Can a Bad Battery Cause StabiliTrak? Check It Out!

Yes, as StabiliTrak relies on batteries for power, a bad battery will make it difficult to perform properly. The StabiliTrak system controls vehicle traction and handling using sensors such as the wheel speed sensor, power steering sensor, etc. The system will fail if the battery fails to power these sensors.

Ever wondered whether a bad battery can cause StabiliTrak malfunction? Although your car’s battery is not directly linked to the StabiliTrak system, it can affect the stability and handling of the vehicle. Also, you should be aware of some other issues.

So, today I will explain can a bad battery cause StabiliTrak. 

Now let’s move on to the detailed discussion of whether a bad battery can cause StabiliTrak and understand all the technical aspects.

How Do StabiliTrak and Batteries Are Related?

StabiliTrak relies on several components to function, including the battery. The battery provides the power needed by the sensors to function properly. Without a properly functioning battery, StabiliTrak won’t be able to detect and correct vehicle direction properly. This could lead to loss of control of the car and increased crash risk.

Hence, StabiliTrak and the battery must both be in good working order. The StabiliTrak system and the battery should be checked regularly to ensure maximum protection. That’s the relation between StabiliTrak and the battery.

Can a Bad Battery Cause Service StabiliTrak?

Stabilitrak sensors include the power steering sensor, wheel speed tracking sensor, yaw rate sensor, and ABS brake control sensor. All of these sensors draw power from the vehicle battery to function properly. If the battery is weak or damaged, it means it will fail to deliver the necessary power to these sensors for the StabiliTrak to work properly.

As a result, the StabiliTrak system won’t work as expected, increasing the chances of accidents. That’s why ensuring the battery’s condition is good is a must. Hence, a bad battery can cause service StabiliTrak, and you should immediately get it fixed.

Why Does a Bad Battery Cause Service StabiliTrak?

As we already know, the StabiliTrak sensors need battery power to function properly. The StabiliTrak will malfunction if the battery cannot provide enough power to the sensor. Now, let’s get more technical and thoroughly inspect why a bad battery causes service StabiliTrak. The reasons are as follows:

Reason 1: Insufficient Power

Having a bad battery will prevent the StabiliTrak system from getting enough power to the sensors and to the control modules. This can cause the sensors to malfunction or the control modules not to receive the correct information, resulting in the system not working properly and triggering the “Service StabiliTrak” message.

Reason 2: TCM Malfunction

The Traction Control Module (TCM) processes the sensor data and sends commands to the brakes and engine to help maintain vehicle traction and stability. When the battery is not providing enough power, voltage drops and fluctuations can interfere with these sensor signals, causing the StabiliTrak system to malfunction and trigger a warning.

Reason 3: Voltage Fluctuation

A weak battery can also cause voltage fluctuation, affecting the sensors and control module. This can result in a malfunction triggering the “Service StabiliTrak” message. This means you won’t be able to use the safety feature unless it gets fixed.

Reason 4: Faulty Wirings and Connection

If the battery has faulty wiring, wiring harness or corroded terminals, it will malfunction. You should inspect the terminals for debris and corrosion and clean them thoroughly. Also, inspect the wirings for frayed or burnt wires and replace them accordingly.


The reason that causes service StabiliTrak error include software corruption, insufficient power, voltage fluctuation, faulty wirings or connections, etc.

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The Symptoms of Service StabiliTrak Due to Bad Battery

If the battery simply needs recharging, you don’t have to worry about it. Once the alternator charges the battery, the service StabiliTrak error should go away after a simple restart. However, if the battery is defective, the following symptoms may occur when the StabiliTrak system malfunctions. Here goes the list.

  • “Service StabiliTrak” dialogue: The message may appear on the dashboard, indicating that the system has detected a problem.
  • Check engine light: If the battery is weak, it cannot deliver adequate power sources to the electrical components. As a result, it affects the StabiliTrak system and the crucial sensors attached to it. You’ll get the check engine light error.
  • Reduced stability and traction: Lack of power may cause the sensor to read and deliver incorrect readings to the Stability Control Mode (SCM). This will result in service StabiliTrak error and reduced stability and traction control

If you face any of these symptoms, get your vehicle checked by an expert. Now the question is, having these symptoms can you drive the car with service stabilitrak light on or not. The answer is no and even if you can’t you shouldn’t drive the car unless it’s fixed. Alright, let’s find out how to prevent the battery from causing service StabiliTrak.


The possible symptoms of service StabiliTrak due to a bad battery include a “service stabiliTrak” warning message, reduced vehicle stability/traction, reduced engine power and braking control, engine check light, etc.

How to Prevent the Battery from Causing Service StabiliTrak?

To prevent the battery from causing any stability issues, you should regularly maintain the battery. Here are some steps that can be taken to prevent a bad battery from causing the “Service StabiliTrak” error.

  • Check the battery’s charge regularly: Use a multimeter to check its voltage; if the voltage is lower than 12 volts, charging the battery properly will fix the issue. If the voltage is below 9.5, you’ll have to replace the battery.
  • Pay attention to the warning lights: If the battery warning light comes on, it indicates the battery is not working properly.
  • Don’t miss routine maintenance: Always check the battery during regular maintenance to ensure it’s in good condition.
  • Keep the battery terminals clean: Clean the battery terminals and cable ends to ensure a good electrical connection.
  • Use heavy-duty wires: Always use heavy-duty wires (6-gauge) on the battery terminals since it has a cross-section that is 58.9% larger than the 8-gauge wire. As a result, it can handle high temperatures and have higher ampacity. 

Following these steps can prevent the battery from causing the “Service StabiliTrak” warning message. If everything is functioning correctly but the warning message is still there simply perform a reset, see how to reset service Stabilitrak light.


Is Stabilitrak Expensive To Repair?

No, Stabilitrak repairs come with an affordable price tag despite the complexity. On average, a Stabilitrak repair will cost between $80 and $200, including parts and labor. The cost is relatively low, given the complexity of these systems. However, the cost may differ based on factors like where you live, vat/tax, and shipping cost.

How Do I Permanently Disable Stabilitrak?

To permanently disable the StabiliTrak system, you need to remove the fuse (if you have any) and disconnect the wirings. However, it’s highly discouraged to disable your vehicle’s StabiliTrak system unless you know what you are doing. If you’re a regular user, disabling it will put you at greater risk while driving.

Where are The Stabilitrak Sensors Located?

StabiliTrak has various sensors that are located on different areas of the vehicle. For instance, the wheel speed sensors are located on each wheel, the steering wheel sensor is located in the steering column, and the yaw rate sensor is typically located on the vehicle’s body. Similarly, the brake sensors are located on the brake control module.

Can Stabilitrak Light Go Away?

The StabiliTrak light can disappear if the issue is fixed. It can be a temporary problem like a loose sensor or software glitch; in these cases, it will disappear after resetting. But if it’s a serious issue like a malfunctioning sensor or control module problem, it will only disappear once fixed. For diagnosis and repair, you should consult a mechanic.

The Bottom Line

That was everything on your query on can a bad battery cause StabiliTrak. I hope the answers were clear and concise. Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to maintain the battery properly and troubleshoot the service StabiliTrak error.

Thank you for your patience. I will meet you at the next one, Goodbye.

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