Can You Wax Your Car Too Much? [How Often Should You Wax]

There is a famous dialogue, and if you take care of your car, she will take care of you. However, about the exterior, waxing is a general process to look after a car’s coat. But, can you wax your car too much? Let’s find out shortly. There are several things we need to check frequently and rectify the errors.

No, you can’t wax your car too much. Currently, the wax which contains a traditional blend is not reasonable anymore. New types of waxes have a variety of polymers and resins in the wax as ingredients to make them affordable. Eventually, too much application of these materials can cause enormous damage to the coat.

Let’s find out some more details about it.

Can You Wax Your Car Too Much?

A car is a complex machine that requires both internal and external care. And today, we shall disclose the nook and cranny of the external maintenance of a car’s exterior.

Moreover, wax is essential, but the limitation is once in a couple of months. Otherwise, it will demonstrate its disadvantageous sides. Let’s know the pitfalls of wax.

Waste Of Money

The first drawback of wax is the waste of money, and waxing is not an affordable option that we can choose. Waxing 3 times is equal to waxing for a single time.

If you assume that wax several times will provide your car’s coat with extra protection, it doesn’t make any sense. It is nothing but a waste of your money. Moreover, the harmful elements can irritate the coat due to several applications.

Time Consuming

Waxing a car is a time-consuming process. It is a set of tasks that needs to be done. However, there are a plethora of alternatives to car waxing, like ceramic coating. So, if you are still thinking about waxing your car, it is similar to warming up yourself by walking rather than running.

Yet, it is optimum if you wax your can once in a couple of months. One holiday can be enough to do this job.

Elements Harm Paint

Considering the conventional and average car wax, we shall find a great blend of carnauba wax, bee wax, petroleum, and many other shiny elements.

And, the newly released waxes do not contain adequate materials. All the output comes from applying chemicalized products like polymers and resins.

These elements are good only when you use them by maintaining limitations. But, too many applications surely damage the paints and existing coat. Therefore, it is one of the vital causes to stop applying wax once every two months.

Seasonal Factor

Wax is a combination of various elements. And all of the ingredients are temper intolerant. Therefore, when it is summer and scorching heat strikes your vehicle, the wax compounds start to react with your car’s paint.

So, if you apply too much wax, the reaction will be more than average. And your car’s color may fade away within a short while. It can also disadvantage the car’s surface.

Is this not enough to make you understand the disadvantage of applying wax too much?

How To Wax Properly?

No matter how light the work is, we must always do it correctly. And, waxing is not trivial at all. Wax enriches the glossiness of your car, but if you do it wrong, it will decrease the beauty of it. So, follow the steps properly to apply wax and furnish it with a top coat.

In the first instance, you have to use a soft fabric. The best materials are woven fabric, which we use to produce t-shirts, and microfiber fabric. You can also use smooth foams instead of cloth.

In the second step, you must wash your car thoroughly with car cleansing liquid soap; if you do not have that, you can use your shampoo, which is also smooth. But, using body or powder soap is not acceptable.

Wipe the water from your car’s surface and gently wash to remove the existing wax. After that, apply an adequate amount of wax.

Start scrubbing the wax with the fabric or foam. It would help if you gently scrub; otherwise, it may strike your car’s paint.

So, this is how you can apply wax properly. Most people forget to remove existing wax, which results in atrociousness; and can damage both paint and car’s surface.

Frequently Asked Question

1. Can you wax a car too many times?

Answer: No, it is not an ideal task to do. Applying too much wax does not enhance the beauty of your car. No matter how many layers you polish with wax, the result is always the same.

Too much application of wax may harm your car’s paint. The optimum use of wax is once in two months.

2. Can I wax my car every week?

Answer: No, you can’t use wax every week. Too much application may damage the paint of your car. Wax contains many elements like polymers, resins, and other types of wax. The optimum use of wax is once in two months.

Moreover, you can’t find any difference between using it once a week and once every two months. Both provide the same protection.

3. How many coats of wax is too much?


Undoubtedly, wax is essential, but we must not apply it too much. The ideal waxing period is once in 70 to 90 days. So, can you wax your car too much? Now you know whether you can or not. You can use wax once a month, but you must use the traditional waxing elements, which cost higher than the average ones.

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