How To Prove Someone Slashed Your Tires-[Explained!!]

To prove someone slashed your tires, first, take pictures of your slashed tire as documentation of the crime. Then, look around for any sharp objects you think might be used to slash your tires. Check the CCTV footage of nearby stores and properties and try to get an eyewitness. Interrogate your suspects smartly and file a police report.

But, that’s not all. So, we’ve explained the whole process in detail. Be sure to read it all.  

Identifying Slashed Tires

First, you’ll need to know if your tires were actually slashed and its not a tire wear or tread crack. Sometimes, people confuse it with blown tires. So, how to know if tire was slashed?  

If the tire was slashed with a knife, the cut mark will look smooth, clean, and straight. Being slashed, it’ll lose air really fast. It might be completely deflated.

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 On the other hand, a flat tire with a large bulge means it was blown out. It’ll have uneven marks.  

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One of the most common areas for slashing tires is the tire wall. While doing it, there’s a chance that the rim near the slash mark will be damaged. But, if the tire was blown, the rim will be severely damaged. Also, the entire rim might even get bent. 

Proving Your Tire was Slashed- 6 Steps

Now that you certainly know your tire was slashed, let’s prove it. Follow the steps below to do that.

Document Tire Damage

Firstly, document the damage to your tires. For that, 

  • Take multiple pictures from different angles of your slashed tire focusing on the slashed mark. 
  • Also, if there’re any markings or writings, focus on them. 

These photos can be shown in appropriate cases to prove your problem.

Gather CCTV Footage

Now, let’s start with gathering as much evidence as you can. One of the best pieces of evidence you can get is CCTV footage. Look around your parking location for CCTV cameras. 

Most stores and even personal properties have CCTV now, especially convenience stores and gas stations. As people try to steal from there the most, they keep CCTV the most.

Ask the CCTV owners to see the recordings. But, for privacy concerns and store policies, they might be reluctant to show the recording. Here, it’s the approach that matters. 

Try your best to be humble to the owner. Describe your problem politely and ask for help. Show the owner your slashed tire to gain his/her trust further.

Locate Tire Slashing Tool 

Search around your parking area for sharp objects that might be used to slash your tires. Chances are that the criminal might make a mistake in a hurry and leave it behind. Take it and check if it corresponds with the mark on your tire. 

Pro tip: Be sure not to hold the objects directly. Use a glove or a piece of cloth to pick it up. It might have fingerprints that can later be used to identify the criminal. Remember it’s not only a knife you’re looking for. It might be anything sharp including long nails.

Find Eyewitness

Next, try to find an eyewitness. Walk around the neighborhood and talk with people about what happened to you. Ask if similar incidents happen in this area and if there’s someone they suspect. It’ll narrow down your search area. 

It might also be that someone actually saw the criminal slashing your tires. In that case, you can use him/her as an eyewitness to prove your point. Try to convince them as gently as possible. You can also throw in some prices. Mutual interest works the best.

Interrogate Suspect

It’s quite possible that you have potential suspects in this crime. Usually, someone who did this has some personal problem with you. Try to recall any arguments or fights you had with someone. For example, they can be former friends or past lovers. 

Now, you can interrogate this person. Be sure to do it in a public place where you’ll be relatively safer. Secretly record the whole conversation. If any threats are made to you during the conversation, you can use them later. You might even get a confession.

File Police Report

Finally, file a police report. By contacting the police you can ensure an official investigation. Here are the steps you’ll have to follow: 

Step 1: First, call your local police department. If they’re not responsible for your area, they’ll let you know where to go. And, if they’re, you’ll receive official help. 

Step 2: When the police arrive, they’ll ask some questions. For example, the time of the crime, potential suspects, and the number of tires slashed. Prepare for these questions. They might also ask you to go to the police station to file a report.

Step 3: Be sure that you have photos of your slashed tires and your car’s registration number. Also, if you have an eyewitness, his/her written statement will be needed. 

Now, all you have to do is wait for the results of the investigation. It may take a bit of time but don’t lose hope. Help the police with any type of information available to you. Hopefully, they’ll find the perpetrator. 

What to Do If You See Someone Slashing Your Tire?

If you catch someone slashing your tires, don’t go ahead and approach recklessly. The perpetrator might injure you with a weapon. Stay calm and try to videotape the situation. 

Then call the police immediately and call others around you for help. Seeing more people, the perpetrator won’t likely try to cause a scene. You may even be able to catch the criminal and turn him in. 

What to Do With Slashed Tire?

Since your tires have been slashed, they have to be repaired or replaced. Also, you have your own safety issues to consider. So, follow these steps below: 

Claim Insurance

If you’re a victim of these sorts of crimes, you can claim insurance. Most insurance providers have policies to cover these types of vandalism. Although, the process to follow for different companies is not the same. So, be sure to check your policy. 

Remember, the more solid your proof is, the better your chances are of getting coverage. Thus, after collecting evidence, call your insurance provider quickly.

Prevent Future Casualties

To prevent similar situations in the future, you can install a security camera in your car. This way you’ll be able to keep track of what’s happening in the future. It’ll be easier to catch and stop the suspect. Also, park your car in a well-lit and safe spot.

While on your premise, you can get a pet dog. It’ll guard your vehicle and property. This way your car will at least be safe when you’re not around.  


Can I Drive With A Slashed Tire?

No, you can’t drive with a slashed tire. A slashed tire will be flat immediately. Driving with it puts you and other cars on the road in danger. Also, your wheels will also get damaged. If the tire is still on the rim, it might provide some cushioning for a short distance but not for long. 

Can A Slashed Tire Be Fixed? 

A slashed tire can be fixed if it has no more than two punctures. Also, the punctures have to be 16 inches apart. If the punctures are closer than that, you should get the tire replaced. The same goes if the tire has more than two punctures. A new tire should cost you about $140-500. 

How Long Does It Take to Fix Slashed Tires? 

It’ll take about 20-30 minutes to fix slashed tires with a radial patch. While patching, the tires are vulcanized. It reinforces the rubber in your tire by heat and curing. Although, if you use a plug, it’ll take only a couple of minutes. In this case, the tires also don’t need to be removed. 

Bottom Line!!

Hope you liked our article about how to prove someone slashed your tires. Still, there’s one last thing we want you to know. For the right evidence, you can get insurance for any number of slashed tires. Thanks for sticking with us till the end.

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