How Much Does Tire Rotation Cost?

Tire rotation of your Toyota tires will cost you from $4 to $40 on average. This depends on a few factors, like the preferred service center, discount offers, the make and model of your Toyota, etc. Moreover, you can even get this service for free from Toyota or a third party if you meet their criteria. 

We have provided a detailed analysis on Toyota tire rotation cost as well as time and information on service centers. Read more to find out all these and more.  

Toyota Tire Rotation Cost at Toyota Dealership

Tire rotation is typically charged $21 to $29.95 at your local Toyota service center. This amount may vary depending on a number of factors. They are listed below.

  1. Location of Toyota Dealership
  2. Model of the car
  3. Additional services performed
  4. Availability of discounts or coupons

To find your nearest Toyota service center and their charges for tire rotation, visit the official Toyota website for your location.

Does Toyota Offer Free Tire Rotation?

If you’ve bought your Toyota in the last two years or have not yet crossed the 25,000 miles limit on mileage, you’ll get tire rotation service completely free. 

Maintenance services covered by ToyotaCare include tire rotation, engine oil and filter changes, fluid level adjustments, and multipoint inspections. On top of that, you get checks performed by authorized technicians and original parts for repair.

Toyota Tire Rotation Cost at Third Party Workshop

Third party service centers offer tire rotation for $4 to $40 on average, depending on which of these service centers you choose. 

Moreover, some of these servicing centers offer coupons and discounts that can lower this cost further. You do not have to search online for these discount offers and prices. We have those covered in a list  made especially for you to choose from in this article. 

Do Third Party Workshops Offer Free Tire Rotation?

Third party dealers do offer tire rotations as well as a number of other services free of charge, if you meet their criteria.

Costco, for example, lets their old customers get free pressure checks, nitrogen air fill-ups, flat tire repair and balancing services. All of these are performed by expert professionals, whenever needed.

Discount tire also exempts charges for a lifetime for tire rotations for those who’ve purchased a tire from them in the past. So does Walmart, given that you’ve crossed 7,500 miles.

If you are a member at Sam’s Club, you can get tire rotation done for free along with other free services like air pressure and tread depth checks, wiper blade installation and tire repair.You do not have to have purchased your tires from Sam’s Club to avail these free services. Additionally, you can get your tire rotation for free at most tire shops, like PepBoys, given that you are already paying for another service.

List of Auto Service Shops and Tire Rotation Charge

Find below some popular service centers that provide tire rotations and their cost information. Coupon links and contact details are also provided for your aid.

Shop NameDiscount offersContactTire Rotation Charge (per tire)
WalmartN/AFind your nearest Walmart $5 
Discount TireN/A888-852-7432$15
CostcoN/AFind your nearest Costco
Jiffy LubeFind your coupon

$40 (subject to variation) 
Find your coupon
1-800-327-8242$20-30 (subject to variation) 
Find your coupon
MidasN/A800-621-8545$20 (subject to variation)
Sam’s ClubN/A(925) 687-1400$3.88  

How Often Should You Rotate Tires On A Toyota?

It is recommended to rotate your tires every 5,000 to 8,000 miles or two years, depending upon which you reach first.

However, you may want to have it done more regularly if you are into off-road adventures, towing or high performance driving.

The range of recommended miles or time for tire rotation also depends which Toyota you drive, its weight and how new it is.

Newer cars usually run up to 7,500 miles before a tire rotation is required. It is important to keep in check if your car needs this service to ensure uniform tire wear, prolonged service life, vehicle safety, and more comfortable rides. 

However, look up your Toyota owner’s manual to confirm if it instructs a different time or miles limit. If it does, you must follow the owner’s manual. 

Symptoms When You Need to Rotate Tire on A Toyota

The following are the symptoms you need to look for to identify if your Toyota tires need rotation:

  • Uneven wearing on each tire: Check if there is uneven wear on one side of your tires which then would need to be rotated.
  • Wear variation from front to back: If the wearing at the front axle is different from the wearing at the back axle, you need to have tire rotation done.
  • Noticeable vibrations: If you notice your Toyota experiencing vibrations or shimmying while driving, it is mostly likely due to uneven wear on the tires, that can only be fixed by rotating them. 
  • Tire losing air: If one of your tires loses air faster than the rest, there is a possibility it needs rotation. 

Can You Rotate Tires on Your Own?

Yes, you can rotate your tires on your own with the help of just a few simple tools. If you are confident in handling these tools, this could be the best option for you. This will save the hassle of finding a service center as well as the service fees. 

You need 20-30 minutes to rotate your tires at home, whereas, with additional services and waiting time, this takes an hour at a shop. Why not do it at home then instead of spending extra time and money?
What Are The Different Types Of Tire Rotation Patterns?

Before you start rotating your tires yourself, it is important to know the different types of rotation patterns. 

  • Rearward cross – 4WD or RWD cars 

Source: Bridgestone Tires

  • X-pattern – RWD, FWD, 4WD cars

Source: Bridgestone Tires

  • Forward cross – FWD

Source: Bridgestone Tires

  • Front-to-rear – Cars with directional tires of the same size

Source: Bridgestone Tires

  • Side-to-side – Cars with non-directional tires of different sizes

Source: Bridgestone Tires

How To Rotate Tires?

For rotating your tires you will need:

  1. Lug wrench
  2. Four jack stands( or atleast two)
  3. One car jack

To rotate your tires on your own, follow these simple steps one by one:

1. Identify the rotation pattern of your tires. Your tires can be directional or non-directional, or front or rear wheel drive.
2. Make the lug nuts come loose using the lug wrench.
3. Follow instructions from your owner’s manual to properly place the jack stands and jack up your car.
4. Remove the tires and rotate them, as per their rotation pattern.
5. Use your hand to screw in the lug nuts.
6. Use your jack to raise up the car, and lower your car carefully after taking away the jack stands.
7. Diagonally tighten the lug nuts with proper torque using the lug wrench. 

If you need additional assistance on rotating the tires, the following video might come handy:


Is rotating tires worth the cost?

Rotating tires is worth the cost in the long term, considering the extended tread life of your tire. This saves both the time and money needed for replacements. Additionally, having your tires rotated improves fuel efficiency as well as the overall performance of the vehicle. Thus, you pay less at the gas station too.

How long does a tire rotation take?

Tire rotation takes from 20 minutes to 30 minutes on an average. If you take this service from a shop, waiting time may add and extend this time to an hour. 

How often do Toyota tires last?

Toyota tires last roughly six years. It is recommended by Toyota to get replacements by then, whether or not your car has surpassed the mileage. This is to ensure safe and smooth driving. 


Hopefully, this resolves all your questions about the Toyota tire rotation cost.

If you are interested to know more, we suggest calling one of the shops recommended previously in this article using the contact enlisted.

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