How To Disconnect A Car Alarm Fuse: Step By Step Process

To disconnect the car alarm fuse, you have to disconnect the car battery first. locate the fuse box, identify the alarm use, and then use a fuse puller to pull out the fuse. The process for removing the aftermarket alarm system fuse is slightly different. 

Keep reading this article to know the whole process of how to disconnect a car alarm fuse in detail. You can also find out about the fuse location and identification process. 

Should You Disconnect The Alarm Fuse?

Yes, you should disconnect the alarm fuse when you can’t stop the alarm from blaring without any reason. Disconnecting the fuse will cut power to the alarm and the alarm will stop blaring. 

However, there are other ways to stop the alarm. So, Before disconnecting the fuse to stop the alarm, consider the following things first. 

  1. Insert the key into the Ignition and turn it to start the engine. If the alarm is connected to the engine immobilizer, this should reset the system and turn off the alarm.
  2. If the ignition process doesn’t work, try opening the trunk manually by inserting the key into the trunk lock. The alarm system in some cars deactivates when the trunk is open. If your car is wired in this way, this should turn off the alarm beeping.
  3. If your car has an aftermarket alarm system, there should be a switch. Find it and put it in the “on” position. Then, press the gas pedal while keeping the key in the ignition position. If you hear fast beeps, this means the signaling device has been reset.

If none of these works, you should disconnect the fuse to get rid of this situation.

However, as it’s a small device, it can easily be lost or damaged. As a result, your alarm will be deactivated unless you attach another fuse. So, if you disconnect the alarm fuse, you better be careful not to lose or damage it. 

How To Disconnect A Stock Car Alarm Fuse?

Here is the step-by-step process to remove the car alarm fuse

Tools required

  1. Adjustable wrench
  2. Rubber hand gloves
  3. Fuse puller or long-nose pliers


Step 1: Disconnecting The Battery

It is recommended to disconnect the battery before removing the fuse. It will keep you safe from unwanted accidents. While disconnecting the battery, disconnect the negative cable first with an adjustable wrench. 

Car Battery

Step 2: Locate And Identify The Fuse Box

Locate the fuse box in your car that contains the alarm fuse. The location can vary according to the car brand and model. You can find the fuse location for your car model in the later segment below. 

Identify The Fuse Box

Step 3: Access The Fuse Box

Depending on the fuse box location, you may have to remove some components to access it. For example, if the fuse box is behind the dashboard, you have to open it up by removing the screws or clips securing the dashboard in place. 

Fuse Box

Step 4: Identify The Alarm Fuse

The fuse should be labeled as “ Alarm” so that you can find it easily. Also, the fuse can contain a number. Check your owner’s manual to find out which number is assigned for the alarm fuse. 

In some car models, the fuse names or numbers can be written on the lid of the fuse box.

Alarm Fuse

Step 5: Remove The Fuse

It’s better to use a fuse puller instead of removing the fuse by hand. Carefully hold the alarm fuse with the puller and pull it out. 

That’s how you remove the car alarm fuse. If you are removing the fuse to check if it’s blown, read this article on how to test a blown fuse

And if you are disconnecting the fuse to stop the alarm, you should achieve the result.

Reinstall the fuse again and the alarm should be reset and the blaring should not return now. However, if the alarm starts blaring again, you have to take the car to a nearby automotive repair shop. 

Remove The Fuse

Where Is The Alarm Fuse Located?

The alarm fuse will be in one of the fuse boxes in your car. Depending on the model of your car, the fuse box can be located under the bonnet near the engine compartment or it can be under the dashboard on the driver’s side. 

Here are some of the car models’ fuse locations.

Car ModelFuse Location
Ford Focus MK3 (2012-2018)Under the driver’s side dashboard
Grand Jeep Cherokee (2000)Under the driver’s side dashboard 
Dodge Stratus (2001)Under the hood, near the battery
Mercedes-Benz 560SL (19989)Under the hood

You should consult the owner’s manual of your car to know the exact position of the alarm fuse.

How To Disconnect An Aftermarket Car Alarm Fuse?

Your car may not initially have an alarm system. You or the previous owner might have gotten an after-market one if you have a second-hand car. In this case, the fuse-changing process is the same. 

However, you won’t find the location or sign of the alarm fuse in the user manual. The automotive shop that installed the system in your car might have an idea about the location. 

So, you need to check all the fuse boxes in your car and if you are lucky, the alarm fuse might have an “Alarm” labeled on it. 

What If You Can’t Identify The Fuse?

If you have an aftermarket alarm system or for some reason, the fuse isn’t labeled, you might get confused. There is a way by which you can disconnect the car alarm fuse without identifying it first. 

Keep pulling all the fuses one by one with the fuse puller carefully. Remember to start with the lower amp-rated fuse. If the alarm doesn’t stop, that means it’s not the alarm fuse. Reinstall the fuse by gently pushing it onto the slot. Removing the fuse doesn’t damage it if you are careful enough. 

Keep trying all the fuses. When the alarm stops, that’s the fuse you were looking for. 


How Long Does It Take To Disable A Car Alarm?

In modern cars, it takes about 20 minutes to disable the car alarm. Older cars don’t have this feature. So you have to manually turn the alarm off or it will keep blaring. If your car’s alarm doesn’t go off in a normal way, there might be some problem with the system that needs a fix. 

How Do You Stop Someone Else’s Car Alarm?

You can’t stop someone else’s car alarm if you don’t have the key. If you know the car owner, notify them. The most recommended thing when a car alarm keeps blaring for a long time is to call 911 and notify the police. 

Will Disconnecting The Car Battery Stop The Alarm?

Yes, disconnecting the battery can stop the car alarm. To achieve the result, you have to keep the battery disconnected for an hour. By this time, the ECM along with the alarm system will be reset. When you reconnect the battery, the alarm shouldn’t blare. If the porches don’t work, consult a mechanic. 


Now you know how to disconnect a car alarm fuse. Never forget to take safety measures like wearing rubber gloves and rubber-soled shoes while removing the fuse. 

Don’t attempt this task if you don’t have prior experience with automotive repair as the fuses are sensitive.  

I am ending this article here. Best of luck and have a happy day.

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