All Mercedes Tire Costs In One Place! 

Mercedes recommended tires such as Bridgestone, Continental, Goodyear, Michelin, and Pirelli cost 150-700 USD depending on the size and make.

There are around 180 tire sizes for all Mercedes Benz vehicles. The price range mentioned is for all-season tires. 

There are many types of tires namely; winter, summer, all-season, all-terrain, snow tires, etc. Here we will look at all-season tires to get a general overview of the tire price. This article includes both the front and rear tires of Mercedes Benz. 

Let’s dive deep into the article where all Mercedes tire costs are listed for three popular brands; Michelin, Goodyear, and Continental. 

Mercedes Tire Cost of All the Series and Classes

These are the series and classes of Mercedes Benz still in production as of 2023. 

  1. 190 Series
  2. A Class
  3. AMG GT
  4. B Class
  5. C-Class
  6. C-Class Coupe
  7. CL Class
  8. CLA Class
  9. CLC Class
  10. CLK Class
  11. CLS Class
  12. C167 GLE Coupe
  13. C167 GLE 53 AMG Coupe
  14. C167 GLE 63 AMG Coupe
  15. E Class
  16. G Class
  17. GL Class
  18. GLA Class
  19. GLC Class
  20. GLK Class
  21. M Class
  22. R Class
  23. S Class
  24. S Class and CL-Class
  25. SLK Class
  26. SLR Class
  27. SLS Class
  28. Sprinter
  29. V Class VITO
  30. V Class Viano VITO
  31. V167 GLE 53 AMG SUV
  32. V167 GLE 63 AMG SUV
  33. V167 GLE SUV
  34. X167 GLS SUV
  35. X167 GLS Maybach
  36. X167 GLS 163 AMG SUV 

All of these vehicles’ front and rear tires are listed below in order of their width. First, let’s look at the tire width of 175 to 195mm. The prices given here are approximate prices as of February 2023. 

Tires With 175-195 mm Width  

Tire SizeMichelin $Goodyear $Continental $Merc Model 
175/70R1493110NA*190 Series
185/65R15138108115190 Series, A Class, E Class 
195/45R17172NA140A Class 
195/50R15NANA110A Class 
195/50R16NA119170A Class 
195/55R16192143131A Class
195/60R16185113135CLC Class 
195/65R15148140127A, B, C Class, C Class Coupe, E Class
195/70R14102NANAS Class, SL Class 
195/70R15NANA190Sprinter, V Class Vito

*This tire size price for this specific brand is not available. 

These are comparatively small tire widths and the price for Michelin, Goodyear, and Continental tires range from 90$ to 190$. 

Tires With 205 mm Width 

Tire SizeMichelin $Goodyear $Continental $Merc Model 
205/40R17173160-162NAA Class
205/45R16202NA154A Class 
205/50R17168-174266- 173158A, B, CLA Class
205/55R1682107-233134A, B, C, C class Coupe, CLA, CLC, CLK, E, SLK Class
205/60R15113-12098113C, E Class, C Class Coupe 
205/60R16161109-160133B, C, E Class 
205/65R15117-197102-119135E, S, SL, Sprinter Class 
205/65R16123-133112-157144E, V Class Viano Vito
205/70R14114NANAS, SL Class 

205mm tire width with rim sizes 14, 15, 16, 17 inches will be suitable for Mercedes vehicles from A, B, C, E Class, etc.  The price range for this size is from 90$ to 200$ for Michelin, Goodyear, and Continental. 

Tires With 215 mm Width 

Tire SizeMichelin $Goodyear $Continental $Merc Model 
215/40R18263469154A, B Class
215/45R17154-160129-197174A, B, C, CLK Class 
215/45R18193175-266178A, CLA Class
215/55R16142115-167154E Class 
215/55R18106-226199-217174GLA Class 
215/60R16141-153109-209138V Class Vito 
215/60R17170-192125-180160GLA Class
215/65R15122NA172S, V Class Vito 
215/75R16170NA135Sprinter Class 

Now, 215mm is mid-range tire width and the price goes higher than smaller tires like 175mm tires. 

Tires With  225 mm Width

Tire SizeMichelin $Goodyear $Continental $Merc Model 
225/45R17283NA196190 series,A, B, C, C Class Coupe, CLA, CLC, CLK, SLK Class
225/30R19292-334NA355CLC, SLK Class 
225/30R21NANA464E Class
225/35R18NANA100A, B Class 
225/35R19298285240A, B, CLA, SLK Class
225/40R18241173-270136-285A,B,C, C Class Coupe, CLA, CLK, CLC, E, SLK
225/40R19318234-328279A, C Class 
225/45R16NANA125190 Series 
225/45R17202129-206195190 Series, A,B,C, C Class Coupe, CLA, CLK, CLC, SLK
225/45R18287156-213219B,C Class
225/50R16195121146190 Series, C, C Class Coupe,CLC,CLK, S, SLK Class
225/50R17168-252134-316162-180B,C Class
225/55R16224130-139206C, E, SL Class, V class Vito
225/55R17203140-305161CL, E,S, V Class Viano Vito, 
225/60R16150111-188134CL, S, V Class Viano 
225/70R15250177164Sprinter Class
225/75R16281125-250240M Class 

225mm tires with rim size from 21 inches to 15 inches are suitable for many Mercedes cars like the CL Class, Sprinter class etc. The price for these tires ranges from $110-460. 

Tires With 235 mm Width 

Tire SizeMichelinGoodyearContinentalMerc Model 
235/30R20361NANAA, E, SLK Class 
235/35R19335246-351247A, C, C Class Coupe, CLA, CLK, CLK, SLK, E Class
235/40R18274197-299180A, CLA, E, SL, SLK Class
235/40R20281NA358GLA Class
235/45R17203162-217173E, S, SL Class
235/45R19248181-383292GLA Class
235/45R20264NANAGLK Class
235/50R18252173-256181GLA, V Class Vito 
235/50R19249225-369220GLK Class
235/55R17193140-225163CL, S Class
235/55R18251168-249190Sprinter, GLK Class
235/55R19255185-325222GLC Class
235/60R16186127-141140S&CL Class
235/60R17230148-274173Sprinter, GLK Class
235/60R18262159-241223GLC, R, M, V167 GLE SUV
235/65R16199122-144200Sprinter Class
235/65R17232151-225170R, M Class

235mm tires come with many rim sizes that fit on a Mercedes vehicle. The price of these tires ranges from $150 to $360. 

Tires With 245 mm Width 

Tire SizeMichelin $Goodyear $Continental $Merc Model 
245/30R19356NANAA, CLA Class 
245/30R20413NA302C, CLS, E Class
245/35R18265217241A, C, C Class Coupe,CL, CLA,CLC, CLK, S, SLK Class    
245/35R19297262257C, CL, CLS, E, S, SL, SLR Class
245/35R20400224-250300CL, E, S Class
245/40R17216181187190 series, C, C Class Coupe, CLC, CLK, E, SLK Class
245/40R18309190-260238C, CLS, E, SL, Sprinter, V Class Vito Class
245/40R19241208-486255CL, S, E, V Class Viano Vito 
245/40R20315242-389328E Class
245/45R17260202-349213C, CLS, E, S, SL, V Class Vito 
245/45R18239181-405242CL, E, S, V Class Vito, V Class Viano Vito 
245/45R19297330-476282GLK Class 
245/55R18254244239GLC Class 

Mercedes A, C, CLA, CL, etc classes use the tire with 245mm width with many different aspect ratios and rim sizes. The most expensive tire in this size seems to be from Michelin. 

Tires With 255 mm Width 

Tire SizeMichelin $Goodyear $Continental $Merc Model 
255/30R19330NA292CLC, CLK, SLK, E Class 
255/30R20387NA351C, CL, SL, SLR Class 
255/30R21550NA520CL, S Class 
255/35R18265231212C, C Class Coupe, CLC, CLK, E, SLK Class
255/35R19238240-254264C, CLS, E, AMG GT, SL, SLK, SLS Class 
255/35R20270238-246264CL, E, S Class 
255/40R17200NA236CLS, E, S Class 
255/40R18260217-236233C, CLS, E, SL Class 
255/40R19416260-269317CL, S, S&CL Class 
255/40R20305710273GLK Class 
255/40R21334519349GLC Class 
255/45R17251NA204CL, SL, S Class 
255/45R18293266253CL,E, S, S&CL Class 
255/45R19324278-300252GLK, M Class
255/45R20297236-273272GLC Class 
255/50R18NANA256GLK Class
255/50R19272256-314235GLC, R, M, V167 GLE SUV
255/55R17176NA189GLK Class 
255/55R18289245-301232G, R, M, Sprinter Class 
255/60R17255NA242M Class 
255/65R16235NA202M Class

255 mm tires are used on a vast range of Mercedes vehicles like the M class, GLC class etc. The price for this specific tire size of Mercedes can go up to approximately 550$. 

Tires With 265 mm Width 

Tire SizeMichelin $Goodyear $Continental $Merc Model 
265/25R20428NA233E Class 
265/30R19372280330C, C Class Coupe, CLC, CLK, E, SLK Class 
265/30R20445NA336SLS Class 
265/35R18326419239SL, SLK, E Class 
265/35R19392289375AMG GT, SLS Class 
265/35R20391383407E Class 
265/35R22360228-307410GLC, R, M Class 
265/40R17742457NASL Class
265/40R18262289278CL, S Class 
265/40R19374320-416331E Class 
265/40R20489374422M Class 
265/40R21377857408GLC, R, M Class 
265/45R20309407233GLC, R, M, V167 GLE SUV
265/55R19510490318GL Class 
265/60R18280211-282246G, GL Class 
265/70R16233-241177-227209G Class 

A lot of C class and G class Mercedes used tires with 265 mm width. The price for these tires ranges from 170$ to $510. 

Tires With 275 mm Width 

Tire SizeMichelin $Goodyear $Continental $Merc Model 
275/30R19463338295CL, E, S Class 
275/30R20319278347C, CL, E, AMG GT, S, SLS Class 
275/35R18313331-371265CLS, E, SL Class 
275/35R19342279307CL, E, S Class 
275/35R20404404-555264CL, E, S Class 
275/35R22536NA410M Class 
275/40R18325277283CL, E, S Class 
275/40R19338282269CL, GLK, S Class 
275/40R20356278-297318R, M Class 
275/45R18344393278Cl, S Class 
275/45R20355231-392292GL Class
275/45R21319451339C167 GLE Coupe, C167 GLE 53 AMG Coupe, C167 GLE 63 AMG Coupe, V167 GLE 53 AMG SUV, V167 GLE SUV,  V167 GLE 63 AMG SUV, X167 GLS SUV
275/50R20317613273C167 GLE Coupe, C167 GLE 53 AMG Coupe, C167 GLE 63 AMG Coupe, GL Class, V167 GLE 53 AMG SUV, V167 GLE SUV, V167 GLE 63 AMG SUV, X167 GLS SUV
275/50R21464365448X167 GLS SUV, X167 GLS 63 AMG SUV
275/55R19500NA284X167 GLS SUV, C167 GLE Coupe, GL, V167 GLE SUV 

High-end Mercedes like the C167 GLE Couple and the V167 GLE SUV use tires with 275mm tire width. The price range is comparatively high and goes from $270 to $610.

 Tires With 285 mm Width 

Tire SizeMichelin $Goodyear $Continental $Merc Model 
285/30R19371NA319C, CLS, E, SL Class 
285/30R20351278308CL, E, S, SL Class
285/30R21631NA465CL, S Class 
285/35R18350NA285C, CLS, SL Class
285/35R19433327313S&CL, E, CL-Class 
285/35R20481280356GLK Class 
285/35R21460560366GLC Class 
285/35R22373215-348328M Class
285/40R20400502386GLC Class 
285/40R22495NA458C167 GLE Coupe, C167 GLE 53 AMG Coupe, C167 GLE 63 AMG Coupe, V167 GLE 53 AMG SUV, V167 GLE SUV, V167 GLE 63 AMG SUV
285/40R23591NA452X167 GLS SUV, X167 GLS Maybach, X167 GLS 63 AMG SUV
285/45R19363NA260R, M Class 
285/45R20400431328GLC Class 
285/45R22344193-299304X167 GLS SUV, X167 GLS Maybach, X167 GLS 63 AMG SUV
285/50R18NANA263M Class 

Mercedes X167 GLS Maybach, X167 GLS 63 AMG SUV uses tires with 285mm width. Goodyear, Michelin, and Continental tires in this size are all quite expensive. The price listed here is from their official websites as well as Amazon and Walmart. 

Tires With 295 mm Width 

Tire SizeMichelin $Goodyear $Continental $Merc Model 
295/25R20422NA265CLS Class 
295/25R21526NANAAMG GT, E, SLS Class
295/30R18353-387NA384SLR Class 
295/30R19424440427SLR, CLS Class
295/30R20460356336AMG GT, E, SLS Class
295/30R22518NA414M Class 
295/35R19456NA385AMG GT, E Class
295/35R21365356284M Class 
295/35R22541NA437GL Class 
295/40R20153372-390392M Class 
295/40R21395370340GL Class 
295/45R19380NA398M Class 
295/45R20451NA408G, GL, M Class

Mercedes AMG GT uses this tire with 295 mm width. The price can go up to $520. This table shows all-season tire prices. 

Tires With 305-355 mm Width 

Tire SizeMichelin $Goodyear $Continental $Merc Model 
305/25R20582NANACLS, SL, SLR Class 
305/30R20442370355SLR Class 
305/35R22540341NAGL Class 
305/35R23NANA410GL Class 
315/25R23564NA670M Class 
315/40R21138NA408C167 GLE Coupe, C167 GLE 53 AMG Coupe, C167 GLE 63 AMG Coupe, V167 GLE 53 AMG SUV, V167 GLE SUV, V167 GLE 63 AMG SUV, X167 GLS SUV
315/45R21387NA401-407X167 GLS 63 AMG SUV
325/35R22658NA394-438C167 GLE Coupe, C167 GLE 53 AMG Coupe, C167 GLE 63 AMG Coupe, V167 GLE 53 AMG SUV, V167 GLE SUV, V167 GLE 63 AMG SUV
325/35R23632NA663X167 GLS SUV, X167 GLS Maybach, X167 GLS 63 AMG SUV
325/40R22464NA467X167 GLS SUV, X167 GLS Maybach, X167 GLS 63 AMG SUV
355/35R19NANA623C Class 

The most expensive tire it seems, is the tires made by Michelin and the cheapest among these three brands is the Continental tires. However, you will find cheaper tires from other brands but they are not recommended by Mercedes. 

Also with increasing size, the tire price increases. As can be seen from the tables, the tire with 175mm costs around 90$ whereas the tire with 355mm width costs around 620$. 

This is because more material is needed to make bigger tires and more research is needed since they support heavier loads. The same goes for tire brands. Brands that spend more money on research and development will charge more for their tires. 

Mercedes Tire Replacement

If you drive a Mercedes Benz then, it is recommended to replace your tires every 50,000 miles or six years whichever comes first. However, replace them before reaching this limit depending on driving habits and maintenance. 

These are the common signs your Mercedes tire needs returning; 

  1. There is a crack in your tire rubber 
  2. Loss of tire pressure 
  3. Mileage Issue 
  4. Low tread depth 

The usual price to replace one single tire is between 50$ and 350$. This is excluding the tire price. Depending on the tire brand and how many tires you are replacing the cost will vary. 


Does Brand Matter For Tires?

Yes, brand matters for tires. It’s because the specific make or model of a vehicle won’t suit any random tires for optimal performance. Car makers recommend tires that are best suited for a specific vehicle after extensive research. 

Does Mercedes-Benz Warranty Cover Tires?

Yes, the Mercedes-Benz tire and wheel warranty cover tires. This warranty covers tires, wheel replacements, cosmetic damage to the wheels, etc. Also, it covers repairs done at Mercedes or authorized dealerships. 

Why Do Mercedes Original Tires Don’t Have Spare? 

Mercedes original tires don’t need spare tires because they run on run-flat technology. This technology prevents all air from escaping from the tire so you won’t need a spare and can drive up to 80 km at low speed. 

Bottom Line 

This article has all Mercedes tire costs in a systematic manner. Even though price changes with time and factors like inflation affect it a lot, you can get an idea about Mercedes tires here. 

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