How To Reset Ram 1500 Air Suspension? (Explained)

The Ram 1500 is an advanced suspension that you’ll find on many modern vehicles. Its main function is to make your experience less bumpy and more comfortable. However, users often find it malfunctioning.

If you’re using one of these, know that you can fix the malfunction with a simple reset.

So, how to reset Ram 1500 air suspension? You can do that easily by pressing the suspension button for 40 seconds. This button can be found on the console.

In our piece, we’ll take an in-depth look into it and also learn about the most commonly encountered Ram 1500 Air suspension problems.

How To Reset Ram 1500 Air Suspension

Four Ways You Can Perform Ram 1500 Air Suspension Reset

The suspension malfunction of your Ram 1500 can be triggered by many things. So, you may need to opt for different solutions based on the situation. Here, we’ll take a look at four different ways in which you can reset the Ram 1500 Air suspension.

Use the Reset Button

This is the simplest method of fixing the Ram 1500 Air suspension malfunction. All you need to do is locate the Air suspension buttons on the console of your vehicle.

Now, press the button on the upper and lower side and hold them for 30 seconds. This will reset the suspension system to normal riding mode.

Disconnect the Battery

In certain cases, you’ll find holding the reset button doesn’t change anything. This happens mostly from a software glitch. Don’t worry, as this too can be fixed easily.

If the buttons don’t work for some reason, you should try disconnecting the battery of the suspension. Connect it after an hour, and this will not only reset the suspension but may also fix a software glitch.

Check the Fuse of the Suspension

It’s found that a damaged fuse can lead to a malfunction in the Air 1500 suspension. No matter how you try to fix the suspension, you’ll fail if there’s a failing fuse.

Firstly, locate the Ram 1500 fuse box in the engine housing of your car. The fuse’s location may vary based on the vehicle. So, the Ram 1500 Air suspension fuse location can be tricky to find.

Don’t know what a fuse looks like? Look for an F50 fuse green in color on the right side of the box. The fuse should be 40 amps. This fuse can be removed easily with a plier.

Try installing a new fuse of the same specifications in its place. Turn the vehicle off, and the suspension should work just fine now.

Change the Settings of the Suspension from the Display Console

A lot of users found that leaving their suspension on default mode causes the issue. If such is the case, shifting to different modes manually through the console may help.

To do so, select the suspension option from your vehicle’s display console. Now, you can align the height of the vehicle manually. There are two ways of doing this. You can either choose one of the presets offered by default, or you can adjust the height manually.

As you want to reset the suspension, try manually adjusting the height to default.

What Causes the Ram 1500 Air Suspension Problems?

Multiple problems may force you to perform the Ram 1500 Air suspension reset. Now, we’ll go through some of the most common problems that lead to this issue, so you have a clearer idea.

Leakage in the Suspension

The Ram 1500 Air suspension fundamentally uses air springs. These springs are mostly made of rubber components that can corrode over time. If the corrosion leads to a leak, the springs will stop working properly, which in turn will lead to a malfunction.

However, this can be detected simply. To do so, simply spray some soapy water on the air springs. If there’s any leak in the spring system, you’ll find white formations on them after some time.

Cold Weather

Cold weather can really alter how the Ram 1500 suspension system works. The system relies heavily on air compression. So, as the temperature drops, so does the air pressure. This keeps the suspension from functioning properly. In drastic cases, this can lead to a compressor failure as well.

Adjustment Problems

One of the major issues that keep the Ram 1500 Air suspension system from resetting is improper adjustment. This is mainly caused by any of the airbags on the sides, as these tend to deteriorate fast.

So, if you’re facing issues with a Ram 1500 Air suspension, we recommend checking the airbags on the sides. If any of the bags aren’t working properly, a quick replacement will fix the issue for you.

Defected Air Compressor

The air compressor plays a crucial role in keeping the suspension functional. Excess moisture and load can reduce the effectiveness of the air compressor. Once the functionality reduces, the compressor fails to float the vehicle. You’ll also hear noises once the compressor gets too damaged.

You can check this in two ways. Firstly, look at the height of your vehicle and cross-check the actual height with what you set it up to. Secondly, check for alerts in the display console.

How to Find Ram 1500 Air Suspension Fuse Location?

You’ll find the air suspension fuse in the fuse box under the hood. Once you find the fuse box, look for a green fuse on its right side. The fuse should be 40 amps and will be named F50.


Implementing our recommended steps on how to reset Ram 1500 Air suspension should be easy now. As you can see, there are multiple ways of fixing this issue, and you may need to opt for one or multiple of them.

Whenever you’re fixing this, make sure to follow the methods serially. This will save you some time and money as the simpler fixes are listed first!