What Honda Civic Models Have Sunroof? Full List!

In 2023 and 2022, Honda has introduced Civic Sedan EX, Touring, and Si with a sunroof. Then in 2021, Honda came out with the Civic Sedan EX, EX-L, and Touring with a sunroof. Among the Hatchbacks, only EX-L and Sport Touring trim options provide sunroofs.

The article emphasizes a detailed discussion of all those Honda civic models with sunroofs.

Let’s get started with the available models containing sunroofs. 

The 2023 Honda Civic Models with Sunroof

Model NameSunroof Availability
2023 Civic SedanTrims: SunroofLX: N/AEX: AvailableSport: N/ATouring: Available Si: Available
2023 Civic HatchbackTrims: SunroofLX: N/AEX-L: AvailableSport: N/ASport Touring: AvailableType R: N/A 

Civic Sedan

According to the official Honda website, the 2023 Civic Sedan has a sunroof for the EX, Touring, and Si trim. The Ex version costs around $26,050, and the touring one costs $29,650. Meanwhile, you need to spend around $28,100 for the Si trim. The sunroofs of these sedans offer you better ventilation and less environmental noise. (1)

Civic Hatchback

Among the Civic Hatchback models, only EX-L and Sport Touring trims come with the amenity of a sunroof. The EX-L trim starts at $27,750. The luxurious Sport Touring edition will cost around $30,550. (2)

The sunroof of a Civic Hatchback is more functional than the ones on typical SUVs that open entirely.  If you open the sunroof even for an inch, it will allow fresh air into the vehicle with good airflow.  

The 2022 Honda Civic Models with Sunroofs

Model NameSunroof Availability
2022 Civic SedanTrims: SunroofLX: N/AEX: AvailableSport: N/ATouring: Available Si: Available
2022 Civic HatchbackTrims: SunroofLX: N/AEX-L: AvailableSport: N/ASport Touring: Available

Honda Civic Sedan

Honda Civic Sedan of 2022 comes with 3 options of trim with sunroofs ( EX, Touring, and Si). The price of EX starts at $25,550. Touring costs you around $29,150. And if you want to buy a Civic Si, you need to spend $28,595. These models come with One-Touch Power sunroofs that open, close, or tilt with a single touch of a dedicated button. (3)

Honda Civic Hatchback

There are two trims of the Civic Hatchback that come with a sunroof. They are EX-L and Sport Touring. In order to purchase an EX-L, you must spend at least $27,250. The price of the Sport Touring version is $30,050. Like the Sedan, these also come with a one-touch power sunroof. (4)

The 2021 Honda Civic with Sunroof

Now, it’s time to look back at 2021. Let’s find out which model consists of a sunroof.  

Model Name Sunroof Availability 
2021 Civic Sedan Trims: SunroofLX: N/AEX: AvailableEX-L: AvailableSport: N/ATouring: Available
2021 Civic Hatchback Trims: SunroofLX: N/AEX: AvailableSport: N/ASport Touring: AvailableType R: N/A

Honda Civic Sedan

Honda Civic sedan of 2021 comes with three trims (EX, EX-L, and Touring) with a sunroof. You can purchase EX and EX-L for $24,400 and $25,600, respectively. On the other hand, the cost is $28,300 for the Touring. 

Honda Civic Hatchback

Civic Hatchback EX and Sport Touring have sunroofs. The EX version costs $24,700. The price of Sport Touring is $29,400. The advantage of this model’s sunroof is that it allows more natural light to enter.

The 2020 Honda Civic with Sunroof

Model NameSunroof Availability 
2020 Civic SedanTrims: SunroofLX: N/AEX: AvailableEX-L: AvailableSport: N/ATouring: AvailableSi: Available
2020 Civic Hatchback Trims: SunroofLX: N/AEX: AvailableEX-L: Available Sport: N/ASport Touring: AvailableType R: N/A
2020 Civic CoupeTrims: SunroofLX: N/AEX: AvailableSport: N/ATouring: AvailableSi: Available 

Civic Sedan

Honda Civic Sedan 2020 has four models with sunroofs. They are  EX, EX-L, Touring, and Si. You need to spend $23,600 for EX, whereas EX-L costs you $25,150. On the other hand, the price of the Touring is $27,250, and the price of the Si is $25,930. 

Civic Hatchback

The Civic Hatchback 2020 model has three trims with a sunroof, and they are EX, EX-L, and Sport Touring. The prices for EX and EX-L are $23,000 and $25,450, respectively. However, if you want to buy Sport Touring, you need to pay $28,950.

Civic Coupe

In 2020, Civic Coupe came with  EX, Touring, and Si trims that have a sunroof. you need to spend around $21,700. The price of a Touring is $23,620. Lastly, for the Si version, you need to spend around $25,000. 


In 2022, 2021, and 2020 Honda Civic produced Honda Civic Sedan, Civic Hatchback, and Civic Coupe with sunroofs.

Is It Worth It to Buy a Honda Civic with a Sunroof?

One of the major benefits of having a sunroof is that it raises the value of your car. It improves your car’s aesthetic appeal and gives it a more opulent appearance.

Honda, from Japan, is a trustworthy name in the automotive industry. They provide the best quality sunroofs in their civic models. These higher-quality systems last about 15-20 years with proper maintenance, even with overuse. This is equivalent to the lifespan of the car itself.

Another Japanese high-quality automaker brand name is Toyota. If you’d like to know which Toyota Hybrid offers sunroof, the info is ready to serve. And, one of the popular South Korean automaker brands Kia Optima also has panoramic sunroof, have a look!

Lastly, If you want to trade in your car, you will get a higher resale price for the models with sunroofs than the base models.

How to Use Honda Civic Sunroofs?

After buying a new honda civic, you may face difficulties operating it. But no worries, here I’ve discussed how you can operate the Honda Civic with the sunroof you got inside your car. But you must first ensure that your ignition switch is on. 

How to Open Honda Civic’s Sunroof

You can open the sunroof with the help of the sunroof switch. It is located around the center cabin light. Pull this switch back firmly to open the sunroof. It will open the sunroof all the way.

However, manual operation of the sunroof is also possible. Open the sunroof by gently pulling back the sunroof switch and holding it until you reach your preferred position.

How to Tilt Honda Civic’s Sunroof

Your Civic’s sunroof can be tilted by pressing the center of the sunroof switch. Tilting allows pleasant air circulation in your car.

How to Close Honda Civic’s Sunroof

One touch of the sunroof switch closes the sunroof completely. You can do it manually as well. Push the sunroof switch forward lightly, then hold it until you reach your preferred position.


Press the switch briefly to open, and you can tilt the sunroof by pressing the middle button. Then just push the sunroof switch to close it. (5) 

Why do Honda Civic sunroofs not work?

Owning a honda civic sunroof doesn’t mean it will always function properly. You can sometimes experience that your favorite sunroof is going through some problems. Let’s get to know what are the possible reasons for the Honda Civic sunroof not working.

Blocking Sunroof Rails

A clogged sunroof track can prevent your Civic’s sunroof from shutting or unlocking. Sunroof tracks can be cleaned regularly to resolve this issue.

Malfunctioning Sunroof Switch

You may have to replace your Civic’s sunroof switch if the metal parts corrode over time. Sunroof switches will malfunction if their metal parts are rusted.

Clean the rust off your sunroof switch to fix this problem. Occasionally, a sunroof switch needs to be replaced due to extreme rust.

Damaged Sunroof Motor

Sunroof motors in Civics typically whine when opened. It is possible for your sunroof to stop working if you don’t hear that sound. But the best thing you can do if your sunroof motor breaks are to see a mechanic as soon as possible.

Other reasons your sunroof might not work include faulty cables, crooked panels, or damaged parts. You also might face difficulties with more complicated sunroof shade problems, these fixes will be worth reading.

Some issues with sunroofs require more than basic skills to fix, so it’s advisable to seek professional assistance.


Honda Civic sunroofs may face difficulties like the sunroof’s track can be blocked. And the switch can be damaged, or the motor may malfunction.
Why do Honda Civic sunroofs not work infographic

Do Honda Civic sunroofs break easily?

No Honda Civic sunroof won’t break easily. The quality is really top-notch. So, it won’t break any time soon. But you need to be careful while driving if no hard objects clash with it.   

Are sunroofs prone to leak?

It is possible for sunroofs to leak in a number of places. Most sunroofs leak by default due to poor design. Since the glass rests flat on the roof, the exterior side of the sunroof usually does not have a seal to keep water from flowing down.

How often should you clean the sunroof’s drain?

You need to clean the sunroof drain at least once a year. It takes about 10-15 minutes. Surprisingly, your sunroof has less chance of leaking. So, ensure you’re keeping it clean to ensure the long life of your sunroof. 


Finally, we’ve come to the end of this discussion. Hopefully, you’ve got to know what Honda Civic models have sunroofs. 

The Honda Civic has multiple models with sunroofs. All of them are glamorous and high quality.  Trustworthiness is a hallmark of the Honda Civic. However, even the most reliable thing in your life requires maintenance.

It’s time to sign off. Have a great drive with an open sunroof.

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