Can Nissan Titan 3-Inch Lift Fit 35-Inch Tires? Let’s Dig It Out!

Yes, it’s possible to install a 35-inch tire on a Nissan Titan with a 3-inch lift, but it requires additional modifications. Lack of pinch welds, bumpers, and wheel well clearance may cause rubbing and scraping. Modifying the backspacing, offsets, mudflaps, and bumpers, as well as pinch welding, are necessary to avoid these issues. This modification will allow the 35-inch tire to fit properly and not interfere with other components.

There are a lot more crucial factors to know to do it properly. Read on to find out more.

Can Nissan Titan 3-Inch Lift Fit 35-Inch Tires?

The Nissan Titan can accommodate a 35-inch tire with a 3-inch lift, but it requires additional modifications to fit properly. Despite the fact that the stock tire range for the Titan falls between 32-33 inches, it is feasible to fit a 35-inch tire with just a 3-inch lift. 

However, due to various technical factors, such as the lack of pinch weld, bumper, and wheel well clearance, it is not possible to fit a 35-inch tire on a Titan with only a 3-inch lift without further modifications.

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Installing a 35-inch tire without further modifications will result in several issues, such as rubbing and scraping during full turns. Additionally, the tire will come into contact with the pinch weld, mudflap, and bumper.

To install a 35-inch tire with a 3-inch lift on your Titan, certain modifications are necessary. The Titan comes with two different sizes of rims, both of which are listed in the table below.

Necessary ModificationFor 18×9” Rims For 20×10.5” Rims 
Backspacing 4.5”5.25”
OffsetNegative Negative
Pinch weld cutting Around 2”Around 2”
Mudflap cuttingEntirelyCompletely 
Bumper trimmingAround 1”Around 1”
Spacer Kit 2.5”3.5”

After taking a closer look at each modification requirement, let’s discuss it briefly.


In order to fit a 35” tire on a Nissan Titan truck with a 3” lift, it is necessary to ensure that the wheel backspace does not exceed a maximum of 4.5” for an 18” wheel or 5.25” for a 20” wheel. This is because exceeding these limits can lead to rubbing and scrubbing, potentially causing damage to the vehicle.

Source: Auto Anything 

It’s important to note that the wheel size of the Nissan Titan typically ranges from 18×9” to 20×10.5”, meaning the rim width is either 9 or 10.5”. 

When a vehicle is lifted 3” and a 35” tire is installed, the backspace will naturally decrease. Backspace should not exceed the aforementioned limits, however, in order to ensure proper tire fitment and prevent potential damage.

Speaking of the wheel backspacing, you maybe curious about wheel alignment. Know how long does an alignment take from here.


After installing a 35” tire with a 3” lift the wheel well will decrease naturally due to enhanced tire size. Consequently, the tire will rub against the wheel well. This can be prevented by having a negative offset on the rim. Its offset will balance the decreased wheel well clearance. 

Pinch Weld Cutting

The pinch weld is a crucial aspect to consider while installing tires as it can lead to issues such as rubbing. When a tire with a larger diameter, such as a 35″ tire, is installed, the space between the tire and the pinch weld decreases. 

Consequently, when the tire is turned to its maximum capacity, it may rub against the pinch weld. This problem can be seen in the attached image where there is hardly any gap between the 34″ tire and the pinch weld.

Source: Titan Town YouTube Channel

To avoid this issue, it is recommended to cut the pinch weld by at least 2 inches. Without cutting it, you won’t be able to fit a bigger tire diameter of 35’ tire.

Mudflap Cutting

With a 3-inch lift on a Nissan Titan, the 35-inch tire may experience rubbing against the mudflap. This can lead to increased noise and corrosion over time. To prevent these issues, it may be necessary to modify the mudflap by cutting it to accommodate the larger tire.

This is due to the fact that a 35-inch tire has a larger diameter and circumference than the stock tire, which can cause clearance issues with the mudflap. The resulting friction and vibration can cause noise and wear, eventually leading to corrosion. Therefore, modifying the mudflap to ensure proper clearance is recommended to avoid these problems.

Bumper Trimming

For certain older versions of the Nissan Titan, it may be imperative to perform bumper trimming. Upon completion of the installation, it will become apparent why this process is necessary. It is essential to note that in instances where there is insufficient clearance between the tire and the bumper, trimming the bumper is necessary to prevent any interference or rubbing.

Spacer Kit 

The Nissan Titan is equipped with an Independent Front Suspension (IFS) system, which implies that the control arm may come into contact with the tire after lifting, causing issues. 

To mitigate this problem, a 2.5-inch spacer kit is recommended for an 18×9 wheel, while a 3.5-inch spacer kit is suitable for a 20×10.5 wheel. The appropriate spacer kit required may vary depending on the type of tire used, whether it is a 4-wheel drive or a 2-wheel drive.

If you own a 33-inch tire, you can ask ‘Can I fit 33 inch tires on 20 inch rims?’ You’ll get a clear answer after reading the linked page!

6 Or 3-Inch Lift With 35 Tires On Nissan Titan?

6” lift is preferable over a 3” lift to fit a 35” tire in the Nissan Titan. To understand the distinctions between these two combinations, have a quick look at the table below. 

Factors 3” Lift6” Lift
Ground clearance 9.7+3+1.5= 14.29.7+6+1.5= 17.2
Overall height 75.1+3+1.5= 79.6”75.1+6+1.5= 82.6”
Additional modificationsMore additional modifications needed Less additional modifications needed

The data presented in the table indicates that a 6-inch lift will result in superior ground clearance and overall height compared to a 3-inch lift. The baseline Nissan Titan has a ground clearance of 9.7 inches when equipped with 35-inch tires. A 3-inch lift increases this clearance to 12.7 inches, while a 6-inch lift results in clearance of 15.7 inches. 

Additionally, upgrading the tire size by 3 inches (from the stock 32 inches to 35 inches) increases ground clearance by 1.5 inches, which is equivalent to half of the enhanced tire diameter. Therefore, with the larger tires and 3-inch lift, the total ground clearance becomes 14.2 inches. Similarly, a 6-inch lift results in a total ground clearance of 17.2 inches.

Furthermore, the overall height is also greater with a 6-inch lift, leading to improved off-road performance. Additionally, fitting 35-inch tires with a 3-inch lift requires significant modifications, while a simple spacer kit is all that is necessary with a 6-inch lift.

It’s also worth mentioning that people also lift up to 12”. It’s actually possible however that you need to upgrade the wheel size to 22”. After lifting 12” your Nissan Titan will look more appealing and bold. Also, it’ll further enhance off-road performance. 


What Does A 3-Inch Leveling Kit Do?

A 3-inch leveling kit can even out a vehicle’s rake and provide extra height, making it ready for larger tires. This solution not only improves the evenness of the vehicle’s body but also gives it a slight boost in height.

Do I Need New Shocks With A 3-Inch Lift?

Yes, if you raise your truck more than 3 inches, you will need to purchase new shock absorbers due to the increased distance between the top and bottom mounting points. Most brands include new shock absorbers with their lift kits to simplify the shopping experience.

Is It Better To Lift Or Level A Truck?

It’s better to lift the truck off-road conversely, leveling is recommended for regular road conditions. So, it completely depends on the driving conditions. Lifting for off-road driving can ensure better performance and prevent off-roading hazards.  


With this the answer of can Nissan Titan 3-inch lift fit 35-inch tires ends here. Lifting and enhancing the tire size is not the ultimate solution for off-roading. Remember, excessive modifications can hamper the regular performance of your vehicle.

Thanks for reading!

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