Easiest Ways  to  Get  Into  a  Locked  Ford  F150

You can get into your locked Ford F150 by applying several methods. Such as auto jiggler, slim jim hooks, coat hanger, inflated wedges, paperclips, screwdriver and also using your bare hands if you want in an emergency. There is also another effective way of unlocking your Ford truck by charging your dead battery. 

So, let’s get into the depth of the conversion of how to get into a locked Ford 150 by using these procedures.

7  Easy  Methods  To  Get  Into  Your  Locked  Ford  F150 

Here, I will talk about 7 easy methods that you can try to unlock your Ford F150 truck without the key. So, let’s first look into the quick table to learn the methods.

Methods to  Get  Into  a  Locked  Ford  F150Process 
Fordpass AppAccess the app and tap on the ‘Unlock’ button
Keyless Entry KeypadEntering 5-digit entry code
Auto jigglers Insert the jiggler key into the lock to unlock your car.
Slim jim hooks Insert a slim jim hook and press it down to unlock. 
Inflatable wedges Enter the wedges into the gap between the door and the car frame and inflate it, then enter a stick to unlock the door from the inside.
Wire coat hanger Enter the straight hanger between the door frame and body, hook the lock, and pull it up.
Flathead screwdrivers Insert the screwdriver between the door and doorframe, make space, and enter a thin rod, push to unlock the door.
PaperclipsMake one paperclip L shaped and another straight. Insert the L shaped one and twist the lock. Enter the other one to push up the pins and unlock your car.
Using your bare handsPush down the window and try to make space to reach the lock button and unlock the car. 
Getting help from a locksmithCall a locksmith when you are disabled to unlock.

Now Let’s go into the details of these methods. 

Fordpass App

You can now use remote vehicle unlocking if you have already downloaded the FordPass App and activated FordPass® Connect. This also applies to SYNC Connect® for 2018 and earlier model years).

Here’s how to unlock your vehicle using FordPass:

Step 1: Launch the FordPass App and tap on the “Home” section.

Step 2: Choose the specific vehicle you want to unlock from your account.

Step 3: Press and hold the “Unlock” button within the app until you see a spinning circle, indicating that the unlocking process is initiated.

Keyless Entry Keypad

You can also use the keyless entry keypad to get access to the unlocking feature. All Ford vehicles are equipped with one. If you can’t find yours then check the owner’s manual.

It comes with the factory-set five digit keyless entry code on a wallet size card. This card comes with the owner’s manual. 

Source: Ford

Now that you know about the 5 digit code, following are the steps of unlocking the door using the keyless entry keypad.

Step 1: Find the keypad near the driver’s window. It will get illuminated when touched. 

Step 2: Enter the factory set code. Check the interior light if it is illuminated or not

Step 3: Press the 3 – 4 control button within 5 seconds of entering the factory set code.

Step 4: Now the door will unlock.  

Auto jiggler

Auto jiggler is a try-out key to unlock the car without the main key. Many locksmiths use these auto jiggler keys to open locked trucks and cars. It is the simplest way to unlock a car. You may also use this process to unlock your Ford F150. 

So let’s check the steps below: 

Step 1: Get an auto jiggler that is similar in size and shape to your Ford F150 key. 

Step 2: Insert the jiggler into the lock of your car to fit it properly. 

Step 3: After setting up the jiggler properly, twist it around as you do with your key and try to unlock the door.

you should be able to unlock your Ford F150 through this process. However, If you still can’t open the locked door then you may try the following methods. 

                               Source: Desertcart

Slim Jim Hooks

Basically, slim jim is a thin flat metal tool that you can use to unlock your car door. This is one of the tools to help you unlock your Ford F150.  Before starting the process you’ll have to be sure of two things about your car. 

(Note: Ensure that your vehicle does not have electronic locks. If it is then it may damage the electronics in your car door. Another one is that your car has upright locks.) 

Following are the steps of using the slim jim hooks to unlock the Ford F150. 

Step 1: Go to the back window of the truck.

Step 2: Use your finger to carefully peel open the black rubber weather stripping around the window.

Step 3: Take the Slim Jim and insert the curved part first through the sliding window panels.

Step 4: Gently push the Slim Jim down while pulling it towards you.

Step 5: You’ll feel or hear a click when the lock disengages.

Step 6: Once unlocked, open the window cautiously and be mindful not to lose your balance while climbing through. 

So, these are the steps for this method you can try by yourself and unlock your Ford F150. You can get one for about $13. 

If you think this may harm or damage your new car, then simply try other methods that are given below.

Inflatable wedges 

This is a strange and easy method to force your car to be unlocked. For this process you will need the following tools:


  1. Air wedges
  2. Long narrow stick (slim jim or jigger)

Now, let’s start the process with these tools to open the car.

Step 1: Insert the wedge near the door handle to create a gap between weather stripping’s.

Step 2: Use the 45-degree tool to reach through the gap near the back of the window.

Step 3: Carefully rotate the tool until it finds a little hole and depresses the unlock button.

Step 4: The door should unlock, and the vehicle is accessible.

So, that’s the process of unlocking your Ford F150 truck’s door. If you are unable to try this method, follow the next one. 

Wire coat hanger 

If you have a coat hanger at that time or situation then you may use this to open your car easily. Here are the steps below on how you can do this-

Step 1: You need to unwind your hanger and make it as straight as possible. Make sure that you leave the hook of the hanger intact. 

Step 2: Then insert the hanger in between the door frame and the car body.

Step 3: Lastly, hook the door lock and pull it open. That’s how you can unlock your car easily. 

If you don’t have a wire hanger, you can have a look into the process!

Flathead Screwdrivers 

If you have a large-sized flat screwdriver, you can use it to open your car.

Flathead Screwdrivers

Tools needed: 

  1. Screwdriver
  2. A long thin rod

(Note: You need to be extra careful because it may create scratch marks on your car or break any parts.)

Step 1: First, you need to fold one side of the rod for a hook.

Step 2: Then, gently insert the screwdriver into the gap between the door and the doorframe. And try to open the door slowly.

Step 3: After getting enough space. Try to insert the thin rod into the gap, holding one side. 

Step 4: Now, push the unlock button with the help of the hook. Thus you will get your car unlocked.

If you feel that this would damage your car then try another process. Let’s just check this too. 

Using Paperclips


This process may be the most difficult one among other methods. But you will find the tool easily anywhere. You will need two large and thick paper clips which are difficult to break. 

However, you can try this process to open your car, if you want. Let’s just check how to do it.

Step 1: Unfold one paper clip and make it L shaped. And make the other one a flat straight line.

Step 2: Insert the L-shaped paperclip into the lock and slowly twist in the direction you open with your car key. 

Step 3: Enter the second straight paperclip and search for pins. When you push the pins, they’ll be pressed up.

Step 4: Keep pushing up all the pins with the help of the second paperclip and twisting the L-shaped one until the car is unlocked.

That’s how you can unlock your car door with two paperclips. 

Using your bare hands

This method is too cheap. You won’t need any tools for this. This is just a method that you can try if you don’t have any other options in your locked car situation. It will be easy for you if you have an old Ford F150 and one window is damaged. So, let’s just check the method.


  1. Hand gloves
  2. Thin stick or coat hanger

Step 1: Push your hand against the window.

Step 2: Try to pull down the window slowly and carefully.

Step 3: If you have a thin stick or coat hanger, then insert it inside the car and push the lock button. 

Help from  locksmith

When you are totally unable with these above methods to open your locked car door, you can call a locksmith. You can call 800 – 241 – 3673 to contact the Roadside Assistance and get help. 

The professional locksmith has several tools and equipment to unlock your Ford F150 vehicle. The only disadvantage is that you have to pay them.

Unlocking  Ford  F150  with  Dead  Battery 

If you have a key fob with intelligent access, there is a hidden key in the key fob. You can use it to open your car door and get in. 

However, what if your key is not working to open the door? You’ll need to charge your dead battery with external sources. You can do it with a jump box power charger by connecting it to your F150 vehicle. So, let’s check the steps on how you can do it.

Step 1: Go underneath the passenger side and find your starter. 

Step 2: You will have three wires- one is red, another smaller solenoid wire and the last one is the bigger black ground one.

Step 3: You will have a cover on the back side of the break, take it off. 

Step 4: Now, you will need to hook up the red wire to the super red power cable. 

Step 5: Next you will hook up the ground black wire to the black power cable. 

Step 6: Now, turn on the jump box by pressing the button. Once it starts to boost power, take your key fob and unlock your car. 

So, that’s the process you can charge your dead battery in an emergency with your jump box. 

For a better understanding of this procedure, you can watch the video.

How To Unlock Car With Dead Battery. Keys Locked Inside With Dead Battery. Break into lock dead car

Is It Safe to Break into Your F-150 Using These Methods?

You might be wondering whether it is legal or even structurally safe to apply any of these techniques to your car. So, before trying them with your F150 vehicle, you should keep a few things in mind. 

Prove  Your  Own  Vehicle 

You should keep a copy of your registration paper with you in these circumstances. This is totally legal if you try another way to open your locked car door. But people may misunderstand you as you’re stealing the car. So be careful that you can prove your own vehicle. 

Practice  These  Method  At  Home 

You should try these methods at home. Thus, you don’t have to wait to unlock your F150 on the road. If you can learn the method by practicing, it will be easier for you in an emergency situation. So keep practicing. 

Apply  The  Methods  Slowly  And  Carefully 

You don’t need to rush while applying these methods to your vehicle. Take it slow and be careful. Ensure that you can unlock your car without damaging any of the parts.  

How  to  Avoid  Yourself  from  Getting  Locked  Out 

Lastly, you also need to know how to avoid such situations. If you can follow or practice these steps you won’t get your car locked anymore. So let’s just check these.

Lock Your Car From Outside 

To avoid this type of trouble, it is best to lock your car from the outside rather than the inside. So you can do that if you are frequently getting locked out of your car. 

Keep A Spare Key On You

When you buy a car you should get a set of spare keys. Always try to keep them with you like in your purse or somewhere that you find easily. 

Use A Fob To Lock The Door

You can also practice using key fobs to prevent yourself from such mistakes. Because some people used to push the lock button to lock their car without grabbing the key and leaving the car. If you’re also used to doing that, then you can practice having the key fob and you’ll not lock your car without the fob.  

Smart Key


What Happens If I Lose My Ford Key?

If you lose your Ford key then you have to contact your authorized Ford dealer. You will need to give your vehicle identification number to your dealer. Then, they will provide you with a new coded spare key.

How Do You Get F150 to Unlock All Doors?

You can unlock all the doors of F150 with the power door lock control or the remote control panel. On the remote control, press the button to unlock the driver’s door. Then again press the button for three seconds to unlock all the doors. 

Can I Unlock My Car With A Smartphone? 

Yes, you can lock and unlock your car with a digital car key from your Android phone. You’ll have to connect to the internet to set up the digital car key. Digital car key is only available for some specific vehicles and also works for specific Android devices. Such as Android 12+, pixel 6+, Samsung Galaxy S21, etc.


Thank you for being with me till the end of the conversation. I tried to resolve how to get into a locked Ford F150 easily. I hope it will work for you in an emergency situation and you can successfully get into your car by yourself. 

That’s all for today. Good luck!

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