Do Tires Come With Rims?- [Answered!!]

No, tires don’t usually come with rims. They’re sold separately and fitted on the rim you already have. But, that’s not true for some wheel packages. If you want to change the whole wheel, new tires along with rims will be sold. You have to pay the price for both of them separately or combined like a package.  

But, there’s a lot more to explain about do tires come with rims. So, be sure to read the whole article.

Do Spare Tires Come With Rims?

Yes, you can get spare tires with rims. Spare tires are normally used in case of an emergency. For example, if one of your tires gets punctured or rim get bent while driving, you can just replace it with the spare one at hand. 

Removing the tire from the rim and mounting a new one is a comparatively hard process. That’s why it’s better to get spare tires with rims. You can just remove the whole wheel and put on the spare one. Here, you can follow this process:

Then you can get a new tire mounted on your previous rim later.  

Are Rims Included With Tires In Different Tire Shops?

Normally, rims aren’t included with tires in different tire shops. It was previously mentioned but still, here are some examples. These popular tire shops should be enough to prove the point. 

ShopsRims Included With TireSells Rims Separately
Michelin NoNo

Now, let’s talk about them in detail.

A big confusion created here is the pictures shown on the seller websites. Most of the pictures have rims on. But that’s just for illustration. Although, there are some packages that have rims included with them. 

You can identify them from the price range. Surely a package with both tire and rim in it will be priced higher. Be sure to read the product descriptions for details too. 

How Much Do Tires And Rims Cost

Together, tires and rims will cost about $300-$800. There are inexpensive, median, and high-end tires. Among them, the median tires cost about $100-$300 each. On the other hand, rims cost about $200-$500 for each wheel. Although, this pricing can change depending on the specific model of the tire and rim. 

This price range applies when you’re buying them separately. Here, you should also know which tires will fit on which rim. 

For that, you can check the driver’s door jam. The tire and rim size required for your vehicle will be written there. While buying, be sure to match these measurements. 

Wheel and Tire packages

Different tire shops also sell tires and rims as packages. If you’re looking to change the whole set, purchase these packages. At Walmart, you’ll find 2-pack trailer tires on rims.

Moreover, different shops may provide the benefit of customization. For example, at, you can customize your whole wheel. After selecting the model of your vehicle, they’ll give you rims to choose from. Then, you can add tires with those rims. 

The whole assembly is sold as a package. They also provide discounts for such packages. You’d have to pay much more for buying them separately. 

When Are rims Needed With Tires?

Now you might think if you actually need new rims. If your rims are good, buying only new tires should do. However, in the cases below, you’ll need new rims. 

Tire Upgrade

You’ll need to change the rim if you want to purchase a bigger size tire. Or maybe a smaller one. The tire diameter has to match the rim diameter. If the rim is smaller, the tire rubber won’t fit properly. And, if the rim is larger, the tire rubber won’t seal correctly. 

Worn-Out Rims

Even with proper maintenance and care, rims might wear out after 10 years. If the rim is damaged, it’ll affect your handling and fuel efficiency. You’ll hear noise while driving and the tire tread will also be damaged.

Surely you don’t want your new tire to get damaged because of your rim. Thus, it’s best to replace them both.

Custom Change

Sometimes it’s not just a necessity. Maybe you’re a car enthusiast and want to customize your car. A new set of rims will definitely make your car look eye-catching. In that case, you can surely change your rims. 

Although, be informed that this will cost you a good amount of money. 

Do Tires Come With Hubcaps

No, tires don’t come with hubcaps. When buying tires, you’re only purchasing the rubber part of your wheel. The rim and the hubcap have to be bought separately. Although hubcaps are quite cheap. They cost about $25-$50. Although, the price may be different for your specific model. 


Is There A Difference Between Rims And Wheels?

The difference between a rim and a wheel is, the rim is only a part of the wheel. A wheel consists of rims, hubcaps, and tires. The tire is placed on the rim to form the whole wheel. Then the hubcap is placed. Although, they’re used in the same meaning sometimes. 

What Kind Of Rim Is The Best?

Steel rims are considered to be the best. They’re really durable. They provide good performance even in winter conditions. For heavy and hard-working vehicles, steel rims are a good option.   

What Are The Three Types of Wheels?

The 3 types of wheels are forged and cast wheels, split-rim wheels, and alloy wheels. Forged and cast refers to the manufacturing procedure of the wheels. Split-rim wheels can be identified by their numerous bolts on the outer lining. Lastly, alloy wheels are made of billet Aluminum. They’re light and increase fuel economy.

Bottom Line!!

We hope you liked our article about do tires come with rims. Still, there’s one last recommendation for you. You might want to purchase the exact rim you used before. You can find the model number inside the rim, under the rim tape. Thanks for staying till the end.

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