Sloppy Mechanics Tune Cabinet: Everything You Need To Know

Sloppy Mechanics Tune Cabinet is basically a library of tuning files. These files are already modified according to your needs and all you have to do is just upload them using tuning software like ktuner or VCM suite. You have files for decapping fuel injectors or just base tuning.

As a novice tuner, understanding boost adjustment or perfecting the ignition timing can be a hurdle. Only if there were any libraries of tuned files to just download and upload.

Worry not, because that’s exactly why the Sloppy Mechanics Tune Cabinet exists. 

Now, continue reading to find out about the tuning process and check if it’s worth it. 

Can You Use Sloppy Mechanics Tune Cabinet?

Yes, you can use a sloppy mechanics tune cabinet if your car is compatible. As we mentioned already, there is a well-organized library of tuning files that you can find on their website. There is everything from holley terminator x base tune to MS3 Gold. 

So check it out and see if there is any product for your needs. The best part? It’s free. 

Why Should You Use The Sloppy Mechanics Tune Cabinet?

It should be no surprise that tuning helps a car go faster. So through using this tune cabinet you can make your car go even faster. But that’s not it. 

Through this tune cabinet, you can:

  1. Perform boost adjustment process
  2. Change the fuel injection system settings
  3. Bring modification to the ignition timing
  4. Change the air-fuel ratio

Browse through the repository to find out if there is anything that suits your tuning intention. 

How to Use The Sloppy Mechanics Tune Cabinet?

Sort of like hp tuners downloadable tunes, the tuning repository in the Sloppy Mechanics website has the resources for ECU tuning. So, now you gotta flash the ECU and the steps (using a ktuner software) have been discussed below.


  1. OBDII Connector
  2. USB Cable
  3. Laptop

Step 01: Download the file from the Google Drive folder. Recommended to use the tuning software (could be ktuner or VCM suite or anything you prefer).

Step 02: Double click on the downloaded file (that will open the sloppy mechanic tune cabinet).

Step 03: Now, open a new file (new tune) and click on the ‘+’ sign beside your engine specs.

Step 04: After that, click on the ‘Factor ECU’ and select it. You will find a few preloaded base tunes. Choose the most suitable base tune option you want to go for.

Step 05: Connect the USB plug to the OBDII port and the port to the car. 

Step 06: Click ‘next’, once you have selected the suitable tune option.

Step 07: This open the file now and then modify it if necessary. For example, you can play around with your ignition timing, air-fuel ratio, and fuel injector performance. You can fine tune it however you want.

Step 08: After you are done with modifying the tuning file, click ‘Upload Base Code’ and then the confirm button.

Step 09: Wait for a while until the ECU system of your car is getting updated. Do not disconnect it and keep your car on.

Step 10: After the flashing is done, turn the car off completely and then turn it back on. 

Step 11: Click ‘OK’ on the laptop screen after the reboot is done. 

Step 12: Check your car’s performance. 

Is Sloppy Mechanics Tune Cabinet Worth It?

Yes, the sloppy mechanics tune cabinet is definitely worth it. Especially if you are a novice tuner. In the steps of reflashing your ECU, we mentioned modifying parameters like the air-fuel ratio or ignition timing.

But as a novice, it can be a bit overwhelming to know what to modify and you need to know the time it takes to tune a car. With this tune cabinet, you get the right modification already prepared for you. 

Suppose you want to decap fuel injectors on your 2018 Chevy Colorado. There is an available file for this. Click on it and get an idea of what parameters to set. This way you get more experience and a much clearer idea of the tuning process.

Besides, the Sloppy Mechanics website itself is informative. Check through the sloppy mechanics wiki and find interesting guidelines on the tuning process. 


Definitely sloppy mechanics tune cabinet is worth it because it gives you a library of options to update your ECU. Along with that, it makes you more experienced as a tuner. 

Is Sloppy Mechanics Tuning Legal In My State?

In most places of the world, it is legal as long as you meet the local emission standards. However, if you live in California or Germany, ECU tuning is completely illegal. This is because of the strict environmental regulations of these places.

Go through the local emission guideline and check through the dealership if you can do ECU tuning on your car


Does Sloppy Mechanics Have Options for Basic Tuning?

Yes, Sloppy Mechanics has options for basic tuning. Check through the tune cabinet library to find which one caters to your needs. 

Can I Decap Factory Fuel Injectors While Tuning?

Yes, you can decap factory fuel injectors but it is not a mandatory part of the tuning process. It means removing the pintle cap to remove the flow through the injector. This is done to let more fuel inflow into the engine to generate more power. 

Is ECU Tuning Good For the Environment?

It depends on how you use it. If you perform a boost adjustment process, then your engine will have more power but it consumes a lot of fuel and emits more gases . So that’s not good for the environment. But if you tune the fuel injectors for efficient fuel supply then your car might emit less gasses. 


So that covers every key information related to the Sloppy Mechanics tune cabinet. Now you know if your car is compatible with tuning and what is the process for it. Make sure to properly check through the folder and go through the process. But definitely keep the legality in mind while tuning.

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