Best Exhaust For Chevy Colorado: Buyer’s Guide 2022

So, you’ve just picked up your shiny new Chevy Colorado and are looking for the best exhaust system to enhance its performance. But with all the options out there, which one should you choose?

Lucky for you, we’re here to help! Here, we’ll take a look at our top picks for the best exhaust for Chevy Colorado and give you our thoughts on each. Read on to learn more!

How to Choose the Best Exhaust for Chevy Colorado

There are a number of factors to consider before purchasing that exhaust, and in this section, we’ll go over them.

Steady Silencer

A variety of components make up an exhaust, including a manifold and a catalytic converter. In addition to that, there is something called a silencer, which is what reduces the rumbling noises that an automobile’s engine produces.

If the silencer sustains even little damage, the engine may become substantially louder once the damage is repaired.

On the other hand, if the engine is heard to be rattling rather than rumbling, then it is possible that the catalytic converter is the source of the problem. They may have become damaged or become loose for some reason. So, getting an exhaust with a reliable silencer is important.

Exhaust Downpipe

The exhaust pipe would go front to back in a direct line, completely devoid of any bends or twists. You need to check the workmanship wherever an exhaust pipe bends to ensure that it is of high-standard.

Catalytic Converter

The goal of the catalytic converter is to reduce the toxicity of the exhaust.

In order to guarantee that the cat is operating properly, this monitors the gases that are entering and departing the cat. A dashboard engine check light will illuminate if this isn’t the case. 

The exhaust system of a vehicle should be checked on a regular basis to see whether there are any issues. So, before you zero in on an exhaust make sure it has a quality catalytic converter.

5 Best Exhaust for Chevy Colorado (Our Pick)

Whether you’re looking for a louder, more aggressive sound or just a simple upgrade, we have the perfect exhaust for you here.

1. MBRP S5090BLK Exhaust System Cat Back

MBRP S5090BLK Exhaust System Cat Back

This black series exhaust system is an excellent pick due to its superior quality and performance. It was introduced by the popular brand MBRP, and since then, the item has been quite popular among users.

The black coat system is especially made to resist salt and other chemicals on the road, which makes it the best cat back exhaust system for chevy.

It is fully sealed to prevent corrosion; you can rely on the durability of this one.

Manufactured with T-304 stainless steel tips, it has a Mandrel-Bent 3″ Tubing. It also has a Bolt-On Installation system and a complete Drone-Free Performance Tone.

Who should Buy it?

If you like something that offers a genuine aggressive look without sacrificing quality or performance and care about the environment, then you should definitely get this one.

2. Flowmaster Super 44 Aluminized Dual Truck

Flowmaster Super 44 Aluminized Dual Truck

This one is brought to you by the Magnum exhaust Company. The exhaust note is deep and throaty without being too loud, and there’s a noticeable increase in power.

This kit comes with two high-flow mandrel-bent tailpipes and a single 3 inch inlet. The tailpipes are made of aluminized steel for durability, and they’re also coated with a chrome finish for a touch of style.

Who should Buy it?

If you’re looking for a powerful and stylish exhaust upgrade for your Chevy Colorado, this can be your best bet.

3. MagnaFlow 19569 Cat-Back Performance Exhaust System

MagnaFlow 19569 Cat-Back Performance Exhaust System

Exhaust systems from the Overland Series feature MagnaFlow’s trademark rich tone and engine performance.  It has a mandrel bent tubing along with a muffler in the weight-optimized exhaust system. They are made to fit undercarriage in such a way that it provides better ground clearance and usefulness.

The exhaust has undergone rigorous testing, and a replacement for the exhaust components after the catalytic converter is designed. This makes the systems authorized in all states because of all the calibrations.

The CNC’s precise robotic fabrication ensures long-term performance and quality fitment. It is built to match the longevity of the vehicle exhaust.

Who should Buy it?

It has bolt-on installation, moderate sound, and offers good performance. So, you can get it if you are looking for something good but nothing exceptional.

4. Evan Fischer Front Catalytic Converter 2007-2012 

Evan Fischer Front Catalytic Converter 2007-2012 

This exhaust offers quick installation! However, due to its size and form, small visual faults may occur during stocking and shipment.

Surface scratches can degrade over time due to high temperatures attained during usage, so the powder coating finish is intended to help prolong product shelf life by reducing these risks.

This stainless-steel catalytic case, aluminized steel tubing, and heat shield used in the construction ensure long-term durability and improved protection.

The product is not affected in any way by any of the scenarios listed above. But you should know that in California, Colorado, New York, and Maine, this product is prohibited from being sold or transported.

Who should Buy it?

This is highly compatible to be Chevy’s new catalytic converter and will not disappoint you at all. So, If you want something long-lasting, then you can go for it.

5. BORLA 140595 S-Type Cat-Back Exhaust System

BORLA 140595 S-Type Cat-Back Exhaust System

The BORLA exhaust has become synonymous with ultimate performance motoring, having been heard on more victories laps than any other manufacturer.

The sound of a car’s exhaust is more than simply a treat for the years of time and effort from BORLA’s engineers.  They have tried to get exhaust systems just right for their customers’ needs and vehicle applications.

As a result, motorists may look forward to it for a better ride. It uses the stimulating sensory input of sound to have the driver confined within the challenging parts.  

Through the use of the exhilarating sensory feedback of sound, the Borla exhaust note can help drivers stay within their powerband through a challenging section.

Who should Buy it?

For those of you who are fans of Borla exhaust’s sound power, this is the absolute best option for you.


For high-performance, getting the Best Exhaust For Chevy Colorado is vital. In addition, excess gas leakage created by the engine must be eliminated because, if the conventional exhaust is employed, it can impact the driving experience.

The exhaust system of your car is its pulse. So, choose it carefully.  

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