How To Reset Service Stabilitrak Light? [Chevrolet, GMC, and Volkswagen]

To reset the service StabiliTrak light, press and hold the StabiliTrak button until the service StabiliTrak warning goes away. You can also reset the system by disconnecting the negative cable from the battery or using a scanning tool.

Service StabiliTrak light can be annoying sometimes, especially when you’ve fixed the issue, but the warning is still there. With a few simple steps, you can reset the light.

So, today I’ll show you how to reset service StabiliTrak light.

 However, remember that you must first fix the underlying problem. 

Now, let’s discuss the methods of resetting the service StabiliTrak warning light. But before that, let’s find out if you should reset it or not.

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Should You Reset Service StabiliTrak Light?

It is unnecessary to reset the Service StabiliTrak warning light every time it comes on. It  will automatically turn off when the issue that caused it to activate is resolved. However, If the light is on due to a malfunction in the StabiliTrak system, it should be checked by a qualified mechanic as soon as possible. 

Also, if you have fixed the StabiliTrak issue and the light is still on, performing a reset will make the light go away. Hence, you should first inspect the reason for the warning light before resetting it. Otherwise, your car’s safety will be compromised.

How to Reset Service Stabilitrak Light?

Resetting the service StabiliTrak warning light differs depending on the different types of vehicles. There’s a general on-the-go procedure to reset service stabiliTrak, you can jump to this here. Let’s find out how to reset the service StabiliTrak on Chevy, GMC, and Cadillac CTS as follows.

How to Reset Service StabiliTrak Light on Chevy?

All the Chevrolet models, including Chevy Cruze, Chevy Malibu, Chevy Impala, Chevy Equinox, and Chevy Silverado, come with the same reset procedure. Let’s check it out.

To reset the Service StabiliTrak warning light, follow the below steps thoroughly:

Step 1: Locate the StabiliTrak Button; the location may vary depending on your vehicle’s model year. You can find the StabiliTrak button location in your user manual.

Step 2: Pressing the button once will turn off the Traction control. So, quickly press the button two times and hold it at the second press until the Service StabiliTrak dialogue disappears.

Step 4: Finally, release the button, and the reset has been done successfully. You can now go for a ride without worrying (If there’s no issue with the StabiliTrak).


If the service StabiliTrak light comes again, it indicates the problem still remains, and you need to fix it before attempting to reset it again.

How to Reset Service StabiliTrak Light on GMC?

Please follow these steps correctly to reset the service StabiliTrak light on GMC vehicles.

  1. Turn off the car and let it sit for about 15 minutes.
  2. Turn your key to the on position but don’t start the vehicle.
  3. Press the gas pedal down five times within five seconds. (Use the clutch if your car has a manual transmission)
  4. The light should go off at this point. If it does not, turn off the car and wait 10 seconds before trying it again.
  5. Repeat this process 2 to 3 times until the light goes away.

If you have a GMC Sierra or Acadia, refer to the below resetting procedure.

  1. Stop the vehicle in a safe spot.
  2. Turn the engine off for at least 15 seconds.
  3. Turn the engine on again to verify the warning is gone.

In this way, you can easily reset the service StabiliTrak warning. If the warning reappears, it means the problem isn’t solved. The vehicle is, to some extent, safe to drive however, you won’t have the StabiliTrak feature for better stability and handling.

The service StabiliTrak light on Sierra and Acadia GMC vehicles has been reset.

How to Reset Service StabiliTrak Light on Volkswagen?

To reset the StabiliTrak light on Volkswagen vehicles, simply locate the ESP/ASR button. Press and hold the button until the service Stabilitrak warning lights go away. There’s also an alternative method available to reset the StabiliTrak without using the ESP/ASR button called “Dyno Mode” Watch the below video 

How to Reset Service StabiliTrak Light on Cadillac CTS?

To reset the service StabiliTrak light on Cadillac CTS, turn it off by pressing the stabiliTrak button once, and you’ll see “Traction control: off, Stability Control: on.” Pressing it again would engage the “StabiliTrak Competitive Mode.” Finally, press again and hold for about 5-6 seconds.

You’ll get the message that Traction Control and Stability Control are off. Now you can either keep it off or turn both back on by pressing it again. That’s how you can reset the service StabiliTrak warning message in your Cadillac CTS.

Consider watching this video tutorial:  Cadillac CTS Traction & Stabilitrak OFF

How to Reset Service StabiliTrak Without a Scan Tool?

Follow the steps below to reset the service StabiliTrak without a scan tool in cars like Volkswagen. 

Step 1: Park or place your vehicle in a suitable place.

Step 2: Turn the ignition off and put the key out.

Step 3: Remove the negative terminal of the battery.

Step 4: Wait for at least 5 mins and re-connect.

Step 5: Allow the engine some time to refresh the system.

Step 6: Turn the engine on, and the warning should go away. 

How to Reset Service StabiliTrak With a Scan Tool?

There are OBD scanners available that you can use to diagnose and reset the service StabiliTrak error codes. Here’s how you can do it, follow the below steps:

  1. Turn off the ignition and locate the vehicle’s diagnostic port. It’s usually located  under the dashboard; check the user manual for the exact location. 
  2. Plug in a car diagnostics (OBD) scanner. Then put the key in the “On” position.
  3. Let the scanner detect your vehicle and diagnose the car for trouble codes.
  4. Once the trouble is diagnosed, attempt to clear the fault codes. (Remember, you can only clear the codes after fixing all the stability-related issues)
  5. Once the problems are cleared, turn off the ignition and disconnect the scanner.
  6. Wait for at least 10 to 30 seconds, then turn the engine on to verify.


OBD scanner will only clear the fault codes. If the underlying problem is not fixed, the code will reappear. So, ensure to fix the issue rather than just clearing it.

Following the above steps, you can easily reset StabiliTrak using the scanner tool. If you don’t want to use a scan tool, here’s how you can reset StabiliTrak without a scan tool.

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What Things to Consider While Resetting StabiliTrak Light?

When resetting the StabiliTrak light, it is important to consider the following steps:

  1. Check the owner’s manual for the vehicle to ensure the light is related to StabiliTrak and not another system.
  2. Check the vehicle’s on-board diagnostic system (OBD) to identify any trouble codes associated with the StabiliTrak system.
  3. Inspect the wheel speed sensors and other components associated with the system for any signs of malfunction or damage.
  4. Replace any damaged or malfunctioning components.
  5. Have the system tested by a professional, if necessary.

Do not ignore the StabiliTrak warning light and the potential symptoms as this may result in unexpected consequences like it may cause the car not to start . Also, It can reappear if you reset the warning code without solving the underlying issue. Further, if the problem is severe, it may lead to further damage to the car and expensive repairs.

How Long Does It Take to Reset Service StabiliTrak Light?

The time it takes to reset the Service StabiliTrak system can vary depending on the make and model of the vehicle, as well as the method used to reset the system. The process of resetting the system should generally take a few minutes using a scan tool.

If you are using the method of pressing the brake pedal and the gas pedal, it should take about 5 seconds for the service light to turn off, indicating that the system has been reset. Additionally, If the reset is done by a professional, it may take longer, depending on the issue that needs to be fixed and the complexity of the problem.


Does Stabilitrak Make Car Shake?

Yes, it does make the car shake. The StabiliTrak system helps improve car stability by applying brakes to specific wheels. It should not cause the car to shake, but if it malfunctions, it may cause vibrations and turn on the “Service StabiliTrak” warning message. To avoid any safety hazards, have it checked by a professional.

Can You Tune Out StabiliTrak?

You can tune out StabiliTrak, however, it’s not recommended as it’s an important safety feature closely related to the ABS system. Instead of disabling the entire system, consider adjusting some of the torque management settings on the engine and traction control. But if you’re a professional racer, you can continue tuning.

How Do I Clear a Stabilitrak Code?

StabiliTrak error codes can be cleared by fixing the underlying issue. If you’ve fixed the issue, but the code is still there, restart your vehicle, and the code should be gone. If that doesn’t work, locate the StabiliTrak fuse on the fusebox, unplug it, wait for 10 minutes, then reinsert it. To verify the code has been removed, start the engine.


That was everything I had to say on your query: how to reset service StabiliTrak light. I hope I covered everything regarding the query and did not miss anything. 

Always inspect and fix the issue when the service StabiliTrak warning appears as soon as possible. Otherwise, you may put yourself and your family at risk. Thank you for your patience and for staying with me till the end. Goodbye.

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