Toyo VS Falken Tires

Toyo tires show excellent fuel economy whether you are driving it on or off-road. Along with that, better-cornering stability and treadwear. However, with Falken tires, you get an amazing grip on dry surfaces whether you are driving it off-road or in icy conditions. But the best part of Falken tires is that it is relatively inexpensive compared to Toyo tires.

That’s the short difference between the Toyo and Falken tires. In addition to this, you need to consider each individual model before making a final decision. In some cases, a particular model will do better and to know more about such tire models let’s get started. 

Toyo VS Falken Tires: Off-Road Comparison

First, let’s get into the off-road comparison between the Toyo and Falken tires. The table below shows some of the key factors for off-road performance. 

Dry TractionGood Dry TractionGood Dry Traction
Wet TractionGood Wet TractionBetter Wet Traction
TreadwearBetter TreadwearGood Treadwear
Fuel EconomyBetter Fuel EconomyGood Fuel Economy
Treadlife Warranty65,000  miles55,000 miles
Price$360 – $1100$190 – $500

The table shows some of the main differences in performance between Falken and Toyo tires. To get into the details let’s get started.

Dry Traction

Toyo tires are made with a hybrid tread design pattern with bulky shoulder lugs. The most notorious of these is the Toyo Open Country AT3 which contains an ‘S’ type tread in the middle that helps it to have a well-utilized void area design. All of these help Toyo tires have a good grip on the road. 

Falken tires also come with a hybrid tread design and aggressive sidewall features to protect them and provide traction. But the key difference which makes Falken tires stand out is the chamfered and sharp edges of the rib surrounding the tread block in the centre. In addition to that, its side walls come with an aggressive design of saw-toothed edges which makes the grip more efficient.  

Toyo VS Falken on Muddy Terrain

Toyo tires are a good option for optimal performance on muddy terrain. It has a tread design that has large shoulder lugs and zigzag patterned circumferential grooves that makes it easier to cut through the soft mud. 

But Falken tires have deeper tread depth which will be shown here. The advantage of deeper tread depth is that it can expel more dirt from the tire and ensure a comfortable ride on muddy tracks. 

Toyo VS Falken for Rock Crawling

Toyo tires have good tread design but where it makes for bulky shoulder lugs and overall grip, it lags in having sharp notches on those shoulders. This is key to having a good grip for rock crawling.

Falken tires make up for that through aggressive tread design, deeper tread depth and overall a sharp notch on its shoulder lugs. The combination of all these makes Falken tires a great choice for rock crawling. 


Go for Falken tires instead of Toyo for the best performance on off-road conditions. Falken A/T3W shows good grip both on muddy and rocky surfaces if you’re looking for one.

Wet Traction

Toyo tires have 3D Multi-wave sipes technology and lateral groove design that helps it to provide hydroplaning resistance and traction on wet surfaces. But it does not have enough void to let the water expel out.

Falken tires have interlocking sipes in their tread pattern that create a vacuum whenever there is water inside the sipes. Its 3D Canyon Sipe technology helps it to get biting edges which maintains a good braking distance. In fact, Falken tires out brakes Toyo tires by about 22.7 feet or 6.9 meters. This makes Falken a good choice.


Choose Falken tires instead of Toyo if your main priority on off-road tire selection is avoiding hydroplaning and have good traction


Toyo tires have a tread pattern which minimizes contact patches through a high void ratio and wide grooves. Besides, Toyo tires have shallower tread depth which means lower rolling resistance and low rolling resistance means better tread life.

However, Falken tires have narrower tread grooves and more contact patches with the road. This in addition to having more tread depth increases its rolling resistance and that leads to tires wearing out quicker.

In addition, you get more tread life warranty from Toyo Tires. All of these make Toyo tires a more convenient option for tire tread life. And, since the tread life of your tires also depends on how you store the tires, don’t overlook it after getting a tire for you.


Go for Toyo tires instead of Falken tires if your main priority is having a tire with increased tread life. 

Fuel Economy

One of the key traits of having a better fuel economy is having low rolling resistance. Rolling resistance in simple words is how difficult it is for the tire to roll. More rolling resistance means it will need more effort to roll, more effort means more energy and more energy leads to increased fuel consumption rate i.e. bad fuel economy. 

So, if you want a tire with good fuel economy then definitely look for its tread depth. The table below shows the tread depth for Toyo and Falken tires. 

Tire ParametersToyo Falken
275/55R2013.5/32 of an inch14/32 of an inch
LT305/65R1816.8/32 of an inch18/32 of an inch

From the table, it can be seen that in general Toyo tires have shallower tread depth and this means that Toyo tires will have lower rolling resistance and thus better fuel economy. 


Choose Toyo tires if you want better fuel economy from your tires. But besides that, always check the tread depth of your tire and make a comparison with Falken tires or any other tire brand. It will give you further idea about the fuel economy in comparison to other brands like Falken. 

Toyo VS Falken Tires: Passenger Car Comparison

Now let’s get into the comparison between the Toyo VS Falken performance tires. The table along with the relevant factors for comparison are shown below. 

FactorsToyo Falken
Dry TractionGood Dry TractionGood Dry Traction
Wet TractionGood Wet TractionGood Wet Traction
Cornering StabilityBetter Cornering StabilityGood Cornering Stability
Tread WearGood Tread LifeGood Tread Life
Fuel EconomyBetter Fuel EconomyGood Fuel Economy
Price$160 – $575$110 – $250

From the table, you can see for traction both tires show almost equal performance. Let’s get started with the description to find out the reason. 

Dry Traction

Toyo tires have a tread design with a unidirectional arrowhead or dynamic taper that helps it to have a good grip on any dry road surface. Besides it is made with high grip silica-reinforced tread compound. All of this helps Toyo tires have good flexibility and braking distance on the road along with maintaining traction.

Falken tires are also not that behind if you want traction on dry surfaces. With some amazing models under its belt like the Azenis FK510, Azenis RT-615K it comes with an advanced tread pattern design which makes it have a maximum contact patch with the road surface and enables directional stability and traction. 

Although in terms of traction, there is no general winner since it depends entirely on your tire model. RT-615K might have better dry traction than Proxes Sport but worse than Proxes R1R. 


You can choose any one between Toyo and Falken if you want optimal dry traction performance. Go through the individual models and compare. Some really good models are RT-615K, FK510, Proxes R1R, and Proxes R888R

Wet Traction

Toyo tires have amazing features like nano balance technology incorporated into its silica compound that helps in having traction on wet surfaces. Besides its tires have multi-width evac channels which ensure that water is expelled properly and no hydroplaning happens from this tire. 

Wet traction is also a speciality for Falken tires. Its tread compound has been designed at a molecular level that helps it to maintain a grip on wet surfaces. It has Switchback Siping technology for good grip on wet surfaces and it also incorporates the four circumferential grooves to expel water and avoid hydroplaning.


Both Toyo and Falken tires will show good traction at wet surfaces. So you can go with any one, however, you should check the individual tire models and compare between them. 

Cornering Stability

Toyo tire’s tread design helps it to avoid tire wear out. Some of its models have a centre block edge in a tapered shape that maximizes block movement and increases tire tread life. Its rib design has also been improved which not only helps it to maintain good braking and handling but also to resist any irregular wear.

Falken tires are made with rubber compounds that resist compound cracking. Beyond that, it is constructed in a manner to utilize its sidewall area to sustain massive impact and maintain stability. It has wide steel belts with a hybrid Aramid and nylon undertreated cap that helps in good cornering and steering response. But it lags in terms of braking distance.


Choose Toyo tires instead of Falken if your main priority with performance tires is to have good cornering stability and steering response. 

Tread Wear

Toyo tires have a tread pattern that incorporates steel belts with a polyester casing that helps it to have good stability and a longer tread life. On top of that, this tire also has a nylon reinforcement ply that helps to make the overall tire construction more resistant to wearing out. 

Falken tires come with technologies like interlocking 3D Canyon sipes that help to provide the necessary resistance against wearing out. Beyond that, its tread compound is moulded into a symmetric rib pattern that helps it be quieter and offers a better tread life. 


Go for Toyo tires instead of Falken tires if you want a better tread life for your passenger tires. Nevertheless, Falken tires are a better choice if you are strictly concerned with performance tires.

Fuel Economy

Finally, let’s compare the tread depth of Toyo and Falken to see who has the least rolling resistance and therefore better fuel economy.

The table with the tread depth comparison is shown below. 

Tire ParameterToyo Falken
215/45ZR178/32 of an inch10/32 of an inch
225/45R1810.3/32 of an inch11/32 of an inch

From the table, you can see that the tread depth for Falken tires is more and that means it will have more rolling resistance and therefore higher fuel consumption rate. This means Toyo tires will have better fuel economy.

And, if you want better fuel economy but you have budget issues, there are options like BFGoodrich and Goodyear Tires you can check out.


If fuel economy is your main priority for choosing the tire then go for Toyo tires instead of Falken tires. 

Toyo VS Falken Tires: Winter Tire Comparison

Finally, we will compare the properties between Toyo and Falken tires in terms of winter performance. The table along with relevant factors for optimal winter performance are shown below. 

FactorsToyo Falken
Snow GripGood GripBetter Grip
TreadwearBetter Tread LifeGood Tread Life
Price$120 – $220$90 – $260

Let’s dive into the description of each of the factors. 

Snow Grip

Toyo tires come with a good grip on snowy surfaces. Its tread pattern is made of silica tread compound that ensures good traction in snowy conditions. Consisting of aggressive tread design thanks to its large paired inner tread blocks and advanced sipe technology, Toyo tires maintain a good braking distance as well. 

Falken tires are also good with grip especially due to incorporating the 4D Nano Design technology and 3D Canyon sipes. Its tread patterns are also designed with central transverse grooves that let the tire expel water and resist any sort of aquaplaning. 

All of these make Falken tires a better choice when it comes to snow grip. 


Choose Falken tires instead of Toyo tires if you want to have better grip on snowy surfaces.


Toyo tires are made with absorbent carbonic powder and microbit technology which helps it maintain a good grip and last for a long time. Its tread design ensures maximum contact with the surface and withstands damage. 

Guaranteed by Road Hazard Protection Guarantee, Falken tires are made to last for a long time and deliver high-quality performance. It is made with 4D Nano Design technology that ensures good tread life. 


Go for Toyo tires instead of Falken tires if you are looking for better tread life for winter tires. 


Can I Use Open Country AT3 Instead of Wildpeak AT3W?

Yes, you can use Open Country AT3 instead of Wildpeak AT3W since both of these tires are examples of off-road tires with almost similar tread designs. You can use either Open Country AT3 or Wildpeak AT3W whether you go on a muddy terrain or in winter conditions. 

Is Azenis RT660 Compatible for BMW M2?

Yes, Azenis RT660 is compatible with BMW M2. It is a performance tire with a tread design that ensures maximum contact patch on the road surface which helps to have proper grip, cornering stability and acceleration. It is not just compatible for BMW M2 but also other models like Honda Civic Type R, Nissan 370Z. 

Is Proxes R1R a Good Performance Tire? 

Yes, Proxes R1R is a good performance tire. Thanks to its aggressive tread design Proxes R1R helps you to have good acceleration along with good grip on any road surface. Beyond that it also comes with good controlling ability. 


Now that concludes the comparison between Toyo VS Falken tires. Hopefully you got all the right information that will help you to make the choice for your ride and buy a new tire. Always keep your priorities in mind and keep track of the cost.

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