Can You Tune An Automatic Car? Find Out! 

Yes, you can tune an automatic car. Even though it is harder to tune a car with automatic transmission than a manual one, it can be done. Primarily, three tunings are performed on auto cars namely reprogramming, quality tuning, and deep tuning. 

A lot of people tune their stock car to make it perform like a cool sports car. Who wouldn’t want that? However, for you, the stumbling block is that you drive an automatic car. 

Since automatic cars use cars’ computers to control, you ask yourself, Can you tune an automatic car?

If you want to know which tune gets you what type of boost, continue reading. 

Can You Tune An Automatic Car?

Yes, you can tune an automatic car. An automatic car is a car with an automatic gearbox and while on road the gear changes according to some calculations by the sensors. It is a bit harder to tune an auto car than a manual one. 

What Can You Tune in an Automatic Car  

Here is a list of tune-ups you can do to your automatic car. However, it’s a painstaking process that requires expertise and complete knowledge of the outcome. (1)


This procedure is performed on the transmission control unit (TCU). TCU works with the ECU to synchronize gear shifting. By reprogramming you can change the speed at which a particular gear shift happens. 

A TCU tuning will increase torque limit, hydraulic pressure, and shift points for RPM. This will give you faster gear change and acceleration. Reprogramming will also result in low fuel consumption. 

Dyno Tuning an Automatic Car

You can dyno-tune an automatic car but you will face issues like kick down or torque multiplication at low rpm. Also, there will be a disparity between engine RPM and road speed. These problems can be solved by an expert mechanic. 

This process can increase the vehicle’s power and efficiency, but it should only be performed by a trained professional with the proper equipment and knowledge.

Time, and Cost 

It takes a few hours to do reprogramming and costs around $850 to $925. To know more about tune-up time, follow this.

Quality Tuning 

This tune-up refers to replacing components of your transmission system. In quality tuning, a tuner will install new brake band pistons, clutches, needle bearings, and polymer gaskets. Moreover, he will add extra radiators for cooling. 

Quality tuning enhances the resilience of the transmission system. However, to get the best outcome, get quality components. 

Time, and Cost 

You can do quality tuning in a few hours and the cost varies depending on the parts you are using. 

Deep Tuning 

This tune-up consists of a transmission oil pump, cooling system, and torque converter upgrade. We recommend you get an experienced mechanic to do deep tuning on your car. 

Time, and Cost 

It can take from a few hours to a day to do deep tuning on your auto car. The price of deep tuning varies depending on the parts’ price and what you are tuning. 


Tuning an auto car is done primarily on the TCU, then the next stage is to replace parts and then do a deep tuning. All of this will significantly boost your car’s performance in terms of ride comfort and handling.  

How To Get A Performance Boost In Automatic Car

Tuning automatic cars gives you an amazing performance boost. Automatic car tuning will give you a boost in terms of HP and torque. Also, there are small things you can do to improve your car’s performance. 

Here is how you can improve automatic car performance.

To get improved performance from an automatic car these are the things you can do; (2)

  1. Get a throttle response controller 
  2. Do regular maintenance of the engine with a transmission 
  3. When driving with a heavy load, shift to a lower gear 
  4. Monitor your driving habit and change it to boost performance
  5. Make sure your tires are aligned properly 

Now you are thinking about power. How can I add more horsepower to my automatic car?

To add more power to your auto car, do the following. This will also answer your query, how do you increase torque in an automatic car?

  1. Perform a TCU and ECU tuning 
  2. Upgrade the exhaust and intake system 
  3. Reduce unnecessary weight and install lighter tires
  4. Install a performance chipset in your ECU

To increase power and torque, we suggested you get a turbo. But, can you put a turbo in an automatic? (3)

Yes, you can put a turbo on a car with automatic transmission. Actually installing a turbo doesn’t depend on your transmission type. Turbo allows more air into the engine and as a result, produces more power and torque. 


Automatic car tuning will give higher power, torque, and top speed while providing a smooth ride and handling. 


Is Turbo Or Supercharger Better For Automatic?

A turbocharger is better by a wide margin than a supercharger for an automatic car. Consumers rated a turbocharger to be better because of its superior fuel mileage.

Is It Cheaper To Turbo Or Supercharger?

It is slightly cheaper to turbo than to add a supercharger. The price range is pretty close to one another. But getting a turbo will give you sporty performance with cheaper parts cost and fuel costs. 

How Much Boost Can You Get After Tuning an Automatic Car?

You will get 5-12 psi of a boost after tuning an automatic car. However, it is hard to calculate precisely and majorly depends on the vehicle specification. With this boost, a tune-up will improve horsepower and torque.

Bottom Line

Hopefully, this article was enough to quench your thirst for tuning knowledge of automatic cars.  can you tune an automatic car?  Not only you can tune an automatic car but also it is recommended for improved performance. 

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