How To Open Sunroof On Honda Accord – Complete Guide!

You can use the sunroof button to open your sunroof easily. Pull the switch to open it and push the switch to close the sunroof. You can also pull the switch, hold it to reach the desired position, and let it go. To close the sunroof, do the same, but instead of pulling, just push the switch.

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How To Open The Sunroof On Honda Accord?

It’s quite easy to operate the sunroof on a Honda Accord. All trim levels except the DX and LX should have a sunroof. You can use the switch in the front of the ceiling to access and work with the sunroof.

Moreover, the sunroof can only be accessed when the ignition switch is turned on. There usually are three ways that you can work with your Honda Accord sunroof. All three of these steps will be mentioned below.

Automatic Operation

This is the most basic way to operate a Honda Accord sunroof. It is also very easy to follow this particular procedure. To begin with, if you wish to open the sunroof on your Honda Accord, you must pull the sunroof switch back firmly. 

Again, if you want to close the sunroof, you have to do the opposite of what you did to open it. So, to close the sunroof, all you have to do is push the sunroof switch forward firmly. This will close the sunroof. 

In most cases, the sunroof will automatically open or close all the way. This usually is how it works. But you can tweak or stop the sunroof midway if you want. 

To do so, just push the sunroof switch in midway exactly where you want it to stop. Doing so allows you to control how much of your sunroof you want to be open. Sometimes on rainy days, water and dust can block the way. So make sure to dry out the sunroof to avoid such a scenario.

Manual Operation

If the automatic operation is not working correctly, you can manually operate your Honda Accord sunroof. It’s also a simple procedure. 

To begin with, if you want to open the sunroof, just pull the switch back lightly. But unlike the automatic operation, don’t let it go; hold the switch until the desired position is achieved. Then, let go of the switch.

Do the same thing if you wish to close your sunroof. In this case, you have to push the switch forward lightly until you reach the desired position. When you get that position, just let it go. It will do the trick. 

Tilting The Sunroof Up

You can tilt your Honda Accord sunroof by pushing the center of the sunroof switch. 

You can also close the sunroof in the same way. To close it, push the sunroof switch forward firmly and then release it. 

Following the procedure mentioned, one can easily control their Honda Accord sunroof. On a sunny day, most people want their sunroof to be opened to enjoy the beauty of nature. All can be done with just the push of a button. 

Also, there is a longtime warranty for Honda Accords. Upon problems, they will replace multiple parts. (1)


With the three methods- automatic, manual, or tilting, you can easily open or close your sunroof in any situation. 
Open The Sunroof On Honda Accord Infographic

When Shouldn’t The Sunroof Be Opened?

There are certain situations when a Honda Accord sunroof should not be opened. Otherwise, it can cause severe malfunctions in the sunroof system, making it useless. Therefore, it’s better to be aware of these moments when one should not mess with the sunroof.

Below Freezing Temperature

One should not open the sunroof below freezing temperatures. During this period, the sunroof is covered with thick snow or ice. If you try to open your sunroof forcefully, it can damage the motor or the panel.

If the motor or panel is damaged, you might have to change the whole system to fix it. It might become costly just because you tried to open it while it was frozen.

Solution: If you have no choice but to open the sunroof while frozen, follow the below procedure:

  1. Wait for the snow to melt.
  2. Then, use hot water to melt the ice.

The Ignition Switch Turned Off

The sunroof cannot be opened when the ignition switch is turned off. The time limit for this is 10 minutes. This means that the sunroof can only be accessed for the next 10 minutes after turning off the switch. 

Follow this method while you are trying to open your sunroof. Also, by opening the front door, you can cancel this function.

Additionally, the auto-reverse feature forces the sunroof to reverse before stopping when resistance is detected. Auto reverse stops sensing when it is halfway closed to guarantee that the sunroof completely closes.


You shouldn’t open a sunroof in extreme weather, or the ignition switch is off. This will make sure your sunroof stays in excellent condition.

How To Fix A Stuck Sunroof?

After using a sunroof for a certain period, there are chances that it might get stuck, have a sudden malfunction, and needs to be fixed. So, it’s better to know how to fix minor problems with your sunroof.

Cleaning The Parts

Fortunately, you don’t need to wait until you reach the dealership to take care of this obligation. Instead, you may do this independently, as often as you choose.

  1. Open the sunroof on your Honda Accord. Then use an air compressor to wipe down the entire visible surface to clean it. This may also be accomplished with a vacuum.
  2. Clean the gasket, slides, and tracks of the mechanism and its moving parts. Wipe the surface with a soft cloth or a toothbrush to avoid damaging components. Then use a thin, heat-resistant oil to lubricate these moving parts.

After doing so, you can take out your sunroof easily. Then clean the panel, glass, and nearby parts. If the issue were caused by dirt, it would disappear.

Resetting The Sunroof

Electrical issues can occasionally cause the sunroof on a Honda Accord to cease functioning. You’ll sometimes need to completely reset the mechanisms to get the component regularly working once again. 

  1. First, close the drive door. Throughout this treatment, you should keep this door closed. Then, set the ignition switch to the “Lock” position.
  2. Next, hold down the “Tilt” switch for the sunroof. Turn the ignition switch to the “On” position simultaneously. Release the “Tilt” control, then switch the ignition back to “Lock.”
  3. Multiple times, repeat the processes as mentioned above. The auto On and Off features can then be switched. This can resolve the issues. However, if they continue to operate in the same manner, they are not authorized. In this situation, you must return to Step 1. If not, move on to the following action.
  4. After opening the moonroof, hold down the “Open” switch for a minimum of three seconds. For the “Close” control, use the same procedure. The Auto Open and Close features can then be used to verify that the reset was successful.

Follow the mentioned method to reset the sunroof of your honda accord if you are facing problems.


If the sunroof is stuck, you can clean the clogged dirt or reset the whole system to fix it.

What Is The Maintenance For A Sunroof?

The best approach to maintaining your sunroof’s functionality is to clean it regularly. So give your sunroof some TLC every time you wash your car by following these instructions:

  1. Use a vacuum to thoroughly clean the visible surface after opening the sunroof.
  2. With a soft cloth, industrial cleaner, or a toothbrush, clean all the moving components and the gasket surrounding the roof. Then, clear the tracks and slides.
  3. Consider using a glass cleaner for the window that doesn’t contain vinegar or ammonia. Because if these chemicals are breathed in, they can cause irritation.
  4. Give your sunroof a closer inspection once a year. If you reside in a dusty climate, this is the greatest approach to maintaining it in excellent condition.
  5. A clog in the drain tubes caused by dirt and debris that gathers around the sunroof may result in an interior leak. You may remove the obstruction by running a thin wire or a can of pressurized air through the tubes to unlock them.
  6. If the problem is with the glass of the sunroof, a laminating sheet can be added for better protection of the glass. In this case, even if the glass breaks, it won’t splatter and hurt the passengers.

Let the professionals handle it if your sunroof is experiencing problems other than strange noises, such as leaks and seizing. If your sunroof continues locking up or leaking while you’re driving, eventually you can find yourself dealing with more damage and issues than you anticipated.

Examine the problems with your sunroof in detail, keep in mind that some of them might get worse, and address them right now. (2)


Can You Put A Roof Rack On A Car With A Panoramic Sunroof?

The roof rack may be installed on vehicles with glass or panoramic roofs, except as otherwise noted in the mounting instructions or the Buyer’s Guide. It is not advised to open the sunroof while the roof rack is installed. We advise against opening the roof while the rack is installed.

How Much Does The Fixing Of A Sunroof Cost?

A manual pop-up sunroof replacement typically costs between $250 and $750. Parts and labor are included in this price. The exact cost is determined by the sunroof’s size, the installation’s complexity, and the cost of the materials.

How Long Does A Sunroof Last?

Sunroofs often endure the lifetime of the car. The drain tubes will occasionally become blocked and need to be cleaned out. However, you won’t need to replace a roof motor within ten years of usage.


Now you know how to open sunroof on a Honda Accord. As you have already seen, it’s easy to do, and follow the steps. If you run into a big problem, visiting a car shop is always better.

That would be all from us this time. Have a nice day!

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