Which Toyota Suv Has A Sunroof? Answered

Sunroofs are available on the Toyota RAV4, Venza, Highlander, 4Runner, and Sequoia, as well as the Land Cruiser. There are moonroofs integrated into some of these sunroofs.

Getting the view of the sky sitting on the back of the SUV can be fun and relaxing. But not all SUVs come with sunroofs. 

So Which Toyota Suv Has A Sunroof?

This article is all about the information you need to know which Toyota SUV has Sunroof.

Toyota Sunroof

A sunroof lets in more light and gives a source of fresh air. A sunroof is a removable roof on a car that may be opened to let natural light and air into the car.

Numerous Toyota automobiles are equipped with either a sunroof or a moonroof. However, in order for them to incorporate that function, they often need to belong from a better trim level.

Toyota Moonroof vs Sunroof vs Panoramic Sunroof/moonroof

A sunroof is always made of one piece of metal. Nonetheless, it may be able to open upwards or can slide to one side. This is to allow for more natural light or ventilation.

It is a moonroof if it is made of any type of glass. It must be a sunroof if it is not constructed of glass and if it is of glass, it’s a moonroof

The term “moonroof” refers to the roof’s ability to retract into the car’s roof. It has the potential to move back a bit or a lot.

And what most modern cars and SUVs have are panoramic moonroofs. A Panoramic moonroof is one long panel that covers the front and back seats. Or it can have several panels that can be moved or set in place.

There is a lot of ambiguity between the phrases “sunroof” and “moonroof,” thus they are frequently used interchangeably. Despite the fact that they do not mean the same thing, they are synonymous here. 


The sunroof and moonroof are essentially the same. In this text, both terms will be used interchangeably to refer to the same concept. But we would specifically mention where there are differences to be noted. 
Moonroof vs Sunroof vs Panoramic Sunroof moonroof infographic

Toyota SUVs with Sunroofs

Now let’s take a look at the Toyota suv with a sunroof.

Toyota  SUVs Model YearMoonroof/SunroofStandard with Trims
Toyota RAV42023
YesXLE Premium, Hybrid XLE Premium
Optional: TRD Off-Road, Hybrid XSE, Hybrid Limited, Limited, Adventure, 
Toyota Venza2023
YesOptional: Nightshade Edition, Limited 
Toyota Highlander2023
YesXLE, XSE, Limited, Platinum, Hybrid XLE, Hybrid Limited, Hybrid Platinum, Bronze Limited Edition 
Toyota 4Runner2023
YesLimited, 40th Anniversary Special Edition, TRD Pro
Toyota Sequoia2023
YesCapstone, Limited, TRD Pro, Platinum, SR5

Does Toyota RAV4 Have Sunroof?

The RAV4 is Toyota’s best-selling vehicle year after year. It is the best SUV that is both effective and efficient.

The RAV4 also has a sunroof and a moonroof as standard equipment in different trims. The sunroof is an optional feature on the XLE trim. Nonetheless, it is a standard feature on the XLE Premium and higher.

The moonroofs available are power tilt/ slide. They do not move fully like a panoramic moonroof.

The top-tier Limited trim level is the only one that offers the panoramic moonroof as part of an optional kit.

The dimensions of the panoramic sunroof are as below:

Length: 4615mm (181.7 inches)

Width: 1855mm (73.0 inches)

Height: 1690mm (66.5 inches)

The sunroof has a power slide/tilt option. You can adjust how much of the roof you want to be open with the push of a button. 

Exposure of Both the sunshade and the sunroof can be adjusted. The sunshade goes the whole way back. But the sunroof only opens partially.

The RAV4 starts from $27,575. [1]

Does Toyota Venza Have a Sunroof?

The Toyota Venza comes with a roof that is marketed by the company as a Stargaze panoramic roof. The Venza has a panoramic sunroof that may be opened if desired. 

The sunroof incorporates electrochromic glass into its construction. You may choose between a see-through and an opaque look.

You are free to alter it to the frosted condition whenever you choose. This is in order to reduce the amount of exposure to UV rays. And it will make it easier for the children in the rear to sleep. 

Frosted is the default setting for Star Gaze when the Venza is turned off. This prevents excess heat from accumulating inside the car. More importantly, it will ensure the Venza does not use any electricity while it is off.

The Toyota Venza has a special Midnight Edition in its 2023 lineup of trims. The Midnight Edition, along with the Limited trims of other years, have the sunroof as standard. While the XLE and LE have the sunroofs available only as an upgrade.

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A brand-new Venza will set you back at least $33,500. [2]

Does Toyota Highlander Have Sunroof?

The Highlander has both a front power tilt/slide moonroof and a panoramic glass roof with a sunshade. If you ask about Toyota Hybrid, get to know which Toyota Hybrid comes with a panoramic sunroof from here.

Both the sunshade and the moonroof have separate buttons that may be used to make adjustments to them. This provides you with the ability to regulate the amount of air and light that enters your vehicle according to your preferences.

The Toyota moonroof creates an upscale environment for the people within the vehicle.

The Bronze Edition trim is unique to the 2023 model and it comes with the moonroof as standard. XLE, Limited, Platinum, Hybrid XLE, Hybrid Limited, and Hybrid Platinum trim of all year have moonroofs as standard as well. 

Unfortunately, the L, LE, and XSE trims of the Highlander do not have optional moonroof upgrade packages.

The Toyota Highlanders prices start from $36,500. [3]

Does Toyota 4Runner Have a Sunroof?

The Limited, 40th Anniversary Special Edition, TRD Pro trims of the Toyota 4Runner come with moonroofs as standard. 

These models have an adjustable sunshade and moonroof. This gives you control over the airflow and sunlight inside your SUV. 

The SR5 Premium and TRD5 Off Road Premium have optional packages to get a moonroof in the SUV. 

But the SR5 and TRD5 Off-Road trim of the 4Runner have no upgradable package for a moonroof. 

However, the moonroof of the 4Runner comes at the cost of reduced headroom. A moonroof will reduce the headroom of the SUV by about 0.7 inches (from 39.3 inches to 38.6 inches). But the difference is barely noticeable and will not affect anyone’s experience of the SUV.

The price of 4Runner starts from $39,000. [4]

Does Toyota Sequoia Have Sunroof?

The Toyota Sequoia includes sliding and tilting glass that can open and close quickly. However, there is merely a sunroof for the front row, paired with a sunshade.

The Capstone is a 2023 exclusive trim of the Toyota Sequoia that comes standard with the moonroof. But the Platinum trim of every year has moonroofs as standard as well. These models have power sunshades.

The Toyota Sequoia Limited, TRD Pro, and SR5 also have moonroofs as standard.  But these models come with a sliding sunshade.

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Base model Sequoia starts from $58,300. [5]


The Toyota RAV4, Highlander, 4Runner, Sequoia, Venza and Land Cruiser are all SUVs with moonroofs. But only the Venza has a tinted moonroof.

Toyota Sunroof Problems

  • The leakage is one of the most significant issues with the sunroof. In addition, the likelihood of a roof leak is increased when it is a panoramic roof.
  • In automobiles equipped with a panoramic sunroof, the available headroom is somewhat reduced.
  • The sunroof may have an effect on the interior temperature, particularly during the warmest months of the summer. 
  • The inside is susceptible to damage during the winter months with the lowest temperatures. It’s possible that moisture will drop into the cabin as a result of the window’s condensation.


Leakage and interior temperature problems are the issues you might face with Toyota sunroofs.

Are Toyota SUVs with Sunroof Worth It?

Do not buy an SUV, or any car, based on whether it has a sunroof. All the SUVs listed are worth your money. But not particularly because of the sunroof or moonroof. 

Check whether the SUV you are looking into has the features you want. And consider the sunroof as an added benefit. Because a sunroof does not alone make an SUV worth it.


Toyota SUVs with sunroofs are worth it.

Does the Toyota XLE Have a Sunroof?

You can get a moonroof on the XLE trim, but it’s mostly included in the top-tier XLE Premium model only. Just the Limited trim level, as a component of a package, is offered with a panoramic moonroof.

What Are the Disadvantages of a Sunroof in a Car?

The added weight to the car is one of the main disadvantages of a sunroof. This in turn reduces fuel economy. A sunroof is also prone to leaking that can damage your car interior in rain. Furthermore, most of them use complex mechanisms that need regular maintenance.

Does Sunroof Weaken a Car?

Factory-designed sunroofs do not affect the integrity of a car at all. However, custom sunroofs undermine automobile safety. Modern automobiles have fixed floors and roofs to keep everything together. So a massive roof hole weakens the car’s upper half.


And with that we know Which Toyota Suv Has A Sunroof. Toyota RAV4, Venza, Highlander, 4Runner, Sequoia, and Land Cruiser are SUVs with sunroofs. 

Most of the SUVs have moonroofs instead of traditional sunroofs. Our guide should make it clear to you which is a sunroof and which is a moonroof. 

Good luck!

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