Can You Add A 360-Degree Camera to A Ford F-150? Explained

Yes, you can add a 360-degree camera to a Ford F-150. Although Ford F-150’s 21 and 22 versions may have them equipped, the previous versions do not have this feature. The aftermarket options such as CarThree 360 Camera System and Weivision 360 Camera System can cost you $300-$800 depending on compatibility. Professional installation may cost an additional $200-$300. Installing a 360-degree camera includes installing four cameras; front grill, rear, and two side views.

So, can you add a 360-degree camera to a Ford F-150? Continue reading and you’ll get all the answers you need. 

360-Degree Camera in Different Ford F-150 Models

The 360-degree camera with split-view display was introduced in 2014 for Ford F-150s. But here’s the thing, the Ford F150 versions from 2016-2020 do not have a built-in 360-degree camera. 

On the other hand, on Ford F-150 2021 and 22 versions, you’ll have factory-built 360-degree cameras. 

The models that include this feature for Ford F-150 2021, and 22 versions are: 

  1. Limited (Standard)
  2. Lariat (Technology Packs)
  3. King Ranch (Technology Packs)
  4. Raptor (Technology Packs)
  5. Platinum (Technology Packs)
  6. XL & XLT (If Equipped)
  7. Tremor (If Equipped)

So, you can see that all the models of the 2021 and 22 versions have this feature. Also, the new 2023 model versions have this feature with tow packages. 

Now, aftermarket options may not work as perfectly as factory-built ones, even if you install them properly. 

Having said that, here are the two best aftermarket options for your Ford F-150’s 360-degree camera. 

The first one is the “CarThree 360 Camera System” and the other one is the “Weivision 360 Camera System”. If you do not have wiring and connecting expertise, perhaps it is best to let the professionals install it. 

How Much Does It Cost to Add A 360-Degree Camera to A Ford F-150?

The 360-degree camera comes equipped on Ford F-150 13th generation and limited variants only have this as a standard feature. For other variants, you’ll need to opt for the technology pack which will cost you around $1100. But you’ll need an additional $6000 for the 502A luxury package to avail the technology pack. 

Apart from that, the 360-degree camera will cost you $200-$900 depending on the compatibility with your Ford F-150. It will cost you another $200-$300 if you hire a professional. 

But if you’re not lucky, then you’ll have to buy them part-by-part with compatibility requirements. This is for when you do not have a Ford F-150 variant with 360-standard or optional. 

Now, first, you will need OEM mirrors that have cameras built on them. Also, a power distribution module (PDM) might be needed to control the 360-degree camera. For the front camera, you’ll need a new grille with a built-in camera in the Ford emblem. Let’s see how much these items might cost you. 

  1. Power Distribution Module(PDM): $900-$1000
  2. OEM Mirrors: $200-$500 (Depends)
  3. Side Cameras: $400-$500
  4. Grill Camera: $100-$300$
  5. Rear Camera: $100-$200$

Along with that, you’ll need to buy additional wiring for the installation process. So, overall you’ll probably need to spend $1700-$2500 for purchasing the necessary equipment. 

Installing A 360-Degree Camera to Ford F-150

Now, the 360-degree camera includes four cameras, such as the front grill, rear, and two side views. Thus, the installation process will be different for these four. 

First of all, the following tools you’ll need to install the 360-degree camera are:

  1. A factory/aftermarket camera system kit.
  2. Wiring harness
  3. Camera mounts
  4. Electrical tapes
  5. Plastic panel puller
  6. Bot extractor
  7. Zip tie
  8. Wire cutters
  9. Screwdrivers
  10. A drill

Also, the following precautions you need to take while installing the 360-degree camera to your Ford F-150:

  1. Read the installation instructions carefully
  2. To prevent any electrical shocks, turn off the electrical system of your truck. 
  3. Disconnect the battery to prevent any electric flow. 
  4. Choose a secure camera mounting location so that the camera doesn’t fall while installing it. 
  5. Check the field view of the camera after installation and before starting driving. 
  6. Seek professional help if you need it.   

So, how to install the 360-degree camera on a Ford F-150? Well, Let’s dive into the process. 

Front-View Camera Installation

Step 1: Cut a hole in the rubber grommet of the engine compartment. Cut enough rubber so that the wire can pass through without tearing the compartment entirely. 

Step 2: Pull down the compartment to the driver’s side. Pass the camera cable through the grommet, close to the harness, then inside the compartment, and finally into the SYNC system.

Step 3: Using a plastic panel puller, remove the cover and reveal the speaker. Two 7 mm bolts are holding the speaker. Using a bolt extractor, take these bolts out. Now, by removing the top panel, unplug the speaker. 

You’ll see some wires connecting to the SYNC system. 

Step 4: Now, take out the supporting framework for the SYNC system by removing the 7mm bolts. The 7 mm bolts will be on either side of the touchpad. You have to remove them and take out the screen. Then, unplug the wires. 

Step 5: Connect the red and black wires to the SYNC system’s front camera input. Then bundle them up with a zip tie. Using electrical tapes, mount the module linking to the camera. Make sure that the USB connector side is facing up. 

Step 6: Reverse the process to put everything back in place. Then, start your truck’s engine. Now, by turning on the camera go to “camera settings” in the SYNC. Then click “Front.” If the footage shows up on the screen, the front-view camera is installed. Have a go at this video to understand the procedure in detail. 

Now, after setting up the front-view cameras, there will be wires that do not connect to anything. Well, they’re for the side-view mirrors.

Rear-View Camera Installation


Step 1: Remove the tailgate handle with a bolt extractor or torque wrench. Open the tailgate. Torsion bars or rods will appear within the structure. Using the wrench, remove them to access the inner panel. 

Step 2: You’ll see two 10 mm bolts holding the handle. Remove them and pull them from the top. Remove the handle by releasing the tab underneath. 

Step 3: Using the drill, make a camera-size hole in the center bottom of the handle. Now, adjust the camera into the hole and keep it steady. 

Step 4: A factory wire harness from the tailgate to the dashboard is already there for a backup camera. All you have to do is replace the factory wire harness with the one you bought. Then, connect it to the camera. 

Pinch the connector to slide the factory harness off. Then, disconnect the clips that hold it to thread the factory harness off the tailgate. 

Step 5: Crawl underneath the truck hitch and remove the harness connector. Before feeding through the harness and removing it, make sure to disconnect the connector on the tailgate. 

Step 6: Now, retrace the steps and connect the new harness. Then, reverse the removal procedure to put the handle back in its place. 

Now, the camera cable needs to be looped around the bracket. Then clip the camera cable to the plastic handle and connect it to the harness adapter. 

After that, loop the camera cable around the bracket and clip it to the handle’s plastic to connect it to the harness adapter. 

Step 7: Finally, return the two 10 mm bolts to the handle and the panel to the tailgate. Make sure to secure the rods or torsion bars (torques) inside the structure. 

If the new harness does not mess up with your tailgate’s locking mechanism, then the installation is successful.  

But if the new harness does mess up with the tailgate’s locking mechanism, you can do the following. 

  1. See the manufacturer’s brochure for additional help. 
  2. Turn the camera on. 
  3. Turn the engine on of your Ford F-150. 
  4. Navigate the rear camera. 

If an image shows on the screen, the process is successful. 

Side-View Camera Installation

The installation of the side-view cameras will take place in the knockout panel, underneath the side mirrors. 

The wires left after installing the front camera will be used for side-view cameras. They can be accessed in the driver’s compartment.  

Source: YouTube.

Step 1: From the opposite sides of the side-view mirrors, pull out the plastic. As before, remove the three 7 mm bolts (two at the very bottom and another connected to the side-view mirror). 

Source: YouTube

Step 2: Pull out the two plastic covers of the door panel to access the four 8 mm bolts. Here, use a screwdriver to extract the external cover and panel cover to remove the internal plastic cover. Then using the bolt extractor, remove the bolts. 

Source: YouTube.

Step 3: Now, grab the door panel and slowly pull it out. Some clips might be unplugged based on your Ford F-150 model. And so you need to remove them as well.  

Source: YouTube.

Step 4: Unplug the two plugs connected to the door boot to feed the camera wires. 

If the plugs have spare holes, insert the cable of the camera module through. If not, safely unplug the negative terminal of the car battery and move on. Then, drill a couple of holes to pass the cables. 

Source: YouTube.

The first hole should be next to the factory plugs. Be sure to do it from inside the cabin. Drill underneath the door boot for a second hole. If not moved from its main position before, move it now and drill carefully.  

Source: YouTube.

Step 5: Now, insert the camera cables through the first hole inside the cabin. After that, insert the cables into the next hole. Then, pull them through the door panel and to the side-view mirror. 

Source: YouTube.

Step 6: After running the cables, plug in the door boot. Your door boot is probably next to your loom. To keep it from hanging loose, use rubber butyl to attach it to the boot. 

Source: YouTube.

Step 7: Now, connect the camera to the wire terminals. The cables should run up the doors, into the side-view mirrors, and pop up underneath if you’ve done the process right. 

Source: YouTube.

Direct the cables through the side-view mirrors using a screwdriver. As such, it will enable the cables to come out on the other side. Mount the camera to the knockout panel of the mirror. 

Source: YouTube.

Then, connect the camera to the cables of the wire terminal to fix the setup onto the mirror. 

Step 8: Connect the remaining cables on the wiring’s other end to RCA and power. 

Source: YouTube.

Now turn the engine on, activate the camera, and navigate the view of your left and right camera. If an image shows, the process is successful. 

Source: YouTube.

Use the video given below for a better visual understanding of the process. 

So, you can now readjust the door panel, screw the panel and repeat the process for the other side-view mirror.

Some Important Functions of 360-Degree Camera

The 360-degree camera comes with attractive different types of views allowing smooth driving, parking, and navigation. 

  1. The instrument panel holds the camera button. By pressing the camera button, the camera is activated. 
  2. In drive(D), park(P), and neutral(N) modes, only the front camera shows images. 
  3. By shifting to reverse(R) mode, the rear camera automatically activates and shows rear images. 

In drive(D), park(P), and neutral(N) modes, you can change camera views by pressing the button. 

  1. Front 360 + Normal
  2. Front Normal View
  3. Front Split View
  4. Rear High View 
  5. Auxiliary View

In reverse(R) mode, you can access camera views such as 

  1. Rear 360 + Normal
  2. Rear Normal View
  3. Rear Split View
  4. Rear High View
  5. Auxiliary View
  6. Trailer Reverse Guidance View

For a closer look behind your truck in either of the modes, try using the zoom button on the screen. This will allow a rear split view with a 180-degree image of the rear.  

360-Degree Camera: Some Challenges 

There are certain challenges in purchasing, installing, and maintaining the 360-degree camera. But once you get familiar with the features, it is worthwhile. So, we’ve talked about the benefits. Let’s see what the challenges are. 

  1. The main challenge is that the cost is high for 360-degree aftermarket options. 
  2. The installation process is too complicated. Thus, if you do not have the necessary expertise, contact a professional for the job. 
  3. It takes a bit of time to adjust the 360-degree camera while driving, parking, and navigating.   

So, there’s that. You’ll have to get used to the camera system. And remember, you need to check if it is equipped with your SYNC3/SYNC4 system. Otherwise, you might encounter problems. 


What Is Ford 360 Camera Called?

The 360-degree camera in Ford vehicles is called Ford Co-Pilot360. It is used to navigate freely, detect vehicles and moving objects in blind spots, reverse and lane-switching warnings, etc.  

Can You Add Pro Power to F-150?

You can add pro power to F-150 Raptor or Lightning. The new Ford F-150 trims from 2023 come with this feature. But you can add it if you don’t have one from any Ford dealership. It entails a 7.2 KW Pro Power Onboard Generator.  

When did Ford stop making the 360?

Ford stopped making the 360 truck series back in 1976. These trucks were introduced in 1968 with a displacement of 360.8 cu (5.9 L). The production phased out at the end of 1978. 

Concluding Words

So, now you know the answer to your question if you can add a 360-degree camera to a Ford F-150. This is a cool feature that will ease your driving venture with many benefits like split-view, bird’s eye view, and around view. 

So, why wait? Research your aftermarket 360-degree camera options and get the product. Good luck with your safe and pleasant driving experience with a 360-degree camera on your Ford F-150.

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