Can You Drive With Service StabiliTrak Light On?

You can drive with Service StabiliTrak light on, but it’s not recommended as you won’t get the StabiliTrak assist in sliding situations. StabiliTrak is a vehicle safety feature, and the light indicates that there is an issue with the system when it is on. So, you should diagnose and fix the issue before continuing to drive the car.

StabiliTrak is a safety feature of your vehicle. If you see the Service StabiliTrak warning light, you might be wondering if you can drive with the Service StabiliTrak light on. 

So, today I will be discussing can you drive with service StabiliTrak light on

Alright, let’s discuss if you can drive with the service StabiliTrak light on in detail.

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Can You Drive With Service Stabilitrak Light On?

It is generally not recommended to drive with the Service Stabilitrak system light on. This electronic stability control system helps your vehicle maintain stability and traction on the road. If the Service Stabilitrak light is on, it indicates something is wrong with the system, and it’s not functioning properly. 

Attempting to drive with the Service Stabilitrak system light on can put you and other drivers at risk of an accident when losing control. Get help from the mechanic to diagnose and fix the issue. The light should be gone after the problem is fixed.

Is It Safe to Drive With Service StabiliTrak Light On?

It’s generally not safe to drive the vehicle with the “service StabiliTrak” light on. As you already know, StabiliTrak is your vehicle’s safety feature that combines the wheel speed sensor, braking system (ABS), power steering sensor, and Engine Control Module.

If any of the sensors are not working, the driver may have a harder time maintaining control of the vehicle, which increases the risk of an accident. Additionally, it could also affect the performance of these features. When the Service StabiliTrak light is on, it is always best to have the vehicle checked by a mechanic as soon as possible.


Generally, it’s not safe to drive a vehicle with the StabiliTrak light on. It could affect vehicle stability and handling and increases the risk of accidents. Hence, ensure the vehicle is checked by a mechanic as soon as possible. 

What Happens If You Drive With StabiliTrak Light On?

Here are the possible consequences of driving with the StabiliTrak warning light on:

  1. Reduced vehicle stability and control, making steering and maneuvering riskier.
  2. Increased wear and tear of the tires due to wheel spin.
  3. It is possible for Stabilitrak to be damaged, resulting in costly repairs.
  4. Increased risk of skidding or sliding in wet or slippery road conditions.
  5. Increased risk of losing control at high-speed cornering.

Now let’s discuss why the service StabiliTrak warning light comes on and how to fix it.

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How Do I Fix Service StabiliTrak Warning Message?

Depending on its underlying cause, the Service StabiliTrak warning light can be repaired in several ways. In addition, different types of vehicles have different repair procedures. Since the StabiliTrak consists of critical control modules and sensors, any of them might have problems that need a proper diagnosis first.

A technician can help you identify the problem and diagnose the error codes to fix the issue. Your StabiliTrak warning can come on for many reasons, and there are different methods of fixing it. Read more about what does service StabiliTrak mean in different situations and how you fix it.

How to Prevent Service StabiliTrak Light from Coming On?

Here are some steps you can take to maintain the StabiliTrak system in your vehicle:

  1. Maintain the recommended tire pressure level according to your vehicle’s manual.
  2. Rotate your tires as per the manufacturer’s recommendation.
  3. Inspect the brakes and brake pads. If the pads are worn or damaged, they should be replaced immediately.
  4. Have your vehicle’s suspension system inspected and serviced as needed.
  5. Have your vehicle’s steering and alignment checked regularly.
  6. Have your vehicle’s wheels balanced and aligned as needed.
  7. Regularly check your vehicle’s battery, charging system, and electrical connections.
  8. Keep the vehicle software updated if there is any update from the manufacturer.
  9. Check the vehicle for any warning lights and repair them if necessary.

By following the above maintenance tips, you can prevent StabiliTrak issues.


Why Won’t the StabiliTrak Light Turn Off?

The StabiliTrak warning light won’t turn off if your vehicle has worn-out brake pads, steering or alignment issues, sensor malfunction, and a weak battery. Also, electrical problems, faulty control modules, or software issues are other reasons that the StabiliTrak light is on. The light should be gone as soon as you fix the underlying issue.

What Sensor Controls Stabilitrak?

The StabiliTrak system uses various sensors to monitor the vehicle’s movements, including the yaw rate sensor, lateral accelerometer, steering angle sensor, wheel speed sensor, and brake pressure sensor. These sensors work together to detect and correct any loss of traction or stability while driving.

Is It Expensive To Fix Stabilitrak?

Ideally, the StabiliTrak system malfunction repair cost may range between $80 to $200, including the parts and labor cost. If you want to replace only the traction control switch, it may cost you anything between $80-$90. The price ranges may vary depending on the part’s availability, build quality, brand, vat/tax, etc.

Can StabiliTrak Turn On Automatically While Driving?

Yes, in some cars like Chevrolet and GMC, the StabiliTrak feature may automatically turn on when the vehicle reaches at least 56 km/h or 34.8 mp/h for safety purposes. This helps when you forget to turn on the StabiliTrak or if you have left it disabled. Remember, however, that the traction control system remains turned off.


That was everything on your query: can you drive with service StabiliTrak light on? Thank you for your patience. Hopefully, you got all the answers and the importance of fixing the service StabiliTrak as soon as possible. 

Never ignore the StabiliTrak warning light and any other engine checks light indication. Ignoring potential symptoms may put you and your family at greater risk.

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