Can Stabilitrak Cause Car Not to Start? Get the Facts!

Since StabiliTrak is not directly linked to your car’s ignition, it cannot prevent it from starting in most cases. However, if there are other underlying issues along with the service StabiliTrak such as the Check engine light on, Battery warning light, and PCM malfunction can cause the car not to start.

Are you experiencing trouble starting your car? Is your service StabiliTrak light on, and you’re trying to figure out why?

Today, I’m here to help you understand can StabiliTrak cause car not to start.

Let’s discuss the ins and outs of StabiliTrak and how it can cause your car not to start.

Can Service StabiliTrak Cause Car Not to Start?

Stabilitrak doesn’t have any direct effect on the car start. However, there might be other reasons why the service StabiliTrak may malfunction and lead to the car not starting. The possible reasons include battery issues and powertrain control module PCM malfunction.

If you see the Service StabiliTrak warning message in your vehicle, it means the system has an issue you need to fix. StabiliTrak uses several sensors, like the wheel speed sensor, the yaw rate sensor, the power steering sensor, and the lateral accelerometer. 

It’s possible that one of the sensors is malfunctioning and needs an immediate fix.

If you don’t fix the car’s StabiliTrak system it means no access to the vehicle’s handling and stability control but it won’t prevent your car from starting. However, If there are any engine complications, malfunctions in the PCM that can cause your car not to start.

So, ensure that only service stabiliTrak is showing or there are other error dialogues or warning lights (e.g. Check Engine light or Battery warning light) displaying in the information cluster. It might be any other issue that’s causing your car not to start that you need to look out for. Here are some major reasons why your car is not starting:

PCM-Related Issues

  1. Faulty ignition switch
  2. Damaged spark plug.
  3. Failed fuel pump.
  4. Clogged fuel filter.
  5. Contaminated ignition oil.
  6. Transmission failure.

Battery-related Issues

  1. Dead or weak car battery.
  2. Corroded battery connection.
  3. Faulty car alternator.


Generally, stabiliTrak issues don’t disrupt your vehicle’s startup. If the StabiliTrak malfunctions there won’t be handling assists or traction control but the car should start. It might be an issue with the PCM or the car battery.

Can Stabilitrak Cause the Car to Stall?

The answer is yes; When the wheels lose traction, the engine revs up to regain it. The traction control system may interpret this as a warning sign and engage the brakes, bringing the car to a sudden stop. There is also the possibility that the vehicle does not have enough power to overcome the obstacle, causing the engine to stall.

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If Not StabiliTrak, What Can Stop The Car From Starting?

As mentioned, Power Control Module (PCM) and battery-related issues can cause the car not to start since they are correlated. Now, let’s discuss them in detail. 

PCM Related Issues


The PCM is a computerized device that controls various powertrain functions, including the engine and transmission. To enhance stability and handling, StabiliTrak monitors the vehicle’s movement and adjusts engine power and brakes accordingly.

The PCM receives input from the StabiliTrak sensors and uses that information to control the powertrain accordingly. If StabiliTrak is not working properly, the PCM may have trouble controlling the powertrain, resulting in car starting problems. Possible PCM failure issues that can prevent your car from starting include: 

Faulty Ignition Switch

The ignition switch is one of the crucial components that are responsible for starting the engine. It carries the power required to start the vehicle from the battery to the engine. So, if the ignition switch gets damaged or malfunctions it can cause your car not to start.

Damaged Spark Plug

A spark plug works by creating a spark of electricity that ignites the fuel & air mixture in the engine’s cylinders. Hence, if the spark plug is defective or damaged it won’t be able to create the necessary spark required for engine combustion.

Failed Fuel Pump

The fuel pump’s job is to deliver fuel from the fuel tank to the engine, where it’s mixed with air and burned to create power. If the fuel pump fails or is not working properly, it can prevent the engine from getting the fuel it needs to start.

Clogged Fuel Filter

In the fuel system, fuel filters filter out impurities from fuel before they reach the engine. The fuel filter can become clogged with debris and contaminants over time, preventing fuel from flowing to the engine. If the fuel filter is clogged, the engine cannot get the fuel it needs to start.

Transmission Failure

The transmission system is not directly linked with a vehicle’s starting. So, it doesn’t have any direct effect on your car’s starter system. Transmission problems can, however, result in PCM problems, which ultimately prevent the vehicle from starting.

Battery Related Issues


  1. Service StabiliTrak light on
  2. Battery warning light on

Battery problems are another reason your car won’t start. The battery is responsible for delivering all the power demands of the sensors, control modules, and all the electronic components of your vehicle. Here’s how it can turn your car into a non-stating condition.

Dead Or Weak Car Battery

The battery is the source of electrical power that is used to start the engine and run electrical systems when the engine is not running. If the battery is dead or too weak to hold its charge, it won’t be able to provide the necessary power to start the engine.

Corroded Battery Connection

The battery connections are the points where the battery is connected to the car’s electrical system. Corrosion can occur over time in the battery terminals. If the connections are corroded, they can prevent the necessary power from reaching the starter, causing the car not to start.

Faulty Car Alternator

Alternators generate electrical power for the car’s electrical systems and charge the battery while the engine is running. They aren’t directly related to the starter system of a vehicle. However, if the alternator is faulty it won’t be able to properly charge the battery. Due to this, the battery becomes weak and is unable to power the starter.


The StabiliTrak system isn’t directly related to your car’s starter system so, it cannot prevent your car from starting. However, issues with the Power Control Module (PCM) and battery-related issues can cause your car not to start at all.

Can Service StabiliTrak Affect the Engine If Not Fixed?

Now the question is, can Service StabiliTrak affect the engine If not fixed in the long run? The answer is yes, it can. Although it’s completely safe to drive the car with the service StabiliTrak warning message for some kilometers, it will affect the engine’s performance if the issue is not fixed. Hence, immediate diagnosis and fix are a must.


Can Stabilitrak Cause Transmission Problems?

If the StabiliTrak system is not functioning properly, it can cause the transmission to shift erratically or not shift at all. StabiliTrak system malfunctions can cause issues with the transmission by sending incorrect signals to the engine control module (ECM), leading to transmission problems.

Does Traction Control Reduce Engine Power?

Yes, traction control reduces engine throttle and automatically applies the brakes during extreme driving situations. The traction control system reduces engine power, limiting wheel spin and bringing the car back on track. When the system malfunctions, it can incorrectly reduce the engine speed.

Is Stabilitrak Covered Under Warranty?

Yes, It is covered under the manufacturer’s warranty and can be repaired or replaced if necessary. The exact coverage and terms vary between manufacturers. So be sure to refer to the warranty documents for your particular vehicle. The warranty may be voided if you attempt to do anything using a third party.


Thank you for your patience. That was everything on the query: can StabiliTrak cause car not to start? Hopefully, you’ve got the answers and the idea of how StabiliTrak can prevent your car from starting. 

Keep an eye out for warning lights and error codes. Taking the necessary steps beforehand can save you from costly repairs. No more today. Goodbye, see you later.

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