B20 VTEC Timing Belt Revealed!  

To make your regular 2.0 L B20 powerful, you want to make it VTEC. Choosing a suitable timing belt in your engine swap is crucial and it can be frustrating since not much info is available. Take a deep breath cuz we are here to help you. 

What is a suitable B20 VTEC timing belt?

GSR, ITR timing belt is suitable for B20 VTEC engine with 22T VTEC B series water pump. For example, you can use the P72 GSR timing belt in your B20 VTEC engine. However, you have to use a 22T water pump, or this timing belt won’t be suitable. 

To find out more about the B20 VTEC timing belt, keep on reading. 

What Timing Belt To Use On B20 VTEC

B20 engines don’t have VTEC heads by default.  In the B series engine by Honda, B16 and B18 engines have VTEC heads. So, to make the B20 VTEC, you have to add a B16/ B18 engine head to a B20 engine block. 

For your B20 VTEC, use a GSR timing belt with a VTEC B series water pump. The OEM (original equipment manufacturer) part number for this timing belt is 4400-P72-014. 

As of January 2023, this timing belt costs $75-80. The total cost of the timing belt kit for B20 VTEC will cost around $170 with the tensioner and water pump. Honda recommends you replace your timing belt in 60,000-100,000 miles or every seven years. 

What Pump to Use for B20 VTEC Timing Belt?

You can’t use any water pump for your B20 VTEC engine. It’s an essential factor in your timing belt choice. For B20 engines, you must use a VTEC B series water pump with 22 teeth. You can use the 19200-P72-013 water pump with 22T for both B16 and B18 engine heads.

The timing belt choice of B20 VTEC depends on what type of water pump you are using. You can’t use the stock B20 water pump for your B20 VTEC modification as it will cause cavitation. 

At the same time, you need to inspect/ replace your water pump every time you replace your timing belt. 

What Problems You Might Face With B20 VTEC Timing Belt

Users of B20 VTEC have mentioned an issue with their engines. They noticed that the cam seal cracks and starts leaking oil. Then this oil gets into the timing belt. When leaked oil from the cam seal contaminates the timing belt, it won’t perform optimally. 

Usually, cam seals harden and crack with time. To solve this issue, get a new aftermarket aluminum cam seal for your B20 VTEC. It will cost you around $10.

If you experience a jumped timing belt, here’s how to fix this. 

B20 VTEC Timing Belt Maintenance

To protect your B20 VTEC timing belt from early failure, self-servicing is crucial. Check the valves, pistons, camshaft, and crankshaft for damage because it will consequently affect the timing belt. 

Also, check for oil leaks and water leaks into the timing belt. If you don’t drive your car regularly, the timing belt material may become stiff. So make sure you drive your car frequently. 

Finally, when you are replacing a timing belt, it is recommended to replace the idler pulley and timing belt tensioner as well. These parts are likely to fail before the next timing belt replacement. So it’s wise to replace them together.

And, make sure you follow the right way to replace a timing belt. Timing belts are not directional, so you’ll be able to install them in any direction. 

B20 VTEC Timing Belt Maintenance Infographic


Can You Swap Any Honda Engines To Be VTEC?

No, you cannot swap any honda engines to be VTEC. The usual swap combinations of B series engines are LS/VTEC and CR/VTEC engines. To swap engine parts, you need to match engine specifications to the T. 

Can You Put Non-VTEC Head On VTEC Block?

Yes, you can put a non-VTEC head on a VTEC block if the engines are from the same series. However, make sure the engine specifications match each other. We don’t recommend doing it though. VTEC is an amazing technology and you should take advantage of it.  

How Can I Get More Power Out Of My B20B Engine?

To get more power out of the B20B engine, make it VTEC. Getting variable valve timing (VTEC) will boost your engine performance. VTEC engines’ camshaft has two profiles that are used for different purposes. One for high torque and another one for high rpm. 


I hope this article was able to meet your needs regarding the B20 VTEC timing belt. Now your B20 VTEC is already pretty powerful so no need to turbocharge it. Leave us a comment to let us know what you want to be covered next.

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