How to Reset the Parking Brake Light? (Solved)

Different colored lights are lit on the dashboard after turning on your car with the key. There is a light in it that lights up when you apply the parking brake. It is red when you apply the parking brake and green when you release the brake. 

So it is normal for these lights to be on when you apply the parking brake. However, this will become unusual only when the light is constantly on. If you see this, you will understand that there is a problem in the system. 

In this case, you need to reset the light. For your convenience, in this article, we will discuss how to reset the parking brake light in just a few simple steps. So stay with us. It is going to be profitable for you.

What Does an Illuminated Parking Brake Light Mean?

Normally, the warning light comes on automatically when you apply the parking brake. But the thing is unusual when the parking brake is not applied but the warning light is on. In this case, you can be sure that the parking brake warning light has errors such as hydraulic problems. 

Also, if the brake fluid drops below its specified pressure, parking brakes can be a problem and the warning lights can be constantly on. Because, whether the parking brake will work properly depends on the brake fluid.

How to Reset the Parking Brake Light
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Parking Brake Light Troubleshooting:

While parking brake lights are not a serious problem, they can be a nuisance at times. That’s why you need to solve this problem properly. Here are some simple steps you can take to reset your car’s parking brake lights.

Solution 1: Add Brake Fluid

As we mentioned earlier, parking brake lights can be lit unnecessarily if the level of brake fluid drops below the adequate line. The correct amount of brake fluid is essential for the parking brake light to work properly.

When the fluid in the brake master cylinder drops below the minimum level in the reservoir, the computer sensor detects it and illuminates the parking brake light. So check the brake fluid level, maybe the parking brake light problem can be solved.

Solution 2: Double-check the Handle

One of the few reasons maybe your handle. If you do not lower your handle properly, this could be a problem with the parking brake light. 

The parking brake will be completely detached when you lower the handle properly. You should double-check the handle of the car if you do not want to incur extra costs.

Solution 3: Fix the Parking Brake Switch

Which system is in your car – brake pedal or lever? This system is connected to a switch. When you apply the brakes, they attach to the lever or pedal and send signals to the vehicle system. 

If this switch is disconnected or the switch is broken or the line of the switch is blocked then the parking brake light may be on. So make sure the parking brake switch is OK. Replace it if necessary. The center console and footrest may also need to be removed.

Solution 4: Fix the Brake Fluid Leak

If your car’s brake fluid leaks, the parking brake light may be constantly on. Brake fluid increases the ability to stop a car. If the brake fluid leaks, the car loses its braking power and causes problems. 

Symptoms of this problem are fluid under the car. Check your car’s fluid reservoir to see if it’s almost empty. If yes, then fluid has leaked. Further, the brake fluid leak is noticed by pushing the brake pedal down. Identify and fix brake fluid leaks to reset parking brake lights.

Solution 5: Repair the Anti-lock Brake System (ABS)

Another cause of unwanted parking brake lights flashing is faulty ABS. This mechanism is a very complex structure and includes sensors and processors. 

If your car’s ABS fails, the parking brake light may be constantly on. In this case, notice if the car’s computer system is showing an error code. Since this is a complex process, seek the advice of a professional if possible.

Solution 6: Defective Brake Sensor Correction

If your car’s brake sensor is defective, it is normal that any brake system will not work properly. Occasionally there is a problem with the brake sensor which causes it to send incorrect information to the system. 

If the car’s entire brake system is OK, the parking brake light may ignite unnecessarily if the brake sensor is faulty. All you have to do is fix the brake sensor. Make sure they are working properly and replace them if necessary.

What to Do if the Parking Brake Light Stays Still On?

If parking brakes are turned on unintentionally, the first solution would be to add brake fluid. Now if you add enough brake fluid but the red parking brake light of your car is not extinguished, then all you have to do is check the whole brake system. 

If your car’s brakes do not leak and the warning light is on, your car’s brakes should be checked. Every car’s brake pads and shoes wear out over time. That is why you should pay attention to these issues. 

Remember that parking brake lights are not always on unnecessarily. In some cases, parking brake warning lights come on for important reasons. Then, you need to take immediate action to resolve the issue.

Parking brake common problem fixed


Parking brake lights are just as important as the other lights on your car’s dashboard. This warning light can be lit for various reasons. But whatever the reason, the problem should be fixed very quickly.

When you go to a mechanic to fix a parking brake light, you may have to spend money. Meanwhile, with the simple solution of our article, you can manually reset your car parking brake light.

But you don’t always have to think about spending money. If the problem is serious, we advise you to go to a skilled mechanic. There, your car’s parking brake lights will be carefully reset.

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