What Fuse Controls the Speedometer? Answered! 

The instrument cluster fuse of your car controls the speedometer. The speedometer doesn’t have any unique fuse. In some cars, it shares the same fuse as the odometer. Depending on your car’s brand and model, the fuse can be in different locations including under the hood or behind the compartment box. 

Before trying to replace the fuse for the speedometer problem, you should confirm if the fuse is at fault. Read this article to know everything in detail. 

What Fuse Controls the Speedometer?

The speedometer is controlled by a cluster fuse. Speedometers have a fuse but the fuse isn’t exclusive to the speedometer. Usually, the speedometer and the odometer of your car share the same fuse

In some cars, there can be only one instrument cluster fuse that controls multiple outlets.  . 

Since there are too many electrical components in the car, providing one fuse for each of the components is not feasible. That’s why components with similar power requirements share a single fuse. 

The reason behind keeping the speedometer and odometer under the same fuse is very logical. The odometer and speedometer use the same data to record their readings. 


Usually the instrument cluster fuse controls the speedometer. In some cases, the speedometer shares the fuse with the odometer. 

Where Is The Speedometer Fuse Located?

Here are some speedometer fuse locations for cars of different make and models. 

Car ModelLocationFuse AmpFuse ColorFuse Name/Location 
2004 Chevy SilveradoUnder the Plastic battery panel10 ampRedIGN E
2005 Ford F250To the left of the steering wheel, close to the brake pedal.10 ampRed35
Suzuki Swift (2010-2017)Under the dashboard10 ampRed34
Ford Transit (2007-2014)Passenger junction box5 ampTan66
Toyota Yaris / Echo / Vitz (2011-2018)Under the instrument panel (left-side), behind the cover5 ampTan38

The location and the sign of the fuse are different based on the car brand and model. For your specific car model, consult the owner’s manual. 

Can A Fuse Cause A Speedometer Not To Work?

Yes, a blown fuse can be the reason behind the speedometer not working. If the fuse is blown, the speedometer will not receive power and won’t function. 

If the speedometer alone doesn’t work, the problem might be somewhere else. For example, a fault in the vehicle speed sensor or speedometer itself.

The speedometer shares the same fuse as other instrument panel lights and gauges. So, if the fuse is blown, other components will also not work. In some cases, you will notice that the speedometer and odometer are not working together. That means the odometer and speedometer in your car share the same fuse and the fuse is blown. 

To make sure the fuse is okay or not, you can test the fuse. 

Testing Your Speedometer Fuse 

You can test the fuse using a multimeter. If you can’t manage a multimeter, you can still test the fuse. To test the fuse without a multimeter, you have to visually inspect it for any burn or crack mark. 

You can also swap the fuse with another one to see if the instrument cluster works. Make sure to match the amperage of both the old and new fuse. 

Replace the fuse if it’s blown and the speedometer and other related instruments in the dash should start functioning. 


What Sensor Controls The Speedometer?

The wheel speed sensor (WSS) or the vehicle speed sensor controls the speedometer. This WSS sensor is located near the brake rotor on the wheel hub, while the VSS sensor is located on the output shaft of the gearbox. Depending on the model, your car might have the WSS, VSS, or both of these sensors. 

What Factors Causes A Speedometer To Be Inaccurate?

Wrong tire size and improper tire pressure can cause the speedometer to provide inaccurate data. If you change the tire to a bigger size than required, it will cause the speedometer to give a faster reading than the actual one. If the tire diameter is smaller than recommended or deflated, it will give a slower reading than the actual one. 

How Much Will It Cost To Fix A Speedometer?

The speedometer will cost only $25 to $40. If you are fixing the speedometer by a mechanic, you may need to spend $100 to $250 to fix it. However, if the problem is complicated and other related components need to be fixed, you have to spend around $200 and $400 to diagnose and repair. 


I hope this article provided you with a clear idea of what fuse controls the speedometer. You should always keep your hands dry and stand in a dry place while working on the fuse. Make sure not to drive the car with a faulty speedometer for your own safety. 

Now it’s time for me to go. Stay safe and all the best. goodbye!

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