5 Most Comfortable Seat for Harley Sportster: Grab Yours!

Sitting on the stock seat of a Harley Sportster gives a painful riding experience when you have to ride for hours nonstop. 

It gets compulsory for most riders to locate a cozy seat to use. You might need to think of a few factors and note them down in your diary in order to never miss the good things. And these are:

  • Size & Compatibility.
  • Comfort.
  • Style.
  • Durability.
  • Ease Of Usage.

If you are also facing lower body, neck, or shoulder pain, then it’s time to look into the 5 most comfortable seat for Harley Sportster now.

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What Is the Most Comfortable Seat for Harley Sportster?

I am about to specify the 5 comfortable seats with their pros and cons below so that you analyze them easily. Hopefully one would fit the most comfortable seat category specified according to your needs.

Let’s see which one fits your taste!

1. Goldfire ‎HD01STC-06 Seat – Best Harley Seat for Passenger.

Goldfire ‎HD01STC-06 Seat

If your driver’s seat seems okay but has an issue on the passenger side, then this Goldfire seat will be ideal for you. Its padding system gives max comfort on the butt to sit in and relax.

The height and width of this seat give good posture which reduces lap, neck, and shoulder pain too. Plus, its stitching helps greatly to ensure no tear or wear.

It is light in weight which compresses when you sit without making the surface hard. The elasticity and tolerance of heat make it a lifesaver for back support.

This doesn’t come with an installation manual to know the right process, which is slightly disappointing. All in all, it has the look, feel, and texture to call it one of the most comfortable seats for Sportster.


  • Great design and stitching. 
  • Reliable seat. 
  • It fits well.
  • Love the pattern and color.
  • Includes all accessories. 


  • The instruction isn’t included.

2. Miss Molly ‎LXECBUS056 – Best Harley Seat for Short Riders.

Miss Molly ‎LXECBUS056

Made using quality materials, the Miss Molly seat is good for short riders with tiny buttocks. It ensures to give plenty of support on the backside to make riding good.

The color of this seat doesn’t face easily so it never tears thanks to the great design. This means you don’t have to worry about the seating environment while using this masterpiece.

That’s not all! It does a great job to resist heat, rain, and snow without causing any harm to the mounting hardware and the seat itself. Plus, the tiny extras don’t catch rust over time.

One thing you should know is that it doesn’t offer passenger seats. Other than this thing, a lot of people fall in love with its best use in Harley Sportsters.  


  • Good for short riders.
  • Doesn’t tear or fade the color.
  • All hardware seems solid.
  • Great in looks.
  • The suspension works well.


  • Not for passenger seat use.

3. Rich Choices Leather Seat – Best Solo Sportster Seat.

Rich Choices Leather Seat

As a solo or bobber seat, it suits the 1990 – 2014 Harley Sportster perfectly. It as well comes will all accessories including the supportive springs that let you lift 2” – 3” for fine height. 

This seat has a bicycle saddle shape that supports the user’s butt in a good way to ride comfortably. I like the fact that the seat and extras stay strong for years.

Coming to the feel and texture, it’s awesome. Definitely it does a great job to assist on giving correct seating position. This seat has a bright brown shade with a strong stitch.

Sadly, it needs a lot of effort and time to set up, which can be annoying at times. Overall, I would recommend it for those who like to ride alone in peace.


  • Suits most Harly Sportsters. 
  • The shape is decent to sit in.
  • Love the gentleness of the springs.
  • Tough and durable. 
  • Good for riders with butt pain.


  • Takes time to install.

4. Mustang Motorcycle Seats 76145 – A Comfy Vintage Sportster Seat.

Mustang Motorcycle Seats 76145

Looking for a comfortable seat for vintage Sportsters? If that’s you, this Mustang seat would serve well with its vinyl construction.

For old to young riders, this seat will give the required comfort. It also does a great job to absorbs the bumps so you don’t find your butt red the next morning.

Unlike the stock seat, it contains thick and wide padding on the inside with the perfect machined exterior. This ensures you stay in an upright sitting pose to bear the pressure. 

Although it has good sides, you might find it a little shaky on rough roads. In general, it’s a good seating option. 


  • Simple to install. 
  • The padding is good.
  • Ideal for solo riders. 
  • Absorbs bump and shock. 
  • Nice material quality. 


  • It can shake a little on certain rough terrains.

5. TCT-MT C52-N-MT Seat – Best Sportster Seat For Tall Rider.

TCT-MT C52-N-MT Seat

This seat is built using soft faux leather which fits those who have long legs and big backsides. It offers a good amount of foam so that riders can sit well.

Moreover, the price of this seat is affordable with wonderful quality. It let you feel good in a high position for long journey support.

Designed for both passenger and driver, it has a nice surface which is enough for 2 persons. This seat has a great design that secures well.

It might work badly for shorties due to its 3” lift. To sum up, this seat is excellent to use on low-profile Harley Sportsters.


  • Reasonable price range. 
  • Comfortable to sit. 
  • Nice surface and cushion. 
  • Lasts for a long time. 
  • Excellent appearance.


  • Good only if you have long legs. 

Overall Thoughts

A comfortable seat is essential to enjoy the ride with the Harley Sportster. Nearly all have gone through either sore butt, arm, hand, or bad posture while using it.

I have included the 5 most comfortable seat for Harley Sportster which has benefits and one bad side. Feel free to pick any if you desperately need one after considering the necessary aspects.  Hopefully, you wisely detect the choices and then pick one to fulfill your purpose. See You on The Next Guide!

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