Hyper Dip VS Plasti Dip

Plasti dip is a better choice for beginners since it is more viscous, has a thicker consistency, easy to apply and peel off. However, go for hyper dip if you want the ease of cleaning and more durability with your rubber coating spray. Furthermore, hyper dip offers more color options, but plasti dip offers more product options.

Based on this information, you will need a detailed insight into both hyper dip and plasti dip. Now, to get an idea about this, let’s get started. 

Hyper Dip VS Plasti Dip: Quick Overview

Plasti Dip is one of the most advanced synthetic rubber coatings that can be used for multiple products. On the other hand, Hyper Dip is one of the latest developments in the field of peelable aerosol paints.

To choose if you want Hyper Dip over Plasti Dip, it is important to go over the different factors that are related to the process. Following is the table that shows some of the key differences between Hyper Dip and Plasti Dip. 

FactorsHyper DipPlasti Dip
MaterialRubber coating with aromatic compoundsRubber coating with aromatic compounds, resins, and hexane
Method of ApplyRequires more light coating and less heavy coatingRequires more heavy coating and less light coating
Drying Time02 – 04 hours06 to 24 hours
AestheticSatin FinishMatte Finish
Cleaning and MaintenanceEasier to clean and maintainHarder to clean and maintain
DurabilityMore durableLess Durable
RemovabilityHarder to RemoveEasier to Remove
Color OptionsBlack, Brown, Gray, Red, WhiteBlack, Brown, Red, Yellow, Blue Purple
Wheel Kit Available?Yes (One kit covers 4 wheels)No
Cost$17.63 – $20.00$8.00 – $22.00

Hyper Dip VS Plasti Dip: Detailed Overview

Now let’s get into the detailed comparison to answer if hyper dip plasti dip is worth it. Following are the descriptions of the factors that bring the distinction between hyper dip and plasti dip. 


Plasti dip is an air-dry rubber coating which is made with resins, hexane, toluene and methyl ethyl ketone, etc 

Hyper dip is a peelable aerosol paint which is also made with rubber and aromatic compounds but it is much thinner and less viscous. 

Method of Apply

Since both are spray paints the method of applying these on your rim or anywhere else in the car won’t vary that much. 

In fact, the key difference between the two will be in the coating layer since Hyper Dip is thinner, more coating layer will be needed. 

Let’s go through the method of spraying both plasti dip and hyper dip on wheel rims to give you a glimpse of the difference.

So, the main difference between hyper dip and plasti dip is: 

  • Hyper dip needs two times light coating compared to only one of plasti dip.
  • After light coating, plasti dip needs heavy overlapping coats but hyper dip does not need thick overlapping coats. 

Finally, since hyper dip is thinner and less viscous it will be harder to spray if you are a newbie and in that case, plasti dip is the better choice. However, if you are experienced then you can easily use both hyper dip and plasti dip. 


Plasti dip requires less light coating and more heavy overlapping compared to hyper dip. Besides that, the overall process is the same. 

Drying Time

Drying time will vary a lot between plasti dip and hyper dip. Normally, lower viscous fluid tends to dry out faster than highly viscous fluid. 

Since Hyper dip has lower viscosity it will dry out faster. In fact, at max, it will take around 02 to 04 hours. Usually, the maximum is when it is cold outside. For temperatures lower than 65 F you may want to heat the dip and increase the drying time to 35 to 45 minutes.

Whereas, plasti dip will take longer to dry up. In fact, according to the manufacturers, it will take you somewhere between 06 to 24 hours to dry up the entire wheels if you plasti dip. The main reason for this comparative delay is because of the higher viscosity of plasti dip.

Go through the 18×8.5 tire size list to pick the perfect rim for you.


In terms of viscosity, plasti dip is made with PVC rubber compound which makes it thicker and after spraying you can expect it to be viscous. Whereas, hyper dip is thinner and has less viscosity. 

Viscosity means the resistance of the fluid to flow. The greater the viscosity, the slower will be its movement. 

This is why hyper dip is the better option if you want to spray over tiny gap surfaces. This is because a thicker or viscous surface will not be able to permeate the gap properly and the finishing will be not good. 


If you want to have a thicker finish or want to spray over a large surface then go for plasti dip but if you want to spray over a tiny gap or emblem or want to have a thinner finish then go for hyper dip. 


Apart from consistency, the aesthetics of these paints is where the major difference will be. Plasti Dip due to its PVC rubber-like compound tends to have a matte finish whereas the Hyper dip has a satin finish. 


If you are looking for an option that will give you a matte type finish then go for Plasti Dip. 

Cleaning and Maintenance

Hyper Dip is much easier to clean and maintain. This has to do with its thinner surface. There are two advantages of a thin coating.

  1. Less chance of dust accumulating over its surface.
  2. Less effort is required to clean when over-spraying the surface.

Since, hyper dip is thinner and has a lower viscosity, it will get a lower accumulation of dust and will be easier to clean. Although, if you are wondering whether they can survive a car wash, then don’t worry because plasti dip and hyper dip are well capable of going through a car wash. 


Go for Hyper dip if you want the rim or the colored part to stay clean for a long time and don’t worry about car wash, both Hyper Dip and Plasti dip will remain unharmed  from the car wash. 


In terms of durability, Plasti dip due to its insoluble nature and volatility tends to have a longevity of around 03 years. Of course that is affected by factors like rough driving, and winter conditions. 

However, hyper dip due to its thinner coating and less viscosity means it is more durable and will last for a longer time. 


If you are looking for a more durable option then go for hyper dip but with plasti dip you can still get around 03 years of service. 


Plasti dip is thicker in viscosity and normally thicker rubber coatings are easier to remove. So, plasti dip is easier to peel off compared to hyper dip.

Now, if you want to peel off hyper dip and plasti dip then there are a few methods you need to look for. 


Plasti Dip is easier to peel off compared to hyper dip and you can remove it using different products like WD-40, Dip dissolver and isopropyl alcohol. 

Color Options

In terms of color options, Plasti Dip has more color of products for you but hyper dip has more products overall. 

Following are the color options you get from both Plasti Dip and Hyper Dip. 

Color Plasti DipHyper Dip
BlackPlasti Dip GlossyPlasti Dip Luxury MetalPlasti Dip Dip CanPlasti Dip CamoShadow Black Hyper Dip AerosolPiano Black Hyper Dip AerosolFrozen Black Hyper Dip AerosolBlack Emerald Metallic Hyper Dip Aerosol
BrownPlasti Dip CamoBrass Monkey Hyper Dip Aerosol
GreyNardo Grey Hyper Dip Aerosol
Red Plasti Dip Dip CanReaper Red Hyper Dip Aerosol
WhitePlasti Dip CamoPolar White Hyper Dip Aerosol
BluePlasti Dip BlazePlasti Dip Luxury MetalPlasti Dip Dip Can
PurplePlasti Dip Classic Muscle

As observed, the difference between the two can be observed and black is the most popular option.

A key difference between the product range of hyper dip and plasti dip is that hyper dip also comes with a wheel kit.

The wheel kit includes everything you will need to do coating over the wheel rims. Following are some of the products on the list

  1. Spray Can of Hyper Dip Aerosol
  2. PreDip Spray
  3. Microfiber Towel
  4. Dip Release
  5. Brake Masking Bags

Now, among the black rubber coating options in Hyper Dip, not all of them are the same. Piano Black and Black Emerald Metallic have higher glossy levels which makes them relatively hard to spray but if you are looking for an easier option to spray then go for shadow black and frozen black but the downside is the lower level of gloss.

Speaking of the colour options, have you thought about the sheen of your wheels? If not, read about Satin Black vs. Matte Black vs. Gloss Black Wheels.


If you are looking for a diversity of color options, Plasti Dip is the best choice for yo. But if you want the wheel kit, Hyper Dip is the answer. 


In terms of cost, you get a much wider option from plasti dip however for hyper dip, if you go for the wheel kit then the cost can range anywhere from $98 to $115. For plasti dip, this wheel kit can range from $50 to $80. 


Can I Add a Glossifier With Plasti Dip?

Yes, you can add a glossifier with plasti dip. Due to the thicker consistency of plasti dip, the finishing is relatively less glossy compared to hyper dip and that’s why you need to add glossifier for a brighter 

Can I Combine Hyper Dip and Plasti Dip?

No, you cannot combine hyper dip and plasti dip. This is because the material for the two products is not the same and mixing them will not show the best result either. Hence, even the manufacturers don’t recommend mixing them. 

Does Plasti Dip Need More Coating Layer than Hyper Dip? 

No, plasti dip does not need more coating than hyper dip. This is because plasti dip is made with air-dry rubber coating technology which makes it much more thick and more viscous than hyper dip. So, you will be needing more coating for hyper dip than plasti dip. 


With that you should be clear between Hyper Dip VS Plasti Dip, focus on your requirement and choose the exact product that you will be needing. Make sure not to mix between the two products and finally keep the budget of these products in mind.

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