-5.7L Hemi

Mopar Air Filter Kit

This kit has a blue air filter that can be washed. Its filter with the air intake kit supplies the engine with fresh and cool air. Besides, it also prevents the insertion of any toxins into the engine.

The Mopar Air Intake Kit has increased durability and does its job efficiently. It sends clean and crisp air to the engine and excretes pollutants from the engine. As a result, the engine will provide you with an increased fuel economy.

This air intake kit is placed in the OE intake system. So, you do not need to change anything under the hood. Also, it is placed at the points the OE one was placed, so there is no need for any extra drilling.

Mopar Kit comes with its installation kit. So, you do not need to go and find any extra tools. After installation, you will get to experience improved engine power and sound.


  • It comes with easy instructions with pictures
  • It provides a noticeable horsepower gain
  • Improves fuel efficiency
  • The filter is durable and efficient
  • It generates less waste which is beneficial to the environment


  • It’s more on the expensive side

Who Should Buy

Mopar Air Intake Kit is specifically made for the 5.7 Hemi engine. So, if you are a user of Hemi 5.7, this is the perfect cold air filter kit for you.

5. Genuine Mopar Cold Air Filtration System

 Genuine Mopar 77060003AC Cold Air Intake System

It is one of the kits with a dry filter and also exceptionally compatible with the 5.7L engine Charger.

The dry blue air filter media can be washed and used repeatedly. This air filter lets the clean and crisp air enter the engine and holds back all the pollutants. The engine will provide you with maximum power with the fresh air in its body, making it the best cold air intake for chrysler 300.

Genuine Mopar Kit is designed to be placed into the built-in or the OE system. So, you do not need to do any customization. You can install it within a short time, like 30 to 35 minutes.

This is also relatively easy to install. It comes with an installation manual. So, you do not need to find any mechanic and can set it up all by yourself.

After installation, you will experience the new and improved engine performance and sound.


  • It comes with a washable dry air filter
  • One of the most durable options
  • Improves the engine performance and throttle response
  • Installation is easy
  • Mid-priced


  • Very loud

Who Should Buy

Those driving Chrysler 300, Charger, Magnum, and Challenger 5.7L engine, this is the cold air filter kit you should buy.

Why Upgrade Cold Air Filter

There are many benefits to upgrading your built-in air intake equipment into a new one. A list of those benefits is given below.

Increased Airflow

Changing your cold air filter system from the OEM into one of these will increase the airflow of your Hemi 5.7 Charger and provide it with extra oxygen for combustion. Old OEM air intake will be clogged with dust and can compromise your vehicle performance.

Increased Power

Improvement of airflow increases cold air consumption. This results in an increase in fuel flow, which ultimately leads to maximum horsepower.

Long-lasting Filter

The built-in air intake gear filter has to be disposed of pretty quickly. But air intake machine with washable filters can be used for a long time.

Fuel Economy

Using the best cold air filter will enable your engine to use the least fuel for the highest power.

Elevate Your Engine with The Best Cold Air Intake!

Choosing the perfect cold air filter for your Hemi can be one of the best decisions of your life. But choosing the wrong one can make your life a living hell. We have already narrowed down your options for the best cold air intake for 5.7 Hemi Charger.

So, find the one that matches the size of your chamber and has a washable air filter, decide your budget and finally, purchase one of the most important things your engine needs.

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