Which Nissan Suv Has A Sunroof? Know It All

Sunroofs are available on the Nissan Murano, Rogue Sport, Rogue, Pathfinder, and Armada. There are moonroofs integrated into some of these sunroofs.

Sitting in the back of an SUV and looking at the stars can be a lot of fun. Not all SUVs, however, have sunroofs.

So Which Nissan Suv Has A Sunroof?

These are just names of the models that have sunroof and moonroofs. This article has the details you’re looking for.

Sunroof Vs. Moonroof Vs. Panoramic Moonroof

“Sunroof” and “moonroof” are interchangeable. Despite their different meanings. And panoramic moonroofs are a more modern version.

The sunroof on your car is basically a metallic panel. But it might open outward or slip to one side. This will allow for an increase in airflow or sunlight.

Depending on what kind of glass is used, it might be either a moonroof or a sunroof. If it’s not made of glass, then it’s not a moonroof; it’s a sunroof.

Most recent cars come equipped with panoramic moonroofs. Sunroofs are considered a relic in today’s market.

As mentioned earlier, panoramic moonroofs are a newer and specialized kind of moonroof. In a panoramic moonroof, one long panel may cover both the front and back seats. Or it can have many panels that can be moved or locked into position. All passengers, even those in the back, may enjoy the open air on a sunny day.


The sunroof and moonroof are basically the same thing. Both names will be used interchangeably in this article to refer to the same thing. However, we would expressly point out any discrepancies.

List of Nissan SUVs

There are six distinct Nissan SUVs available in the manufacturer’s portfolio. There are two alternatives available in the subcompact class: the Nissan Kicks and the Rogue Sport.

The Nissan Rogue is a good example of a small SUV. Midsize is represented by the Nissan Murano. The Nissan Pathfinder is available in a three-row seating configuration.

The Nissan Armada is the model that holds the top spot in the lineup. It is an SUV built on a full-size pickup truck. It is possible to fit up to eight people in there.

Nissan SUVs With Sunroofs

So let’s see a Nissan suv with a sunroof.

Nissan SUVs Model YearSunroof/MoonroofAvailable With Which Trim
Nissan Murano2023
YesPlatinum (Comes as standard), SL and SV
Nissan Rogue2023
YesSL, Platinum
Nissan Rogue Sports2023
Nissan Pathfinder 2023
YesPlatinum (Comes as standard),SV and SL
Nissan Armada2023
YesPlatinum (Comes as standard), SV and SL

Does Nissan Murano Have a Sunroof?

The Murano Platinum comes standard with a motorized tilt-and-slide moonroof. This roof can be opened and closed with only a press of a button. Alternatively, you may get it as an option with the SL and the SV Premium trims.

The S and SV trims of the Nissan Murano have no optional upgrades for moonroofs. 

But the Muranos that have moonroofs are adjustable along with an adjustable sunshade. 

The Murano Starts from $33,660. [1]

Does Nissan Rogue Have Sunroof?

Only the priciest grade levels of the Nissan Rogue come standard with moonroofs. Here you’ll get a detailed idea about which Nissan Rogue have sunproof. The top-of-the-line Nissan Rogue trims are the Rogue SL and Rogue Platinum. As a result, moonroofs are a standard feature.

However, the Nissan Rogue S, which is the base model, does not provide a moonroof. The S level does not come with any extra packages that include a moonroof. Even the most recent 2023 model does not have an optional sunroof.

However, if you choose the Rogue SV and Rogue Midnight edition trims, which are in the center of the pack, you may add a moonroof. However, the moonroof is not a standard feature.

You may choose one of the extra luxury packages on the Rogue SV or Midnight Edition to obtain a stunning panoramic moonroof. But this improvement will cost you a pretty penny. Moonroofs are not a standard feature on any vehicle from any year in the SV and Midnight trim levels.

The latest Nissan Rogue has a base price of $27,360. [2]

Does Nissan Rogue Sports Have Sunroof?

There are moonroofs offered on certain of the Rogue Sport trim levels. The moonroof is an optional extra that is only featured with the SL trim level. But the other trims do not have the option.

However, this is only the case for models that come out in 2021, 2022, and 2023. These generations’ S and SV trim levels both include moonroofs as part of an optional package that can be purchased separately.

The Rogue Sport SL has the highest degree of luxury and convenience amenities of all available trims of the SUV. In addition, only this specific model level comes standard with moonroofs. However, this is only the case for the latest models of SUV. Earlier models did not have this feature.

The Nissan Rogue SL vehicles made in 2020 and onwards have moonroofs as optional extras. These could be purchased as part of an optional package deal. The same is true for the S and SV trim levels, which were offered throughout those model years.

The Rogue Sport starts from $24,690. [3]

Does Nissan Pathfinder Have Sunroof?

The dual-panel panoramic moonroof is a standard feature on the Platinum trim level of the vehicle. However, it is also included in the SL Premium Package, which can be purchased separately.

The Pathfinder includes a sunshade as well. Both the sunshade and moonroof can be operated using the switches on the roof. They can be fully or partially opened according to your liking. 

The Nissan Pathfinder starts from $35,000. [4]

Does Nissan Armada Have Sunroof?

The moonroof is included in the SL Premium Package. But the package with the moonroof must be purchased separately. The Platinum trim comes with a power moonroof. The power moonroof tilts, slides, opens, and closes with one touch.

The tilt feature of the Armada’s moonroof separates it from the other moonroofs on the list. The tilt can be adjusted using switches as well.

Unfortunately, the moonroof of the Armada is only over the front row. And the S, SV and the Midnight Edition do not have optional moonroof packages. 

The Nissan Armada will set you back at least $49,900. [5]


Nissan Armada, Pathfinder, Nissan Rogue Sports, Nissan Murano, and Nissan Rogue have moonroofs.

Do Panoramic Sunroofs Break Easily?

Panoramic sunroofs are notoriously difficult to crack. The sunroof glasses are of high-quality construction and are not going to break quickly.

In spite of this, though, it is still made of glass. No matter how strong the glass is, it may still be broken.

However, you shouldn’t be afraid of the glass shattering in the panoramic sunroof. There are further problematic concerns.

Problems with Panoramic Sunroofs

  • Leaking is one of the most serious problems that are associated with the sunroof. In addition, the likelihood of a roof leak is increased when it is a panoramic roof. Nevertheless, there are ways to fix the leaks.
  • In automobiles equipped with a panoramic sunroof, the available headroom is somewhat reduced. The sunroof may have an effect on the interior temperature, particularly during the warmest months of the summer. 
  • In addition, a few of the owners have complained about the excessive amount of noise. The rattling noises and the whirring of the air are the sources of the noise. Despite this, more recent models feature more technologically improved gaskets, which assist to eliminate annoying sounds.
  • Hail or general wear and tear over time might cause the sunroof to become damaged. It may be necessary to do further maintenance work on the specialized automotive glass. Additionally, the cost to replace it may be high.
  • Sunroofs may also have an impact on a vehicle’s MPG. This is due to the fact that thick tempered glass tends to be fairly heavy. For the sake of the vehicle’s overall fuel economy, some consumers prefer SUVs without any sunroof.


Panoramic sunroofs do not break easily. But there can be other issues like leakage, higher temperature, worse fuel economy, etc.
Problems with Panoramic Sunroofs Infographic

Is a Nissan SUV with a Sunroof Worth It?

Don’t base your SUV purchase decision on whether or not it has a sunroof. Every single SUV on our list is a smart investment. This is not, however, owing in major part to the presence of a sunroof or moonroof.

Check to verify if the SUV you’re considering has the features that are important to you. Take into account the sunroof as an added benefit. Because the addition of a sunroof does not significantly boost the price of an SUV.


Nissan SUVs with sunroofs are worth it.


Do Sunroofs Cause Problems?

Sunroofs can sometimes cause problems. Leakage is one of the key problems with a sunroof. Sunroofs may increase a car’s internal heat or have water enter in the cold seasons. Aftermarket sunroofs may even affect a car’s integrity.

Does the Nissan Rogue Moonroof Open All-the-way?

Yes, the Nissan Rogue’s moonroof opens all the way. The moonroof may be opened or closed completely. The process is done by using the easy to navigate switches next to the moonroof. 

What Is the Difference Between Moonroofs and Panoramic Sunroofs?

Moonroofs are a specific kind of sunroof. Depending on what kind of glass is used, it might be either a moonroof or a sunroof. If it’s not made of glass, then it’s not a moonroof; it’s a sunroof. In a panoramic sunroof, one or more long panels cover both the front and back seats. 


And with that we know Which Nissan Suv Has A Sunroof. Nissan Murano, Rogue Sport, Rogue, Pathfinder, and Armada are SUVs with sunroofs. 

Most of the SUVs have moonroofs instead of traditional sunroofs. Our guide should make it clear to you which is a sunroof and which is a moonroof.

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