F150 Sunroof Won’t Close: Solved!

F150 sunroof won’t close because of having dead motors, faulty switch or blown fuse, broken track or cable, damaged seal, and bonding issues. To fix these problems first try manually closing the sunroof. But if it doesn’t work,  examine the sunroof to address particular issues such as fixing a switch or a blown fuse. The control module needs to be replaced if none of these fixes are successful. 

So, the F150 sunroof won’t close properly? How can you fix this problem? To know more solutions for F150 sunroof issues go through the whole article.

Ford F150 Sunroof Won’t Close: Problems, Reasons, & Solutions

Having a Dead Motor1. Wear and tear
2. Electrical problems
3. Physical damage 
1. Remove The Headliner
2. Removing The Motor
3. Install a new motor
4. Reinstall the headliner
Bonding problems
1. Adhesive bond degrades over time
2. The glass or frame of the sunroof is harmed
1. Remove the sunroof glass from the frame
2. Clean the Bonding Area
3. Apply new adhesive
4. Replace the sunroof glass
Having a Faulty Switch and a Blown Fuse1. Due to a broken switch/blown fuse
2. Electrical issues
1. Replace the switch or fuse
2. Test the sunroof
3. Check other parts like the motor, wiring
Broken track or cable1. Improper maintenance
2. Physical damage
1. Track and cable inspection Replace the track or cable
2. Reinstall the sunroof glass
Sunroof Seal1. Exposure to harsh weather conditions
2. Wear and tear over time
1. Adjusting the sunroof mechanism 
2. Cleaning the seal

Problem 1: Having a Dead Motor


A dead or malfunctioning sunroof motor in an F150 may stop the sunroof from closing. The sunroof motor controls its opening and shutting, therefore if it breaks down, the sunroof will not be able to move.

However, the reason for sunroof motor failure or death includes wear and tear, electrical problems, or physical damage to the sunroof area. You must examine the motor and any related electrical components in order to determine the cause of a dead sunroof motor. 


To fix a dead motor you need to follow the steps given below:

Step 1:Remove The Headliner

Follow the process to remove the headliner from your F150

  1. Remove the sun visors by unscrewing them from the roof of the F150.
  2. Remove the plastic trim pieces that run along the sides of the headliner. These can be pried off with a trim removal tool.
  3. Remove the dome light by gently pulling it down from the headliner. Disconnect the electrical connector.
  4. Remove any other accessories that are attached to the headliner, such as grab handles or coat hooks.
  5. Carefully pull the headliner down from the roof of the truck. It may be necessary to bend it slightly to get it out.

Step 2: Removing The Motor

To remove the motor, locate it on the back of the headliner. It will be attached with screws. Remove these screws to detach the motor from the headliner.

To remove the motor, you might need to remove any mounting bolts or electrical connections.

Step 3:Install a new motor

Then you should install a new sunroof motor and reattach any mounting bolts or electrical connections that were severed during removal.

Step 4: Test the sunroof

Then you have to test the sunroof to make sure it is operating correctly after installing the new motor. To make sure it is functioning properly, test the sunroof switch and motor.

Step 5: Reinstall the headliner

Then reattach the headliner and any other parts that were taken out during the repair.

For the repair to be done effectively and securely, it’s essential to have proper knowledge and safety precautions. 

Problem 2: Bonding Problems


Bonding problems in a sunroof refer to issues with the adhesive bonding that binds the sunroof glass to the sunroof frame. Bonding issues might arise if the adhesive bond degrades over time or if the glass or frame of the sunroof is harmed. 

This might result in the sunroof glass to loose or out of place. That can prevent the sunroof from closing correctly or enable water to flow into the cabin.


Step 1: Remove the sunroof glass from the frame

Start by removing any sun visors or coat hooks that may obstruct the removal process. Then, carefully lift the sunroof glass out of the frame. Locate the nuts that secure the sunroof glass to the frame and remove it. Once the nuts are removed, gently push the sunroof glass upward to disengage it from the frame It may be held in place by magnets or other fasteners.

To remove the glass you need to use some tools. So the tools required for the process are:

  1. Screwdrivers
  2. Socket set
  3. Scraper
  4. Razor blade or knife
  5. ratchet
  6. Cleaning substitute

Step 2: Clean the Bonding Area

The bonding area has to be properly cleansed to remove any dirt or debris that can get in the way of the new adhesive bond. You will need rubbing alcohol, a clean cloth, and a scraper or a plastic tool.

Begin by removing any large debris or dirt from the bonding area. Use a scraper or a plastic tool to gently remove any dirt or debris that has accumulated in the area. If it is not possible to remove the dirt with a scraper then use a knife.

Then Dampen a clean cloth with rubbing alcohol. Be sure to wear gloves to avoid getting alcohol on your skin. Wipe the bonding area with the cloth, making sure to remove any remaining debris.

Step 3: Apply new adhesive

In accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations, you should apply a fresh adhesive bonding solution to the sunroof frame and glass.

Step 4: Replace the sunroof glass or bond

If your sunroof glass is broken or damaged then Cautiously reinstall the sunroof glass onto the frame. Don’t forget to apply the glue and let it dry in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

But if your sunroof glass is alright then you don’t need to replace it. You just need to fix the faulty bond in your sunroof.

Step 5: Test the sunroof

Test the sunroof to make sure it is working correctly and that there are no leaks. Once the glue has had time to dry the leaks of the bond will easily be filled with glue. 

For fixing the sunroof effectively and applying the bonding solution properly, it is important to use the right equipment.

Problem 3: Having a Faulty Switch and a Blown Fuse


The part that instructs the motor to open or close the sunroof is the sunroof switch. While the sunroof motor is powered by an electrical circuit that includes a fuse. The sunroof may not respond or just partially open or shut due to a broken switch. However, if the fuse fails, the sunroof motor might completely stop operating. 


An expert may take the following actions to resolve these problems:

Step 1: Check the fuse and switch

First, you have to make sure that the fuse and switch for the sunroof are in good working order. The fuse box in a Ford F-150 is typically located under the dashboard on the driver’s side of the vehicle. There may also be a fuse box under the hoodTo check for continuity and resistance, they may use a multimeter to test the switch and fuse.

Touch the multimeter leads to the terminals on the switch. The multimeter should indicate a reading of zero or near zero ohms if the switch is working properly. If the reading is higher, the switch may be faulty.

Step 2: Replace the switch or fuse

Then you need to install a new switch or fuse if the old one is confirmed to be defective. To access the switch or fuse, may require taking apart components.

First, take the new fuse or switch that you have purchased, making sure it is the correct replacement part for your vehicle, and insert it into the empty socket or plug it into the wiring harness.

It is important to note that when replacing the faulty component, you should handle it carefully to avoid damaging it further or injuring yourself. It is also recommended to wear gloves and eye protection for added safety.

Step 3: Test the sunroof

Then you need to test the sunroof to make sure it is operating correctly after changing the switch or fuse. To make sure they are operating as intended, they may test the switch and motor for the sunroof.

It is better if a certified mechanic carries out this procedure to guarantee accurate diagnosis and secure repair. 

Problem 4: Broken Track Or Cable


A sunroof’s inability to close correctly might also be caused by a damaged track or cable. The cable moves the sunroof glass, while the track serves as a guide for the sunroof’s movement when it opens and shuts. 

The sunroof may not function properly and may become caught or not close all the way if the track or the cable sustains damage.


Follow the steps below to fix the issue but the steps are complex so the user may need the help of a technician

Step 1: Remove the sunroof glass

In order to reach the sunroof track and cable, you must remove the sunroof glass from the frame. To know the detailed process of removing the sunroof glass have a look at the above section.

Step 2:Track and cable inspection 

Then look for any wear or damage to the track and cable of the sunroof.

Step 3: Replace the track or cable

The technician will replace the track or cable with a new one if it is discovered to be worn out or broken.  In some cases, removing the rear panel of the panoramic sunroof may be necessary to access the cable or tracks. 

Pull down the rear panel from the sunroof opening. It is held in place by magnets. If there are any electrical connectors attached to the rear panel, disconnect them carefully. Once the rear panel is disconnected, remove it from the vehicle.

Step 4: Reinstall the sunroof glass

Replacing the track or cable is followed by carefully reinstalling the sunroof glass onto the frame.

Step 4: Test the sunroof

Then you need to test the sunroof to make sure it is operating correctly and that there are no leaks after replacing the track or cable. 

For the repair to be done effectively and securely, it’s crucial to have a competent technician do these procedures. 

Problem 5: Sunroof Seal


A broken, worn, or improperly functioning seal surrounding your sunroof may be the cause of any sunroof seal issues you are experiencing. This could result in problems like wind noise and water leakage. 

Its performance can occasionally be enhanced by adjusting the sunroof mechanism or cleaning the seal. However, if the issue is more serious, it could need to be fixed professionally or replaced soon.


If you’re experiencing a sunroof seal problem, here are some potential solutions for you:

Tools required:

  1. Cleaning particle
  2. Screwdriver
  3. Socket set
  4. Wiping cloth

Step 1: Clean the sunroof seal

As dirt, debris, and other pollutants build up over time, the seal may become less effective. Try wiping the seal down with a soft cloth and a mild cleanser. Avoid using any strong chemicals since they can harm the seal.

Step 2: Adjust the sunroof mechanism

To adjust the sunroof after cleaning the seal you can follow the process:

  1. Locate the glass retaining screw, which holds the sunroof glass in place. Loosen the screw just enough to allow movement of the glass.
  2. With the glass retaining screw loosened, carefully move the glass to the desired position. You can adjust it to ensure a proper seal with the sunroof seal.
  3. Once you have adjusted the glass position, tighten the glass retaining screw securely. Make sure it is tightened enough to hold the glass in place but not too tight to cause damage.

Step 3: Replace the sunroof seal if necessary

If the seal is worn out or broken, it may need to be replaced very soon. Replacement seals are available from the manufacturer of the vehicle or from an auto parts retailer.

To gently remove the old seal, use a putty knife or a plastic trim removal tool. Be careful not to scratch the surrounding surface or the sunroof frame. Use a solvent, such as acetone, to soften the adhesive if the seal is stuck to the object with glue before attempting to remove it.

Clean the bonding area with a degreaser or an alcohol-based cleaner once the initial seal has been taken off to get rid of any leftover adhesive or dirt. Before moving forward, let the area totally dry.

Starting at one corner and working your way around the perimeter of the sunroof frame, apply the new sunroof seal to the bonding area. Ensure that the seal is applied uniformly and that it follows the shape of the frame.

Ultimately, the best solution for fixing a sunroof seal problem will depend on the nature and severity of the issue.

How to Calibrate the Sunroof on F150?

When you can not find the specific issue that causes your sunroof not to close properly then you can try the sunroof calibration procedure. You may use the methods below to calibrate the sunroof on a Ford F150:

Step 1: Close the sunroof completely

Close the sunroof entirely by using the controls on the sunroof.

Step 2: Reset the sunroof module

Without starting the engine, turn the ignition key to the “on” position to reset the sunroof module. Then, hold down the sunroof control button in the tilt position for at least 10 seconds, or until the sunroof begins to move.

Step 3: Sunroof calibration

By following these steps, you should be able to calibrate the sunroof properly.

  1. Press and hold the sunroof control button in the tilt position until the sunroof is fully tilted.
  2. Release the button.
  3. Press and hold the button again in the tilt position until the sunroof is fully open.
  4. Release the button.
  5. Close the sunroof fully.
  6. Press and hold the button in the shut position.
  7. Release the button after holding it for a moment.

Step 4: Test the sunroof

After calibrating the sunroof, test it to make sure it is operating correctly. Open and shut the sunroof using the controls to make sure it is functioning properly without any concerns.

After the calibration of your sunroof, if you are still experiencing problems, it is advised that you consult a qualified mechanic. Also, get in touch with a nearby Ford dealership for more help.

How to Manually Fix the Sunroof on F150?

If there is a problem with the sunroof motor, control module, or other components that prevents it from opening or shutting properly, it can be essential to manually repair the sunroof on an F150. 

The methods to manually repair the sunroof on an F150 are as follows:

Step 1: 

At first, find the motor for the sunroof. This is often found within the car’s roof or behind the headliner.

Step 2: 

The manual sunroof motor rotation can be accomplished with a flat-head screwdriver or a wrench. To reach the motor, it could be necessary to remove a cover or access the motor.

Step 3: 

To open or close the sunroof, turn the motor in the appropriate way. To figure out which way to turn the engine, some trial and error may be necessary for you.

Step 4:

Check that the sunroof opens and closes correctly by testing it. The control module or other components may need to be checked out more closely or fixed if the sunroof is still not working properly.

It is significant to remember that manually repairing the sunroof on an F150 is only a temporary solution and could not be a long-term solution. 

How Much Will It Cost To Fix A Sunroof?

The price to repair a sunroof might differ based on the make and model of the car, the severity of the problem, the particular parts needed, and the work involved. Following are some approximate expenses based on typical sunroof issues:

What to Fix?Price Range
Cleaning Drainage Area $80 – $150
Replace Glass $300 – $400
Repair or replace of the sunroof track $500–$800
Replacement of the sunroof control module$600-$1000
Replace a sunroof seal$100 – $300
Replace a sunroof motor$300 – $400
Replacing Sunroof$600 – $1,000

It’s necessary to remember that these are only estimates and may change based on the specific problem. To identify the root of the issue and achieve a precise cost estimate for the repair. It is always recommended to have the sunroof inspected by a certified technician. 


What Is Sunroof With Tilt Function?

A comfortable, draught-free airflow is made possible with the automatic tilting/sliding glass sunroof. Additionally, when closed, the glass roof allows additional light to enter the inside. An adjustable roller blind functions as an effective sun visor when there is strong solar radiation. 

What Is the Difference Between a Sunroof and a Moonroof?

A sunroof is a glass or metal roof panel that may slide open to let fresh air and light into the cabin of a vehicle. A standard moonroof is a glass panel in either a clear or tinted form that moves between the roof and the headliner. It can occasionally be opened to let in the fresh air.

Do Sunroofs Leak Often?

Sunroofs are particularly prone to leaks since the majority of them are actually meant to leak by design. There is frequently no outside rubber to stop water from leaking down since the glass needs to fit flat against the roof.


Now you can easily solve the issue when your F150 sunroof won’t close. Having a sunroof on an F150 that won’t shut can be an annoying issue, but there are a number of fixes that might help. When the sunroof cannot be closed, your truck may be exposed to rough weather, and there’s a possibility of theft or damage.

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