AdvanceTrac Vs Traction Control: Explained 

AdvanceTrac off in Ford means the system is deactivated while traction control off means the regular traction control system is off. When you turn the traction control system off, you are relying on your own abilities to control the vehicle. Additionally, Advancetrac has two different modes, sports and normal. So that instead of turning the systems off you can enable these modes according to your need.

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AdvanceTrac Vs Traction Control: Ford

A traction control system is part of AdvanceTrac.  This technology helps prevent excessive wheel spinning, especially during acceleration. Two-wheel drive vehicles use traction control primarily to control the rear wheel spin. 

However, in a four-wheel drive vehicle, the traction control can be applied to all four wheels to maintain traction and prevent excessive spinning.

AdvanceTrac, on the other hand, is a comprehensive stability control system that incorporates multiple technologies to enhance a vehicle’s handling and stability. The main purpose of this system is to control the yaw of the vehicle or the rotation of the vehicle around its vertical axis. 

AdvanceTrac can help to correct understeer or oversteer conditions and can be applied to both two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive vehicles. Look at the table below for a quick overview of the traction control and AdvanceTrac.

Button functionsStability control OFF lightAdvance TracTraction control system
Default at start-upIlluminated during bulb check EnabledEnabled
Button pressed momentarilyIlluminated  EnabledDisabled
Button pressed and held for more than 5 secondsIlluminated  DisabledDisabled
Sport Mode (Double press*)Illuminated  Enabled with higher threshold targetWith a higher threshold target enabled
Button pressed again after deactivationNot illuminated  EnabledEnabled
Transfer case switched to 4WD LowIlluminated  DisabledDisabled

Now let’s move on to the explanation.

What Does Traction Control Off Mean In Ford?

The Traction Control Off in a Ford vehicle means that the Traction Control system has been deactivated. Due to this, the vehicle’s computer does not regulate tire spin and apply breaks as needed. 

When the system is turned off it won’t assist you anymore to keep the traction under control with the road. And you’ll completely need to depend on your experience and driving ability. That increases the risk of slipping and losing traction. 

Consequently, you can perform driving techniques such as drifting or off-road adventures without the traction control system intervening.

How To Turn Off Traction Control In Ford?

To turn off the traction control of your ford locate the TCS button in the center console. And then press and hold the button for a few seconds and with that, the traction control off light will be illuminated. The process may vary depending on Ford’s model. And to turn the traction control back on just press the button again.

Source: fordedgeforum

However, turning the traction control off isn’t at all recommended apart from some rare circumstances. Therefore, you can also read when to use traction control to avoid unwanted hazards. 

You may need to turn the traction control if you’re stuck in the deep mud, sand, or snow to get the full potential of the engine out of it.

What Does Advancetrac Off Mean In Ford?

AdvanceTrac off means your vehicle’s advanced stability control system is turned off including Intelligent 4WD, Hill-start assists, Hill descent control, and Terrain management system. Also, it means that you’re not using this advanced safety feature. It’s an electronic traction control system that provides an extra layer of safety on harsh road circumstances like ice, snow, pavement, gravel, etc. 

When the system is turned off, it won’t assist you further in such types of circumstances. It’s worth mentioning that this is a highly advanced feature that works by a small gyroscopic sensor that sends signals 150 times/sec. And control wheel skidding and sliding by applying the brake on the wheel with low traction.

Also, it helps in developing a better braking system and capacity to stop, even when you’re driving on slippery roads. Due to this, you won’t receive its innovative benefits if the system is turned off.

How To Turn Off Advancetrac in Ford?

To turn off the Advancetrac press and hold the traction control button for about five seconds. And then have a look at the dashboard “Advancetrac off” message will appear on it. As a result, the traction control and stability control will be turned off at a time.

Source: Horsepower House 2.0 Youtube Channel

What Does Advancetrac Sports Mode Mean In Ford?

Advancetrac sports mode in Ford vehicles means an advanced mode of traction control designed for high-performance driving conditions. This is also known as a competitive mode. The system modulates engine torque during aggressive driving scenarios, such as track or race conditions, by combining sensors, control algorithms, and advanced actuators. 

Using competitive mode, drivers are able to control and customize their driving experience by allowing more wheel slips and less intrusive intervention.

How to Turn On Advancetrac Sports Mode In Ford?

To turn on the sports mode in your ford just double-toggle the traction control button. After that, the “AdvanceTrac SPORT MODE” notification will appear on the dash. And you’re done with turning on the sports mode.

Source: The Override Consumer Channel


Does Traction Control Effect The Engine?

No, traction control doesn’t directly affect the engine. But this system sometimes reduces the engine power. When the traction control system detects wheel slippage it reduces the engine power to get back the wheel’s traction.

Do Professional Drivers Use Traction Control?

Yes, professional drivers often use traction control to enhance their driving experience and improve performance on the road. Especially in high-performance vehicles or under challenging driving conditions, traction control can enhance stability and prevent wheel slippage. However, some professional drivers may choose to turn off traction control for more control and customization of their driving experience.

What is AdvanceTrac Sport Mode?

The AdvanceTrac Sport Mode reduces the normal interference of the AdvanceTrac system, resulting in a more energetic driving experience. As a result of reducing the system’s correction of wheel slippage, this mode offers more control and a sportier feel to the driver. Ultimately makes it an ideal choice for those who prefer a more engaging driving experience.


Well, hopefully, the information provided has cleared up any confusion regarding Advancetrac vs traction control. It’s important to note that the advanced features of Advancetrac are only available in Ford vehicles. Additionally, it’s worth mentioning that some other vehicle brands may offer similar features under different names, such as BMW’s dynamic traction control.

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