How to Reset Sunroof on BMW – [5 Easy Steps]

Make sure your ignition is in accessories mode. Then press & hold the sunroof power button. You have to keep holding the button until the sunroof opens and closes back completely. Now you are done resetting the sunroof.  If it still doesn’t work, repeat the process again.

Further in this article, you’ll find the detailed process of resetting the sunroof on BMW. We will also identify in which case your BMW sunroof may require a reset. 

How to Reset Sunroof on BMW X5?

You can simply follow these steps to solve this issue. These reset steps are almost identical for every BMW car with a sunroof feature. If there are any exceptions, you can follow the owner’s manual according to your model [1]

  1. Park your car and put your ignition to the accessories mode. 
  2. Press and hold the sunroof switch in the vent position. You may have to hold it for a few minutes with patience.
  3. The sunroof should open all the way and then it will close again completely. You have to hold the button through this entire process. 
  4. The sunroof is now reset, and you can tilt your sunroof properly.

Your BMW sunroof is now good to go. 

Reasons Why Sunroof Won’t Close or Open Properly

There are a few reasons your BMW sunroof does not open/close properly. If you replace your battery, or the sunroof itself, it may require a reset. The auto open/close button may also be a reason for the sunroof to require a reset.

If any of these happen, you must reset your BMW sunroof to use it properly. Let’s see the reasons in detail.

Reason 1: If the Battery Is Replaced or Disconnected

If you recently changed your BMW battery, your sunroof may not work. It’s a common problem when the car battery is changed or disconnected.

Disconnecting the battery sets your car to Transport mode to prevent battery drainage. The modules of your vehicle might require a reset as a result.

Additionally, this can happen if your battery is not connected to the system properly. It will result in your auto one-touch feature not responding correctly. 

The loose connection of your battery is why your one-touch auto open/close command is not working. What you need to do is to connect the battery correctly, then try moving your sunroof. 

If this doesn’t work, you must reset your BMW sunroof. 

Reason 2: If Sunroof Fuse is Replaced

Like the battery, your sunroof might not work properly if you change your car’s sunroof fuse. Unfortunately, the fuse of the sunroof requires changing if it’s blown. 

In both cases you need to reset your BMW sunroof to get it to work properly. You’ll get to know a detailed guide on how you can open a stuck sunroof if needed.


Replacing the battery or sunroof fuse may require resetting the sunroof. A loose battery can also cause this issue.
Why Sunroof Won’t Close or Open Properly  Infographic

Maintenance of Your BMW Sunroof

The sunroof is a feature of cars that is very popular nowadays. However, to enjoy this fantastic car feature, you need to maintain it properly. Otherwise, it might face some issues that you don’t want.

Here are some tips to ensure the sunroof of your BMW lasts long. 

Tip 1: Clean the Sunroof Regularly

Cleaning your car regularly is the best way to keep it working properly. While cleaning your vehicle, you can simply follow these steps to clean your sunroof.

  1. To clean the sunroof, you need to open it first. Then, clean the visible area entirely. And, if required, you can use a vacuum. For ensuring a deep cleaning, clean the sunroof drain tubes as well.
  2. Using a soft cloth, clean every moving part of the sunroof and the gasket around the roof. You’ll need a toothbrush and an automotive cleaner to clean the tracks and slides. 
  3. Use heat resistance and lightweight grease to lubricate the entire moving parts. For this, white lithium can be a good choice.
  4. If the sunroof makes any scraping or popping noise, it requires lubrication. 

Tip 2: Troubleshoot Immediately If The Roof Doesn’t Move

If you notice that the sunroof is not moving or moving slowly, you must find the problem from where it is causing these issues. This can happen for dirt or debris, also for broken gears.

To resolve the problem, turn your car engine on, repeat the roof through close, open, and then again close. After repeating this a couple of times, your car’s sunroof may work smoothly, or you can find it easily if there is any problem. This page contains more details about dealing with technical issues related to sunroof shade.


To keep your car’s sunroof in good condition, you should clean it regularly. Use some grease to work it smoothly and find out if there are any movement issues. If it makes any unusual sound, use a little grease to move it smoothly.


How Do I Get My Sunroof Unstuck?

First, find out if anything is stuck in the sunroof. If it is stuck in the lines or trails, use a screwdriver and push it forward to close the lift arm. Ensure the lift arm is moving correctly. Now, reset the glass onto the sunroof. 

How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Stuck Sunroof?

Depending on the problem, a stuck sunroof may cost $400 and $800 to repair including technician cost. If the problem is with a motor, the cost might increase as only the motor costs around $100 to $500. 

How Do You Completely Reset a BMW?

To completely reset a BMW, you can follow these steps if you want to reset your personal data settings from your BMW. First, go to the Car Menu and then select Settings. After selecting settings, you need to select General settings and then Reset Vehicle Data. This process is for operating system 7 only.  


This is all about how to reset the sunroof on BMW. You can easily reset your BMW sunroof within minutes. However, if you find any further difficulties, you should take your car to a professional for further assistance. 

For proper sunroof maintenance and for it to work properly, you should clean it regularly. 

That’s all for today. Enjoy driving your car and avoid reckless driving. 

Have a great day!

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