Who Makes Pathfinder Tires for Discount Tire?-[Answered!!]

A Korean company named Kumho Tires makes Pathfinder tires for Discount Tire. Kumho Tires were originally called Samyang Tire and changed its name in 1996. It’s famous for making affordable and dependable tires. They do not compromise on safety and performance. These tires can be found only at Discount Tires. 

But, there’s more to know about who makes pathfinder tires for discount tires. So, keep on reading our article to know more about it. 

Pathfinder Tires Manufacturer

As we mentioned, Pathfinder tires are made by Kumho Tires. Their main headquarters is in South Korea where they originated. They have three plants in South Korea:

  1. Gwangju Plant
  2. Goksung Plant
  3. Pyungtaek Plant

They also manufacture tires in China. These locations are preferred because of the availability of labor and various other products. 

Pathfinder Tires In China

As mentioned before, pathfinder tires are also made in China. The three main plants in China for manufacturing Pathfinder tires are:

  1. Gaoxin Plant
  2. Changchun Plant
  3. Tianjin Plant

Aside from these, there are two other plants: 

  1. Changchun Plant
  2. Nanjing Plant

Why Buy Pathfinder Tires?

Pathfinder Tires are popular for their overall performance. They provide quality tires at a decent value. Also, they come in these distinctive designs;

  1. Try-polymer Thread Compounds
  2. Solid Central Ribs
  3. Multiple Sips
  4. Wide Circumferential Grooves

Thus, they’re a good choice for buyers all over the world. You can purchase Pathfinder Tires from Discount Tires. It is the leading retailer of Pathfinder Tires. 

Are Pathfinder Tires Good?

Yes, Pathfinder Tires are good. Pathfinder Tires are one of the best options for trucks and SUVs. They’re quite durable for their price. Both Pathfinder sports and all-terrain tires provide excellent traction and perform well in all conditions. They guarantee optimal performance.  

But, even with their quality, some tires were called for recall. Previously, NHTSA announced That Discount Tire issued a recall for certain Pathfinder SAT tires. Some of their light rack tires were manufactured with a lower inner liner gauge. 

Which Pathfinder Tires Are The Best?

The Pathfinder All Terrain (A/T) and Pathfinder Sport A/T tires are the most popular Pathfinder Tires. There are multiple sizes available for both of these tires. Find the right size according to your vehicle’s model. 


What Is The Warranty For Pathfinder Tires?

The warranty for Pathfinder Tires is 55,000 miles limited treadwear warranty. The P metric fitments in the tires provide this long-lasting tread life. 

Pathfinder AT Tire Size And Fitment?

Pathfinder AT Tires are available between 15-20 inches. These Pathfinder AT tires can fit in SUVs and trucks like Chevrolet Tahoe, Ford-150, Nissan X-Terra, Dodge Durango, Jeep Wrangler, Grand Cherokee, GMC Sierra 1500, Ram 1500, Toyota 4 Runner, Fj Cruiser, Highlander, Hummer HT3, etc. 

Pathfinder HT Tire Design Features?

Pathfinder HT Tires provide good dry and wet conditions and decent steering. It also provides a comfortable ride and cornering response. They have wide circumferential grooves which help water to leave the tread surface. It also comes with a solid center tread block. 

What Is Discount Tire Known For?

Discount Tire is Known as America’s largest independent wheel and tire retailer. They have more than 100 locations across 35 states. Their variety of products, affordable prices, and expert staff make them stand out. 

Do Tire Brands Matter? 

Yes, tire brands do matter. A premium tire made by a trusted and reliable manufacturer will obviously provide better performance. They’ll be able to keep up in different road conditions for longer periods. The same can’t be expected from an unknown company’s cheap tire.

Bottom Line!!

Hope you liked the article about who makes pathfinder tires for discount tire. Still, we’d like you to know something. You should replace your Pathfinder tires every 50,000-60,000 miles. Thanks for staying with us. 

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