How to Reset Parking Brake Light? Easy 6 Steps Guide

Parking brake light is connected with your vehicle parking brake mechanism. It work with multiple sensors to measure several thing like brake fluid pressures, brake fluid quantity, and whether the parking brake is applied or not. Any problem with braking fluid like leakage or low pressure will switch on this light but some time it remain on for now obvious reason. So you should know how to reset parking brake light.

Introduction to Car Parking Brake Light

Different lights lit on the dashboard when you turn on your car. There is a light that lit when you apply the parking brake. It is red when you apply the parking brake and green when you release the brake. 

So it is normal for this lights to be on when you apply the parking brake. However, this will become unusual when the light is constantly on. If you see this, then there is a problem in the car electrical or mechanical system. 

You might need to reset the light or go for a proper car maintenance. For your convenience we will discuss how to reset parking brake light in just a few simple steps.

What Does an Illuminated Parking Brake Light Mean?

Normally, the warning light comes on automatically when you apply the parking brake But if its is own when the parking brake is not applied then that is a warning light not parking light.

In this case, you can not be sure about the reason behind the parking brake warning light. it can be any errors such as hydraulic problems. 

It cab be due to the reason that brake fluid has dropped below its specified pressure and parking brakes will not work properly as the parking brake working depends on the brake fluid.

How to Reset the Parking Brake Light
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Why is You Parking Brake Light On?

The parking brake light is not much of a problem when you park on a plan surface but if you have an inclined parking then you must observe and seriously consider the parking brake light warning if there is any.

You can work on how to reset parking brake light after you have checked and worked on following.

The Parking Brake Fluid

As mentioned earlier, parking brake light can be lit if the level of brake fluid drops below the adequate line. The correct amount of brake fluid is essential for the parking brake light to work properly.

When the fluid in the brake master cylinder drops below the minimum level in the reservoir, the computer sensor detects it and illuminates the parking brake light. So check the brake fluid level and ensure that it is up to the standard mark.

The Parking Brake Handle

One of the few reasons why your car parking brake is on that your handle is not properly lowered and your brake is still on.

The parking brake light will be off once you lower the handle properly. So you should always double check the handle of the car if your car parking brake light is on.

The Parking Brake Switch

Depending on your car brand and model, there can be switch and an electronic setup that connects you parking brake light, parking brake itself and the sensors that check the fluid level in the parking brake mechanism.

If this switch is disconnected or the switch is broken or the wiring of the switch is blocked then the parking brake light may remain on for no obevious reason. So make sure the parking brake switch is OK. Replace it if necessary before going on forward with how to reset parking brake light.

Leaking Parking Brake Fluid

If your car’s brake fluid leaking then your car parking brake light will remain on constantly. Brake fluid ensures the car ability to stop when and as required. If the brake fluid is leaking, then the car loses its braking power and it will causes problems. 

You can easily identify the leak as there will be fluid under your vehicle. Check your car’s fluid reservoir to see if it’s empty or has low level of braking fluid. Identify and fix brake fluid leaks to reset parking brake lights.

Anti-lock Brake System (ABS)

Another cause of unwanted parking brake lights flashing is faulty ABS. This mechanism is a bit complex and includes sensors, electronics, and several processors. 

If your car’s ABS fails, the parking brake light may remain constantly on. In this case, notice if the car’s computer system is showing any error code. Since this is a complex process, seek the advice of a professional if possible.

Defective Brake Sensor

If your car’s brake sensor is defective then it is normal that brake system will not work properly and show an on parking brake light. Occasionally there is a problem with the brake sensor which causes it to send incorrect information to the system. 

If the car’s entire brake system is OK, the parking brake light may still lit unnecessarily if the brake sensor is faulty. All you have to do is fix the brake sensor. Make sure they are working properly and replace them if necessary.

How To Reset Parking Brake Light?

If parking brake light is turned on, the first solution would be to add brake fluid. Now if you add enough brake fluid but the red parking brake light of your car is not going off, then all you have to do is check the whole brake system. 

If your car’s brake fluid do not leak and the warning light is on, your car’s brakes should be checked. Every car’s brake pads and shoes wear out over time. That is why you should pay attention to these issues. 

Remember that parking brake lights are not always on unnecessarily. In some cases, parking brake warning lights come on for no important reasons and then you have reset the system. So following steps are on how to reset parking brake light.

Conclusion on how to reset parking brake light

Parking brake lights are just as important as the other lights on your car’s dashboard. This warning light can be lit for various reasons. But whatever the reason, the problem should be fixed very quickly.

When you go to a mechanic to fix a parking brake light, you may have to spend money. Meanwhile, there are some simple solution and checkup that you can work on your car when there is a parking brake light problem.

Some time the parking brake light remain on for now big reason and you should know how to reset parking brake light.

You don’t always have to think about spending money. If the problem is serious, we advise you to go to a skilled mechanic. There, your car’s parking brake lights will be carefully reset.

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