Which Nissan Rogue Has A Sunroof: Entire List!

Getting the view of the sky sitting on the back of the Nissan Rogue SUV can be fun and relaxing. However, sunroofs are not standard on all Nissan SUVs. 

So Which Nissan Rogue Has A Sunroof?

Sunroofs are available on the upper trims of the Nissan Rogue. The Nissan Rogue SL and Platinum trims come with panoramic moonroofs as standard. The other trims do not offer moonroofs. Nissan Rogue Sport SL comes with moonroofs as well.

This just touches on which Nissan Rogue has a sunroof. Find everything you want to know in this article!

Is There any Difference Between a Sunroof, Moonroof, and Panoramic moonroof?

Panoramic sunroofs are a specialized kind of moonroof. In a panoramic moonroof, one long panel may cover both the front and back seats. Or it can have many panels that can be moved or locked into position. All passengers, even those in the back, may enjoy the open air on a sunny day.

The sunroof on your car is basically a metallic panel. But it might open outward or slip to one side. This will allow for an increase in airflow or sunlight.

Depending on what kind of glass is used, it might be either a fixed or moveable moonroof. If it’s not made of glass, then it’s not a moonroof; it’s a sunroof.

Most newer cars come equipped with sunroofs. Sunroofs are considered a relic in today’s market.


Moonroofs and sunroofs are not the same, but generally people use them to mean the same thing. Both names will be used interchangeably in this article to refer to the same subject. However, we would highlight where there are variances to be observed.

Nissan Rogue Models with Sunroof

Let’s take a look at all the Nissan Rogue Trims and see if they offer sunroofs or moonroofs. 

Rogue SRogue SVRogue Midnight EditionRogue SLRogue PlatinumRogue Sport SRogue Sport SVRogue Sport SL
2022NoNo(Optional)No(Optional)YesYesNoNo No (Optional)
2021NoNo(Optional)No(Optional)YesYesNoNo No (Optional)
2020NoNo(Optional)No(Optional)YesYesNoNo No 
Starting MSRP (2023 Model)$27,360$29,050$33,245$33,710$37,140$24,690$26,530$29,590

The chart is based on official information from Nissan. [1] [2]

There are two distinguished Rogues in Nissan’s Rogue line-up. Standart “Rogue” and “Rogue Sport”. We’ll cover both of them in the later section.

Does Nissan Rogue Have Panoramic Sunroof?

No, the Nissan Rogue has a panoramic moonroof. However, sunroofs and moonroofs are not standard on every model level. 

Panoramic moonroofs are standard on the Nissan Rogue, but only on the more expensive grade levels. The Rogue SL and the Rogue Platinum are the top-of-line trims available for the Nissan Rogue. As such, they come standard with sunroofs. Here you’ll know about which Nissan Suv comes with a sunroof.

So if you are in the market and looking at the upper trims of SL and Platinum, you do not have to worry about spending extra on a moonroof. This holds true for all models since 2020. 

But when it comes to the entry-level trim, like the Nissan Rogue S, there is no moonroof available. There are no optional packages that offer a moonroof on the S trim either. Not even the latest 2023 model offers optional sunroofs. 

But if you go up to the middle of the pack trims, the Rogue SV and Rogue Midnight edition, you can get a moonroof. But the moonroof does not come as standard. 

Both the Rogue SV and Midnight Edition have optional premium packages that you can select to get a beautiful panoramic moonroof. But you will have to pay a hefty sum to get this upgrade. None of the models from any year have moonroofs as standard in the SV and Midnight trim.

Does Nissan Rogue Sport Have Moonroofs?

Moonroofs are available on some of the Rogue Sport trim levels, but not all of them. The moonroof is only included with the SL trim as an optional upgrade. 

The Rogue Sport SL is the most luxurious and well-equipped of all the available trim levels for this vehicle. Additionally, moonroofs are optional for only this particular trim level. However, this is only the case for more recent versions of the product.

Moonroofs were available as add-on packages for the Nissan Rogue Sport SL models. But the S and SV trims do not have the optional upgrade.

The starting price of the 2023 Nissan Rogue Sport SL FWD is $29,590. 


Only Nissan Rogue Sport SL models of 2021 and later have moonroofs as optional upgrades. The S and SV trims don’t have any upgradable package for moonroofs. .

Problems You May Face with Nissan Rogue Sunroof

Moonroofs of the Nissan Rogue are difficult to crack. The moonroof glasses are of high-quality construction and are not going to break quickly.

There are further problematic concerns.

A major issue with moonroofs is leakage. Furthermore, a panoramic roof is more likely to develop a leak.

Leakage due to blockage in the drainage or due to the reason that the rubber sealing of the sunroof may deteriorate over time. There are ways to unclog and clean a sunproof drain. And, the solution to this problem can be executed quickly and at a low cost. But be sure to address it as soon as you can.

Due to the increased glass, the Rogue’s interior temperature may increase. The inside is particularly susceptible to damage during the harshest winter months. Condensation on the windows of the SUV might form water inside.

Damage to the moonroof might be caused by hail or ordinary wear and tear over time. There may be a need for further maintenance on the special glass. Additionally, it may be expensive to replace.

Unresponsive moonroofs are usually caused by a dead motor, a broken fuse, or a faulty switch. This could be due to the normal use of the vehicle over time. Or it could also be as simple as dirt or debris getting stuck in the moving parts.


Leakage is one of the primary problems. But internal temperature and motor problems are also plausible issues you may have to face.
Problems You May Face with Nissan Rogue Sunroof Infographic

How Long Does a Sunroof Last?

The majority of high-end sunroofs have a life expectancy of 20 years or more, on average. In addition to this, the handles and hinges are composed of a polycarbonate material that is very durable.

On the other hand, the majority of cheaper roofs feature neoprene seals rather than rubber ones. As soon as they are exposed to the weather elements, they quickly decay. 

They also come with knobs and hinges that are not very sturdy. These are often composed of plastic, which cannot reliably keep the glass in place.

Moreover, you should clean and maintain the sunroof to make it last longer. Don’t forget to clean the sunroof drain tubes regularly.

Is the Nissan Rogue Worth It?

The Nissan Rogue is a good SUV. You may thus argue whether getting the SUV is money well spent or not.

The driving of the Nissan Rogue is really responsive. In addition, the suspension has been fine-tuned to provide a comfortable ride. 

Inside you will discover seats that are among the comfiest available in this category. In addition to a large amount of space for adults to stretch out.

The base-level Nissan Rogue is the most bang for the buck. But spending more to upgrade to the SL trim is the only way to get a moonroof. Whether that investment is worth it depends on you. 

But remember that the SL and Platinum trims of the Nissan Rogue offer other features as well. Consider all those along with the moonroof for your purchase.

Does the Nissan Rogue Moonroof Open All-the-way?

The Nissan Rogue has a full moonroof that opens all the way. Completely opening or closing the moonroof can be done by moving the switch. The roof will either fully open or close based on preference.

Which Rogue is Better: SL or SV?

The Nissan Rogue SL trim is better than the SV trim but that is because of the higher price tag. In the SL trim, you get all the features of the SV trim along with a moonroof, leather seats, and more. 

How Expensive Is It to Add a Sunroof?

When you choose a non-electric sunroof, the cost might be as much as $3000. Many customers, however, like having a trained expert do the task. The cost of having a retractable sunroof installed by professionals can vary in price greatly depending on the shop and the type of sunroof.


And with that, we know Which Nissan Rogue Has A Sunroof. Not all Nissan Rogue trims have a sunroof or moonroof with them. 

Only the Nissan Rogue SL and Platinum trim have moonroofs with them.

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