Top 5 Best Seat Covers For Ram 1500 to Buy in 2022

One of the easiest ways to make your car get a new look is changing its seat covers. It serves as an exceptional visual modification for the interior and excels in offering you the feeling of riding a fresh new car. You will also be revamping the seats’ comfort and protecting them after getting the covers.

However, getting the best seat covers for Ram 1500 is not easy. Many will either provide a lousy fit or will be of low-quality materials. And with those, you will not be capable of enjoying the benefits that seat covers can bring to the table.

But today’s headline is that you will not end up with one of them if you stick till the end! Yes, we got your back in that regard!

What To Consider Before Buying The Best Seat Covers For Dodge Ram 1500

Before we talk about our picks, we would like to talk about what we have considered. Having a fair idea regarding those crucial factors will enable you to scrutinize the available options and make a good pick efficiently. So, let us get right into it, shall we?

Build Quality

First of all, consider the build quality. Our recommendation is to opt for high-quality leather covers. Those will last longer and will be capable of offering your seats the highest protection.


You should not have to spend hours trying to install the seat covers. These should take mostly 25 minutes. But there are some that will make you go through tons of hassles. So, check the installation process before making a purchase.


One of the main goals is to revamp the looks of the interior, right? For that reason, you should check the design. We would recommend going for something that has a sleek and clean overall design. Those can give the interior get a fresh new look.


The waterproof trait is pretty important for the seat covers. Without that, you will need to spend hours to get the grimes, liquid marks, pet hairs, and dust out of the surface.

Here are our Recommended 5 Best Seat Covers For Ram 1500

So, after getting hands-on experience with the currently available options, these are the ones that stood out to us:

1. Yiertai Car Seat Covers Full Set Dodge Ram

Yiertai Car Seat Covers Full Set Dodge Ram

The thing with the leather covers in the market is that they will either utilize low-quality leather or not be of genuine leather at all! But we did find one option that is worthy of having the best ram 1500 leather seat covers title. And it is from no other brand than Yiertai!

Instead of relying on regular material, the brand has opted for high-quality faux leather. It is soft and highly durable. So, the covers will pass the test of time with flying colors.

Another great thing about the covers is that they are waterproof. That means you will not have any issues at all at keeping them clean. The covers also have two large pockets, which will let you easily store and organize small items such as laptops, phones, and magazines.

Other than that, the covers are easy to install. They come with simple and detailed instructions. It will just take 25 minutes, and you will not need to work with any tools for the process.

Who Should Buy It?

If you were looking for leather seat covers with a great build and soft exterior, these covers should be at the top of your list.

2. Durafit Classic Dodge Ram 1500-3500 Seat Covers

Durafit Classic Dodge Ram 1500-3500 Seat Covers

On the lookout for the best waterproof seat covers for ram 1500? You can stop your hunt right here because Durafit is offering exactly what you have been looking for all this time!

Just like we stated, the water-resistance trait is the main highlight of these seat covers. Thanks to that, accidental spillage of your drinks will not be an issue. And the water-resistance feature will even make it easier to keep the covers clean.

The units will not even let you down when it comes to durability. They feature construction of tightly-woven material. For this heavy-duty construction, you can expect these to last for a prolonged amount of time.

There are side-impact airbags, which have opening pales for easy deployment. Also, you will find an opening for the center cup holders and other parts of the interior. For that reason, you will not have to worry about the fit one bit.

Aside from that, the covers are pet-proof as well. Also, the camo design will not fail at all in providing your car’s interior with a fresh new look.

Who Should Buy It?

These are water-resistant and pet-proof, making them a great pick if you want a hassle-free maintenance experience.

3. Yiertai Dodge Ram Covers

YIERTAI Dodge RAM Seat Covers

We have got yet another offering from Yiertai. And just like the first one we looked at, these covers did not fail to impress us. Want to know what is so special about them? Continue reading!

First, let us talk about the overall construction. These utilize multi-layer composite technology. And that will offer you a soft and highly comfortable driving experience. The leather is also high in quality, which makes the seats long-lasting.

Secondly, the design of the covers is pretty unique. They have elegant lines and will offer the interior of your Dodge Ram a visual upgrade. These also have zippers and buckles that will go a long way in offering you the perfect fit.

You will not have to go through any hassles in terms of installation. These come with a detailed manual that will guide you through the entire process. Also, as the surface is waterproof, keeping them brand new will be a piece of cake.

Who Should Buy It?

The color and outlooks of the seat covers will give your Dodge Ram a brand new interior. And if you were looking to make the interior look sleek, these are perfect for you!



While most of the available options will claim to offer enough clearance for the airbags, not all of them can ensure a smooth deployment. But that is simply not the case for these covers.

The manufacturer has gone through extra steps to ensure the right fit. These will not make the airbags face any restrictions during an emergency. There is even enough space for the sides of the front seats as well.

But that is not all! The covers are pretty easy to clean too. They have a waterproof surface. All you will need is just a wet towel to get them clean.

Thanks to the high-quality leather construction, these will not show signs of wear that quickly either. And for the thick sponge, you will get the highest level of comfort from these covers.

Who Should Buy It?

These covers should be your go-to pick if you want to face no issues with the airbags. They are easy to install as well.

5. Aierxuan Dodge Ram Seat Covers

Aierxuan Dodge Ram Seat Covers

Last but not least, we have an offering from Aierxuan. But the real question is what made it come to our list, right? Let’s answer that!

First of all, the overall construction of the covers is pretty premium. The faux leather is soft and will offer you a great level of comfort. Also, these have an anti-slip backing, which will do a proper job of keeping the covers in place.

As the side of the covers is partially exposed, there will be no need to worry about airbags. The installation process is hassle-free as well. It comes with proper instructions, and you will not have to deal with any tools.

Furthermore, the units have a sleek overall outlook. That design will enhance the looks of the interior of your Dodge Ram. Also, the covers have a waterproof surface. So, you will not have to worry about cleaning and maintenance that much.

Who Should Buy It?

If you are worried that the covers will have a hard time staying in place, these should be your choice! The anti-slip backing can ensure that the units remain right in place!

What Are The Advantages of Using Seat Covers?

Good seat covers have to bring a lot to the table. And among all of them, these are the most notable benefits:


With the seat covers, your original seats will get better overall protection. They will be safe from scratches, wears, and tears.


You can customize the overall looks of the interior with the seat covers. And if you can get the ones with great design, the interior of your Dodge Ram will breathe new life.

Comfort Level

The good seat covers will enhance ride comfort. They will be soft and have a good amount of cushion to make it feel comfy inside.


Thanks to the number of options out there, getting the best seat covers for Ram 1500 can become harder than it has to be. But as you can see, if you keep the worthy options and crucial points in your mind, choosing one can become a breeze.

That said, among all that we have reviewed, our top pick is the Yiertai Full Set. It is of high-quality leather, waterproof, and offers great comfort. Nonetheless, the other ones are great picks as well.

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