2008 GMC Sierra Speakers Not Working! [Solved]

Riding the 08’ Sierra that quits playing the news on the speakers is the worst. You’ll be confused at first but calm down and try to identify the causes. Most of the time, the audio unit seems okay from the outside.

The reason why the 2008 GMC Sierra speakers not working often are 3 in total, these include:

In order to fix it, you might need to replace the speaker units, the broken wire, and the burnt fuse. Don’t worry, I’ll share the procedure in detail if it seems difficult for you. 

Let Me Lift the Veil for You!

2008 GMC Sierra Speakers Not Working

Try These Fixes When 2008 GMC Sierra Speakers Not Working!

Before you jump into the instructions, be sure to gather the tools and gears which is needed. Now, try the 3 ways to solve the 2008 Sierra speakers not working based on the causes:

Solution #1: Replace the Speakers (Front & Rear)

  1. Wear your safety gloves and eyewear.
  2. Take a small flat screwdriver and detach the plastic inserts on the affected speaker’s door. Be sure to detach the 3 10mm bolts that hold the panel.
  3. Next, detach the door panel by leaving some portion (meaning do not take it all the way off).
  4. Locate the speaker attached to the door panel with a 7mm bolt.
  5. After finding the unit, use the same tool to detach the bolt. Then, pop off the speaker mount loose using the flat screwdriver.
  6. You’ll now reach the Pioneer speaker next to the OEM trash. Carefully remove it and be sure not to break the lip which is attached to the speaker.
  7. Remove all the old foam from the spot.
  8. Get a new OEM mount speaker that matches your car like GM Genuine Parts 25852236 (front). If possible, remove the plastic ‘fingers’ part of the speaker using a wood chisel to find the right speaker.
  9. Insert it on the previous spot carefully by pushing the speaker out of the front. If it doesn’t fit properly, then you can put the speaker on top and drill some small pilot holes in order to mount it properly.
  10. Plug the 2 (red tubed) wiring plugs on the speaker.
  11. Then, attach the 3 screws that come with the speaker and place them in the right holes.
  12. Tighten them out using the same tool (small flat screwdriver).
  13. After that, it’s optional to hit some hammer on the small metal tabs on the speakers (down) and on the lip of the OEM mount. This will help you get a fresh look and flexibility.
  14. Then, attach the door panel open part and insert the 3 bolts using the same tool.
  15. Put on the door plastic insert and use pressure with your hand to properly insert.
  16. Do the same steps for other speakers on the rear & front doors!

Solution #2: Change the Speaker’s Wire

  1. Locate the speakers which seem faulty. Then, mark the doors that have faulty speakers (check where the sound coming from).
  2. Remove the door plastic insert using a pry bar.
  3. Detach the door panel by unbolting the 3 bolts with a flat screwdriver.
  4. Put it off halfway just to see the speaker.
  5. Unbolt one bolt using the same tool.
  6. Put off the speaker from the door panel to discover the wiring harness behind.
  7. Then, inspect the wiring harness condition.
  8. If you locate some sort of scratch or cut, then remove the 2 plugs from the speaker and one from the car audio wire port.
  9. Grab a new wiring harness for a speaker that matches your car.
  10. Insert one side of the wiring harness plug into the car audio wire port and another side (that has 2 plugs) of the wiring harness into the speaker’s 2 ports. Be sure it is inserted properly.
  11. Place the speaker into the gap and insert one bolt. Tighten it out.
  12. Cover the door panel open spot and insert 3 bolts. Tighten them out.
  13. Attach the door plastic insert using your hand force.
  14. For other speakers on the rear & front doors, you have to do the same thing!

Solution #3: Replace the Speaker Fuses

  1. Turn your car in the off position.
  2. Get out of your GMC Sierra.
  3. Open the front trunk and secure the hood bonnet part.
  4. Locate the engine compartment fuse box on the driver’s side.
  5. Remove the engine compartment fuse box cover to reach the fuses.
  6. Find the 2 speaker fuses which are Fuse 42 (30 amps) and 43 (15 amps). The Fuse 42 is an audio amplifier while the Fuse 43 is a digital radio receiver, radio, Rear Seat Audio control, and chime module.
  7. Inspect whether these 2 fuses have burnt marks, rust, or some sort of black spots.
  8. If they have, then detach the fuses (one or both) and test them out using a fuse tester. Be sure to clean the fuse compartment as sometimes dirt can block the path.
  9. Then, replace these if needed.
  10. Put everything back in place by doing the opposite of removal.
2008 GMC Sierra Speakers Not Working Infographic

Wrap Up

The 2008 GMC Sierra speakers not working can occur when the main parts have trouble. For that, you have to look into possible causes by doing a full inspection of the speakers and then act.

If changing the fuses and wirings doesn’t help, then you have to install new speakers in the car which might cost around $150 for DIY. Or else, it will take $300 – $400 if done via a skilled mechanic to replace the 4 speakers.

Hope you like this guide and find it handy to get a detailed explanation. Decide & Fix the Error ASAP!

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