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The truck tire price ranges from 90$ to 1000$. The price for these tires varies from brand to brand and depends on size and tire tech. In addition, there are light-duty, heavy-duty, and medium-duty trucks with five different tire types: all-season, all-terrain, mud, winter, highway, and max traction.

This article covers all types of trucks and suitable tires in many driving conditions. There are three major truck categories of trucks and six types of tires used. Different tire brands like Michelin, Continental, Goodyear, and Yokohama are mentioned here. 

Different Types of Trucks

Different types of trucks such as light, medium, and heavy-duty trucks use distinct types of tires. These trucks have varying GVWR or gross vehicle weight ratings and eight classes based on the GVWR range. Those eight classes are separated into three categories. 

  1. Light duty truck (0 to 14,000 pounds)
  2. Medium duty truck (14001 to 26000 pounds) 
  3. Heavy duty truck (26001 to 33000 pounds)

All these three types make up the commercial truck group. So, there are different types of tires available based on the truck type and the truck tire cost will vary which will be discussed in the next segment. 

Here we will mention two more types of popular truck tires; one is a semi-truck and another is a 4*4 trucks. All the prices mentioned here are as of February 2023 in USD. The prices are taken from online sources like Walmart, amazon, and the official websites of tire brands. 

Light-Duty Truck Tire Cost 

The popular types of light-duty trucks in recent years were the Ford Ranger, GMC Canyon, and the Nissan Frontier. These trucks used tires with sizes like 255/70R16 

265/65R17, 265/65R18, 225/60R16, etc. 

Tire Type/ Price Available BrandsPrice $

All Terrain Tires 
Goodyear 173-200
Michelin 257
Toyo 196
All Season Tires Goodyear 173-200
Michelin 222 
Toyo 196
Max Traction TiresGoodyear 157
Cordovan 97
Highway Tires Goodyear 188
Michelin 222
Winter TireGoodyear 366
Mud Tire Goodyear 258
Crosswind 164

This table shows the six different types of tires used on a light duty truck and it can be seen that the price varies from 130$ to 266$. Notice that not all tire brands have all types of tires for a light-duty truck. 

Medium-Duty Truck Tire Cost 

The two most loved medium-duty trucks in recent years were the Chevy Silverado 4500/5500 and the Ford F-650. The tire sizes used in these trucks were 225/70R19.5, 245/70R19.5, 265/70R19.5, LT215/85R16, etc. 

Tire Type/ Price Available BrandsPrice $

All Terrain Tires 
Goodyear 301
All Season Tires Goodyear 1006
Max Traction TiresMichelin 412
BFGoodrich 189
Highway Tires Continental 237
Winter TireGoodyear 460
Cooper 146
Mud Tire Firestone195

It is evident from the table that overall the price is a bit more expensive than the light duty truck tires. This is because with increasing size and load capacity, tire price goes up. 

Heavy Duty Truck Tire Cost 

Out of many heavy-duty trucks, the Chevrolet Silverado 2500, GMC Sierra 2500, Ford F-250 Super Duty, and Ram 2500 HD are the most notable ones. The tire sizes of these trucks include LT265/70R17, LT275/70R18, LT245/75R17, 255/70R16, and 265/70R18

Tire Type/ Price Available BrandsPrice $ 

All Terrain Tires 
Crosswind 109
All Season Tires Goodyear227
Max Traction TiresGoodyear 157
BFGoodrich 138
Highway Tires Crosswind 104
Kelly Edge 188
Winter TireVanguard 130
Mastercraft 158
Mud Tire Crosswind163

You can see that there are common sizes in light-duty and heavy-duty trucks that’s why the price does not differ much. However, if bigger sizes like 275mm are considered then the price will be much higher than the 225mm. 

Semi Truck Tire Cost 

Semi truck is short for semi-trailer truck is a type of truck that combines a tractor unit with one or more trailers. Semi-trucks include dump trucks, tractors, semi-trailers, and gravel trucks. There is also an entire separate class of tires called monster truck tire and these monster truck tires cost way more than normal truck tire cost.

The most reliable semi trucks come from Freightliner, Kenworth, Volvo, and Peterbilt. The most common tire sizes of a semi-truck are 295/75R22. 5, 275/70R22. 5, and 225/70R19.5. 

Tire Type/ Price Available BrandsPrice $
All Terrain Tires Firestone 370
All Season Tires Michelin528
Continental 540
Falken 318
Max Traction TiresKumho190
Continental 469
Highway Tires Falken 318
Michelin 540
Continental 464
Winter TireHankook414
Continental 592
Mud Tire Continental 470

The prices of semi truck tires are a bit on the expensive side. Notice that the tire sizes are comparatively large. 

4×4 Truck Tire Cost 

This type of truck is the one you take off-roading. So a 4×4 Truck will have a four-wheel drive system that enhances performance and handling for off-roading. These are some popular trucks with 4wd;

  1. Ram 1500
  2. Ford F150 
  3. Chevy Silverado 1500
  4. Ford Ranger 

Some common tire sizes for these trucks in 4wd trim are 275/65R18 and 265/70R17. Since Ford F150 was the most popular truck in 2022, we arranged the tire prices for a 4wd Ford F150. 

Tire Type/ Price Available BrandsPrice $
All Terrain Tires Goodyear 314
All Terrain Tires Michelin 321
All Terrain Tires Bridgestone 335

All Season Tires 
Goodyear 181
All Season TiresMichelin286
All Season TiresBridgestone 291

Max Traction Tires
Max Traction TiresFirestone 346

Highway Tires 
Goodyear 241
Highway Tires Bridgestone 290

Winter Tire
Bridgestone 242
Winter TireMichelin286

Mud Tire 
Mud Tire Michelin286

The tire price for a 4wd vehicle is not significantly higher than a 2wd or regular tire. The price range is 181$ to 442$ for 4wd Ford F150 trucks. 


Why Are Truck Tires So Expensive?

Truck tires are so expensive because they use more raw materials than passenger car tires. At the same time, the price of raw materials like rubber, steel, etc. is on the rise which leads to high tire prices. 

What Size Tire Is Best For Off-Road?

Large tires are generally preferable in off-road conditions. As a general formula make sure the wheel diameter is not more than half of the tire height for off-road vehicles. So, usually, 33-inch tires will have 15 or 16-inch wheels. 

What Is The Most Popular Off-Road Tire Size?

The most popular off-road tire size is the 33-inch tire. When converted to the metric unit, this means a tire with 285mm of width is the most popular size. Aspect ratio and rim sizes will differ from vehicle to vehicle. 

Bottom Line 

Hopefully, this article has all the information you want about truck tire costs. Even though the tire price is not constant over time, you get a general idea about truck tire prices here.

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