How To Permanently Disable GM Passlock System?

To permanently disable the GM passlock system find the passlock wires in yellow and black. Remove the insulation from the black wire but cut the yellow wire. Then read the resistance. Based on the reading, grab a resistor and connect it to the two wires. Electrically tape the wires and start the car. 

So you are trying to start your car and despite using the right key, it is not starting because of your car’s Passlock system. 

So, you want to know how to permanently disable the GM Passlock system.

But that’s not the only way you can start your car. There is also a bypass and you can even reset your passlock system. Want to know more about this? Let’s get started then. 

Steps To Permanently Disable GM Passlock System?

Before getting into how to permanently disable anti theft system, you should try the following first

  1. If the THEFT SYSTEM light turns on then wait for ten minutes by putting your key in the ON position. 
  2. Wait until the light goes off. Once it does, turn the ignition OFF. 
  3. Start the engine again and check if it works.

If it doesn’t work, then you should try inspecting the key fob battery first. Sometimes a dead key fob battery triggers the anti-theft alarm and prevents your GM from starting. 

You know it is time for a battery replacement if you face inconsistency from the key or if the key is not giving out any signal. The solution is to replace the key fob battery. This is how you do it.

  1. Split the key fob by pushing the release button and pulling the mechanical key ring out.
  2. Insert the tip of your key gently towards the small slot at the center of the fob and twist it. This will open your fob
  3. Now, you will find the battery on one half of the fob. Grab a screwdriver and use its tip to bring out the battery. 
  4. Grab the new battery and install it.
  5. Connect back the fob and put the key back in.
  6. Check your key again.

Disabling Passlock 

Before you try to disable the passlock system, you have to know about the ignition system of your car. This is because depending on the location of the ignition system, you have to remove the dash panels. 

For Example

  • If the ignition is located in the steering column, remove the driver side kick dash panels and then the clam shell around the ignition.
  • If the ignition is located around the dash, remove the panel beneath the passenger’s side.

Following are the steps for disabling Passlock 


  • Ohm Meter
  • Electrical tape
  • Key of your car

Step 01: Open the dash panel based on your ignition system’s location and find the wire harness.

Step 02: You will find pass lock 02 wires. One of which is colored in Black and the other in Yellow. 

Step 03: Remove some of the wire insulation from this black wire. Don’t cut it though.

Step 04: Grab the yellow wire and cut it. Strip both the cut ends.

Step 05: Find a digital ohm meter and put the negative probe on the black wire and the positive on the yellow end of the wire.

Step 06: After connecting the probes, turn the ignition to the run position. Get the ohm meter reading from it.

Step 07: This reading you get is the resistance needed to disable the passlock security

Step 08: Select the resistor that is similar to this resistance value on the ohm meter. It doesn’t have to be exactly accurate. Anything close will also do.

Step 09: Disconnect the probes and connect the selected resistor. One to the black wire and the other to the yellow wire. 

Step 10: Start your car now. If it starts without any problem that means the process has been done successfully. 

If it doesn’t work then just relearn the system. However, you can also disable the Passlock system using hp tuners. 

Is It Safe to Permanently Disable GM Passlock System?

Yes, permanently disabling the GM Passlock system will not cause any problems to your system. However, you must be careful during the process. As the system involves working through wiring, you have to make sure that you are cutting the right wire. 

Also, make sure to check your starting system properly before going to permanently disabling your passlock system.

Everything About  Passlock Bypass

No matter whether it’s about the 1998 chevy silverado security bypass, the 1999 chevy silverado security bypass, or the 2000 chevy silverado security bypass, knowing the basics of bypassing PassLock will help you to get things more straightforward.

Bypassing the PassLock system simply means that you’re taking the lock cylinder case sensor out of the picture.

To do so, you need to insert a resistor into the circuit. And, the voltage drop by the circuit should be the same as it would normally be caused by the lock cylinder case sensor.

If you prefer replacing the lock cylinder case instead of repairing the PassLock, it will cost around $80 and the process will be a bit more complicated.

Next, we’ll be sharing the PassLock bypass diagram and all the steps you need to know regarding the GM PassLock bypass.

How To Bypass GM Passlock System?

You can also start your engine by just bypassing it. It is less risky since by bypassing, you will still have the anti-theft protection in your car. Basically, your engine starts without using the ignition key.

However, bypassing the sensor will void any warranty. And, at this point, most of these vehicles are out-of-warranty, so, that’s not going to be of any concern.

Just like permanently disabling your system, you can bypass all the different Passlock systems. 

Bypassing Passlock I 


Here is how you bypass the GM Passlock I System

Step 01: Find the top and bottom shrouds in the steering column and remove them

Step 02: Now near to the steering column you will find a ribbon cable with three thin wires in White, Black and Yellow color

Step 03: On the left side of this steering column right above the ignition switch, you will find Black 6 position connector

Step 04: In this connector, there is a thin Black wire mentioned in Step 02. This thin wire is called Bulb Test and it has Ground with ignition in the Off position. You have Open in the Run position and Ground in the crank position

Step 05: Next, you have to turn the ignition switch to the run position. You should not crank the car at this time

Step 06: Now cut the thin yellow wire and strip both of its ends

Step 07: Expose a few of the copper inside the thin black wire without cutting it

Step 08: Measure from the yellow wire to this exposed black wire using an ohmmeter and record its value.

Step 09: Now grab 03 relays and the same size resistor. You have to connect according to the diagram shown above

Bypassing Passlock II 


Following are the steps for bypassing the GM Passlock II system

Before we get into the details of the step, you should know that there are two types of Passlock II system. The bypass diagram connection for you depends on the type of system you have

Step 01: Go to the main ignition harness and find the two thin wires. One is either Orange or Black. The other is Yellow.

Step 02: Grab a scissor and cut that yellow wire. Next, you connect back some of the insulation from the Black or Orange wire.

Step 03: Now turn on the ignition to the RUN position but make sure not to crank the starter. 

Step 04: Grab an ohmmeter and measure from the Key side of the Yellow wire to the Black or Orange wire and record this value.

Step 05: Finally, turn the key to crank and release it. Now read your value again.

Step 06: If this value reading is different, follow the bypass diagram here. But if it doesn’t then follow this bypass diagram. 

Bypassing Passkey 3

Following are the steps to permanently disable passkey 3. 

Step 01: Grab Passkey 03 and take it apart. You should separate out the metal portion of this key.

Step 02: Find the small plastic clip embedded in the middle of the metal part. You will find a transponder chip in this clip. 

Step 03: Grab a universal transponder key bypass and open it. You will find a coil.

Step 04: Insert the plastic clip in the coil and put it in the middle. Close the transponder key bypass.

Step 05: Remove the black wire attached to this universal bypass and extend it properly. 

Step 06: Now wrap this wire around the ignition key tumble and connect it to the universal bypass. 

Step 07: Get the power plug. Connect the ground to the chassis ground and the power wire to the crank and ignition.

Step 08: Then turn on the power.

That’s all. Now you know how to permanently disable gm passlock 3 system.

How To Relearn GM Passlock System?

Following are the steps for relearning the GM Passlock system

Step 01: Insert your key into the ignition switch and then turn your key to the ON position.Try to start your engine.

Step 02: Check if the Security Indicator light turns or not. After it does, wait for around 10 minutes until this light turns off.

Step 03: Turn the key to the OFF position for a few seconds and then turn it back to the ON position without starting the engine.

Step 04: Check the Security Indicator light again and after it turns on again, wait until it turns back off and then turn the key to the OFF position.

Step 05: Now repeat the process again. 

Step 06: Finally, start the vehicle and if it turns on without any problem then the reset has been done. 

For models after 2007, make sure to record the Oil Life Index and scan it back to the vehicle using a scanner. 

How To Avoid GM Passlock System from Malfunctioning?

Unfortunately there is not any diagnostic code like P0315 or P1514 to troubleshoot it beforehand. You have to make sure that the ignition switch and the starting system are working properly. The wiring surrounding the switch and the steering system should be properly connected. 

But more importantly, the lock cylinder along with the body control module must be in good condition to avoid the GM Passlock system malfunctioning. 

Finally, make sure that the sensor in your key is functioning properly and that the battery of your starting system is fully charged. More often it is your defective battery that causes starting issues.  

GM Ignition Switch Recall

In 2014, there was a recall from GM for more than a million vehicles. The problem was with its ignition switch. This event affected many of the renowned manufacturers under GM. Notably, it was one of the most expensive recalls for GM.  

So what happened is that the switches were faulty and would get displaced from RUN to ACCESSORY. It stalled the engine, shut off the power steering, and caused the cars to stop abruptly. 

In most cases, it failed to enable the airbag system and caused difficulty in control resulting in almost 100 deaths. 

Now, ignition switches are a common part of the passlock system. In fact, faulty ignition switches will cause problems related to your passlock system. Following are some of the models that were part of the 2014 recall

  1. Chevrolet Cobalt
  2. Saturn Ion
  3. Chevrolet HHR
  4. Pontiac G5
  5. Pontiac Solstice

To check if your model was affected or not go to the NHTSA website


What is the Difference Between Passlock and Passkey Bypass Process?

The Passkey system is older. Both are anti-theft systems but the passkey has a resistor pellet and TDM to send the signal. But Passlock has a sensor in the keys to send the signal. Typically, Passlock has been continuously used for all GM vehicles after its introduction in 1996. 

Will Permanently Disabling the GM Passlock System Make My Car Vulnerable to Theft?

No, permanently disabling the passlock system does not make the car vulnerable to theft. This is because you don’t make the security system obsolete. Through using your key again, it recognises which sensor data to allow into the system. 

How Much Will It Cost To Fix the GM Passlock System?

Normally, it will cost you around $1000 to replace the GM passlock system if you go to any dealership. This is mainly due to the cost associated with Theft Deterrents or Body Control Module. 

So this is how you can permanently disable the GM passlock system. As you can see the process is very simple and easy to follow. All you need is to follow the steps carefully and know when to disable or bypass them. Hopefully, this article helped to clear out all your doubts.

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