The 2006 Chevy Silverado Trailer Brake Wiring + Diagram!

To hold a large trailer with more than 3,000 lbs. load, it’s crucial to use the trailer brake (a small OEM device). It not only helps add towing safety but also provides instant stop during tough situations.

A lot of people look for the wiring connection of a 2006 Chevrolet Silverado as the user manual tends to show unclear info.

So, I think of showing the illustration with additional details so that you can easily understand each part and connection with no one’s help.

Let’s dive into the 2006 Chevy Silverado trailer brake wiring explanation along with a diagram!

 The 2006 Chevy Silverado Trailer Brake Wiring Diagram!

If you want to know the given diagram clearly, it’s better to access the tiny module by locating it on the dashboard in the tow vehicle (driver-side area). And then, look at the illustration and match it with yours.

2006 Chevy Silverado Trailer Brake Wiring Diagram!

Explaining The Major Parts

In the above 2006 Chevy Silverado trailer brake wiring diagram, you might have noticed a few essential parts like a 12V battery, trailer connector, 20A auto-reset circuit breaker, and brake light switch.  

All of these components play a major role to operate the function of the trailer brake through the wiring. Let me first break down each part character in the trailer brake so that you can understand the work easily:

  • 12V Battery: On the front side of your trailer (tow vehicle), you’ll find a black plastic box that contains positive and negative signs which is the 12V battery. The red wire from the 20A auto-reset circuit breaker connects to its positive side.
  • Trailer Connector: The blue wire of the trailer brake plug connects straightly to this part with the butt connector in between. It ensures a firm connection of the trailer brake (vehicle) to the tow vehicle.
  • 20A Auto-reset Circuit Breaker: This is a vital part that protects the electrical circuits to face uninvited overload or short circuits due to wire or fuse.
  • Brake Light Switch: It’s on the vehicle to ensure safe operation which connects via a red wire through 2 wires tap. This part later connects to the cold side of the brake pedal.

Explaining The Wiring Connection

Now that you have a proper idea about these components, I’m going to describe the wiring harness connection of the trailer brake diagram. Ready!

‘A’ Refers To Electric Brake Wire

This wire is essential that attach to the trailer brake plug pin to pass the needed signal to the trailer connector on the trailer side. It helps connect the trailer connector to shift to the electrical brake connector on the tow vehicle’s side.

‘B’ Refers To 12V Battery Wire (+)

The 12V battery wire fits inside the auxiliary power side of the 20A auto-reset circuit breaker. To ensure a strong connection, it uses a butt connector. This way it confirms to provide the maintenance power during the drive. In the nominal load, the wire can carry 12 volts of power.

‘C’ Refers To Brake Light Wire

In the 4-way trailer brake plug, this brake light wire tends to be one in shade (red) to connect on the left, right, and rear lighting connector to provide the signal. With the wire connection, it helps transfer the signals to the tow vehicle side so that all lighting operates properly.

‘D’ Refers To Ground Wire

To connects the trailer side ground to the tow vehicle side ground, the white wire sits on both sides that ensure a new electrical path to pass the earth. That way the overall connection of the trailer brake operates safely by cutting mishaps.

Chevy Silverado Trailer Brake Wiring Diagram Infographic

Color Code Of The 2006 Silverado Trailer Brake Plug Wiring.

It’s time to discover the color code of the 2006 Chevy Silverado trailer brake wiring harness if you don’t know. Here’s the most-asked color code table:

Trailer Brake WireWire ColorGaugeFunctionAttach On Trailer SideAttach On Vehicle Side
ABlue14 gaugeElectric brake wireOn the trailer connectorOn the electric brake connector
BBlack12 gauge or more12v battery wire (+)On the auxiliary powerOn the fused battery lead
CRed16 gaugeStoplight/ brake light wireOn the side and rear light areasOn the vehicle brake light switch
DWhite12 gauge or moreGround wire (–)On the trailer groundOn the frame of the vehicle ground

Overall Thoughts

That’s all that you need to see and learn about the 2006 Chevy Silverado trailer brake wiring. Hope the given diagram and extra data help you to get the nitty gritty.

In case you still find the diagram unclear, it’s better to consult with an auto expert who can get the job done for you. Or read the user manual taking your time. Dig deep – You Can Do It!

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