What Is The Widest Tire On 8 And 8.5 Inch Rim?

245 and 255mm are the widest recommended tires for 8 and 8.5-inch rims respectively. Nevertheless, it is advisable to employ a 225mm tire on an 8-inch rim, whereas a 235mm tire is recommended for an 8.5-inch rim for optimum performance. To achieve optimal performance, it is recommended to utilize a tire that is 11% to 16% wider than the rim. Going beyond this specification can lead to various performance-related complications. You can also fit 11 to 16 % wider tires than rims according to a general rule of thumb. 

This is just a brief idea about the whole topic. Read further for a comprehensive guide. 

What Is The Widest Tire On an 8 Inch Rim?

245mm tires are the widest tires on 8-inch rims. The utilization of a 225mm tire is strongly recommended to attain optimal performance and desired results. Nevertheless, a 245mm tire can be conveniently mounted on an 8-inch rim. But it’s not recommended as it can cause different performance issues and rapid wear and tear.

The ensuing table presents a summary of the highest and lowest tire sizes that are suitable for 8-inch wheels.

Tire width for 8” rimsRemarks 
245mmMaximum recommended 

It is highly recommended to select a tire with a width that is 11% greater than the rim’s width in order to achieve optimal performance. A deviation from this range can lead to a number of performance-related issues. 

For example, for an 8-inch rim that equates to 204mm, employing a tire with a width that is 11% more than the rim’s width would result in a tire width of 225mm.

Moreover, the usage of a tire that exceeds the recommended size can cause tearing at high speeds. Moreover, installing a tire that exceeds the rim’s width can cause the tire to assume a tall and rounded shape, similar to a lollipop or lightbulb. This can lead to diminished cornering ability and tire squirm, ultimately affecting the tire’s overall performance.

While handling all the tire size and ratio stuff, you may need to know about aligning tires. Get to know how long does an alignment take and which factors matter here.

What Is The Widest Tire On 8.5 Inch Rim?

The maximum tire width achievable on an 8.5-inch rim is 255mm. However, exceeding this width may result in an uneven and distorted appearance, and in severe cases, may cause tearing. 

People also tend to use a maximum of 275mm tires on 8.5-inch rims but it is strongly prohibited. Because this tire can make uneven curves and can be detached on the road.   

It should be noted that the recommended tire size is actually narrower, with a maximum increase of 11% over the original size. Accordingly, the ideal tire width for an 8.5-inch rim is 235mm, as previously stated. The table below provides a comprehensive overview of the tire width chart for an 8.5-inch rim.

Tire width for 8.5” rimsRemarks 
255mmMaximum recommended

It is vital to adhere to the prescribed tire size for the corresponding rim in order to maximize performance and mitigate the risk of detachment. It is crucial to note that employing an excessively large tire may result in untimely degradation and tear. Apart from that, using the compatible is also important for perfect fitment.

Compatible Aspect Ratio For the Widest Tire on 8 And 8.5 Inch Rim

As you are already aware what is the widest tire on 8 and 8.5-inch rims, knowing the aspect ratio is also important. So, have a look at the table below for a quick rundown on all the probable aspect ratios of the widest tire.

8” Rims 8.5” Rims
Tire widthTire aspect ratioTire widthTire aspect ratio 
205mm205/75-16 (16×8)215mm215/65-17 (17×8.5)
225mm225/50-16 (16×8)235mm235/50-17 (17×8.5)
245mm245/75-16 (16×8)255mm255/45- 17 (17×8.5)

It’ll help you to choose the right tire for your vehicle with 8 and 8.5” wide rims. Speaking of the different sizes and ratios, I hope the 19×9.5 tire size list can help you in some cases.

When To Use Wider Tire On Stock Rims?

Under certain conditions, utilizing a broader tire may yield advantageous results. However, it is crucial to adhere to the manufacturer’s recommended tire width. The following section will delve into the situations where employing a wider tire is appropriate.

Driving On A Dry Surface

Using a wider tire on a dry surface can improve the vehicle’s traction and handling due to an increased contact patch with the road. By distributing the vehicle’s weight over a larger area, the larger tire footprint enhances the grip and stability of the vehicle.

Additionally, a wider tire increases lateral stiffness, reducing the tendency of the tire to deform during hard cornering and improving the handling of the vehicle. 

Car Driving On A Dry Surface

Sports Vehicle Performance

There are several benefits to using wider tires on performance vehicles. First of all, wider tires provide more grip during cornering maneuvers and increase lateral stability. Moreover, a wider tire can handle more heat generated by the vehicle’s brakes, improving braking performance. 

Last but not least, a wider tire can help distribute the vehicle’s weight more evenly, resulting in better handling and a more comfortable ride. However, the tire width must not exceed the manufacturer’s recommended specification, as this can negatively affect performance and handling.

Pros and Cons Of Using the Widest Tire

There are some potential drawbacks to using a tire with a wider width than its corresponding rim. Henceforth, we shall deliberate on the long-term benefits and limitations associated with this practice.

Pros Cons 
Increase the patch area of the vehicle that increases the grip with the surface Premature wear and tear
Better cornering and improved brakingDistortion of the tire tread during cornering
Enhance handling at high-speed Reduced gas mileage

Choose a tire that meets circumstantial necessity, don’t just go wider and bigger for no reason. 


Are 215 Tires Wider Than 205?

Yes, 215 tires are wider than 205 tires as these numbers indicate the width of the tire in millimeters. It’s obvious that a 215 mm wider tire is 10 mm wider than a 205 tire. The wider tire is better for a performance-centric vehicle.

How Wide Is A 235 Tire?

A 235 tire is 9.25” wide. 235 is the measurement of the tire width in mm. If you convert 235mm into inches, it would be 9.25. You can just divide 235 by 25.4 and you’ll get measurements in inches. 

Do Wider Tires Go Faster?

Yes, wider tires can go faster due to two factors. Firstly, at equal pressure, wider tires have higher casing tension, resulting in less energy being lost to casing flex. Secondly, wider tires have a shorter and wider contact patch, reducing rolling resistance and frictional losses, which also contribute to faster speeds.


All right, this concludes what is the widest tire on an 8 and 8.5-inch rim. Hopefully, this post is able to meet your expectations. It’s noteworthy that just choosing the widest tire without considering the circumstances can be hazardous sometimes. So, choose wisely or consult an automobile expert for the suggestion.

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