How to Fix a Keyed Car? [Complete Guide]

Keyed cars are the result of some people’s bad habits. Even in some cases, some people intentionally do this to make your car look bad. But they don’t know it is easy to fix a keyed car at home without much hassle.

If you are a victim of some people’s jealousy and your car is keyed, then here is the best method for you to fix that area. To get out of this issue, follow all our steps. Also, read other sections of our discussion to get special tips.

Can You Fix A Keyed Car?

Yes, a keyed car can often be repaired with a little patience and some basic tools. But this process is a sensitive one and you need to be more careful. Before you start the fixing process, you need to keep some items near your hand.

If you can gather these items and tools, the whole process will be fast and easy. There are so many methods that you can follow to fix a keyed car. Among them, some are DIY methods that you can do at home using household items, some require specialized tools or things.

Things Needed To Fix A Keyed Car

You may get a long list of items to fix a keyed car but here we will show you the easiest method. This method only requires a few things. And most of them are available in most people’s houses.

If you think of anything you don’t have at home, you may buy them by clicking on the name of that product. I brought them from here and all the products are high quality. So, let’s see the item list.

  1. Sandpaper (3000 grit and 5000 grit)
  2. Soap Water
  3. Tape
  4. Towel
  5. Scratch Polish
  6. Scratch Wax

How To Fix A Keyed Car?

We know there are two types of scratches that can happen with your car. The deeper and lighter. Normally light scratches that are made using a key are called keyed. So, we will talk about this only. We will show you how to fix a keyed car quickly.

To remove these non-deep scratches, only this method is best. Arrange all these things that we already listed above then start the process.

Step 1: Remove Dirt And Debris

Here we need to take soap water and a dry towel. First, spray the water and then clean it with the towel. This part is important for two vivid reasons. The first one will help you clean the area well and then this will help you understand how deep the scratch is.

After spraying the water, if the scratch vanishes, then this method will work here. But if it stays as usual, you need to try something different.

Step 2: Tape The Scratch Area

Now you have to use tape to mark the keyed area. This will help us to stay inside the tape and keep other non-scratch areas safe. Because we are going to use sandpaper here. Remember, tape the scratch area leaving 1 inch on every side.

Step 3: Polish Using Sandpaper

Now you need to polish the keyed area using sandpaper. If the scratch is not much deeper that you can not feel with a fingertip then you may use 5000 grit sandpaper. But if you can feel using your fingertip, you need to use the 3000 grit sandpaper.

Polish gently and wash every time after 30-40 seconds. This depends on how deep the scratch is. After every polishing 30-40 seconds, wash that area using soap water and then use a towel to dry it. 

You need to polish the area until the scratch vanishes. You need to do the same process taking more area using sandpaper again. In this time, follow a circular motion to polish.

Step 4: Add Scratch Polish 

Now the task of sandpaper is done. You have to wash the area again with soap water. Wash well and then dry that area with the towel. Now you can see the scratch is gone. But the area is blurred now. To make it glossy like other parts of the car body, we need to use scratch polish.

To use Scratch polish, take the dry part of the towel. Then add some polish on the towel and polish the area with middle to high force. Continue doing this for 1-3 minutes. Do this twice. Now you can see the glossy vibe comes and the scratch has no sign. To keep the look permanently use paste wax on that area.

The process is done. Thus you can fix a keyed car just by following these steps at home. This process will take up to 10 minutes but the result will surprise you. You may watch the video for a better understanding of the process.

Cost To Fix A Keyed Car?

You will get a clear idea about the cost if you look at the products we have used. There are a total of six products that you may need to buy. If we make a calculation considering the price at the present time, it will cost you around $70.

But if you have anything at home then that amount will be in your wallet. As this is a very easy process, you can do it at home. So, no mechanic cost will be needed.

Is Car Scratch Covered By Insurance?

When it comes to car scratches, the short answer is that most likely not. While insurance companies do vary in their coverage determinations, the general consensus is that car scratches are considered damage to your vehicle and are thus not covered by standard auto policies. 

But there are exceptions. It depends on how your car gets scratched. If it is a scratch by key, then almost all the insurance companies will not take that responsibility. But if the scratch is a result of an accident then almost all the car insurance companies will cover that. 

Are Keyed Car And Scratch The Same?

Both of them are the same in one scene and different in other considerations. A keyed car is a form of scratch. But they are made using vehicle keys. And these scratches are not so deep. 

On the other hand, scratch is a broad thing. It can happen by accident or any other reason. Scratches are deep and wide. These are the basic differences between these two. 


The process is a bit detailed, but don’t worry, if you can read from first to last, there is less chance of making a mistake. Your keyed car will be the same as new and you will be satisfied mentally. Thanks for reading from us. 

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