How To Reset Ford Door Code – Easy Methods!  

You can choose to reset the door code of your Ford by using the buttons on the SecuriCode keypad on your door. Or, you can use the navigation screen on your Dashboard to reprogram the code and reset a new personal code.  

To know the answer to How to reset Ford door code, read the detailed solutions given in the article below. 

Resetting The Door Code For Your Ford F150 (Keyless Entry) 

A lot of Ford models like Ford Edge, Ford Explorer or Ford Expedition use keyless technology for entry into the vehicle. If you need to change the five digit code for your Ford, you can reset it following the method that goes with your car model.

There are two ways to reset the door code for your Ford F150. Both are listed below. 

Method 1: Resetting Using A Keypad

Follow a few simple steps to reset your door code using the SecuriCode keypad on your Ford driver’s door. 

Step 1: Put in the factory code to the keypad on the driver’s door. 

Step 2: After no later than five seconds of Step 1, hold down the 1-2 button on the 

keypad, and then let go.

Step 3: Within five seconds of Step 2, set your new code.

Method 2: SecuriCode keypad on your Ford driver’s door

This is a more digitized method to reset the door code of your Ford F 150. Refer to the steps below for guidance. 

Step 1: Turn on the car’s engine and wait for a few seconds. 

Step 2: The navigation screen on your dashboard has a “Settings” option. Tap on it.

Step 3: In the “Vehicle” settings icon, select the “Door Keypad Code”.

Step 4: Type the five-digit factory code and select ‘Enter”.

Step 5: Choose the “Add” option from the dialogue box that appears to add a new code.

Step 6: Enter your new five-digit code in the box that appears next and confirm it again. Hit “Enter” to save this code. 

Resetting the Ford Door Code Without A Factory Code

The Vehicle Identification Number or VIN is a combination of 17 numbers that can track the manufacturer and owner history of your car. Besides being useful in case of reporting thefts, claiming for insurance, etc, the VIN can also help you generate a key code. 

You can either choose to reset your key code using the VIN by yourself or by providing your VIN to a mechanic. If you choose to do this yourself, you will need to input your VIN into an online app that does the key code generation for you, for a cost of $50.

The mechanic will obtain the code the same way, at the same or higher cost. 

You can also use the VIN as an alternative to your keyless entry code. There is a sequence of buttons that you need to press for this method, and it is given in your owner’s manual. Follow it and key in the VIN to the keypad attached to your car’s door, for unlocking your car without the key code.

Alternatively, if your car is a Ford F-150 from the years 2015 to 2019, you can easily find the door code on your smart junction box. Look for the junction box in your kick panel, where on a sticker under a plate you will find the door code written. 

How Can I Find My Ford’s VIN Number?  

The VIN number is commonly located on either the dashboard or the door on the driver’s side. Or else, you can look for it on the windshield, in the lower corner of the driver’s side. The VIN is also provided in your vehicle registration, insurance policy, promissory note, and vehicle lease papers. Lastly, you can resort to your Ford Account,  FordPas App, or the SYNC screen of your Ford for finding the VIN. 

Take a look at this video if you are worried about where to find the VIN. How to Find Your VIN Number 

How to Obtain the Factory Code? 

It is evident by now, that for almost all types of cars, the factory code is essential to reset the keyless entry door code. In the case that you have forgotten the code, it can be retrieved in the following ways. 

Referring To The User Manual

In your “owner’s wallet card”, the factory code is written for reference. This can be easily found in your car’s glove department. If you have misplaced the owner’s wallet, the code can also be found on the fuse box on the passenger side, over a white label. Look for the model years 2011-2018 to find the code. 

Using Car Keys

Whether you have a regular key or a smart key system, you can obtain your Ford factory code using these keys. Follow the methods listed below to get the code. 

Using The Regular Key

Take your ignition key to turn on the ignition until the lights turn on the vehicle. Do not turn the engine on at this point. Wait for four or five seconds and take the key out. Put in the second ignition key and do the same as you did with the first key. Now, you will see the factory code displayed on the dash.

Regular Key

Using The Smart Key

Use one of your programmed smart keys to switch on the ignition for a few seconds and then switch it off. Use the second key to turn on the ignition and the factory code will appear on the dashboard.  

Smart Key

RAP Module

The Remote Anti-Theft Personality( RAP) Module can be found under the driver’s side of the dash against the firewall. You can take out the panel to access the RAP. To do this, you need to unscrew the two counter clockwise thumb screws located on the panel. When the RAP has been exposed, you can see the code on a tag attached to it. 

Using Forscan Device

Knowing how to operate OBD2 scan tools and apps can be useful if you want to obtain the keyless entry factory code for your Ford vehicle. Fortunately, the Forscan software can assist you in this task. Keep in mind that you will require a compatible OBD2 adapter to be connected to your Ford F-150. 

Here’s a video on how to use Forscan to retrieve factory code Retrieving the Factory Keyless Entry Code with Forscan

Using Smart Junction Box

If you haven’t been able to find the keyless entry factory code for your Ford F-150 through other methods, there is still one more option. It’s possible that the code is listed on a sticker label attached to your vehicle’s smart junction box. 

The location of the junction box varies depending on the model year of your F-150. You may need to look under the dashboard, just above the brakes, or behind the front passenger kick panel near the floor. 


Can I Unlock my Ford Doors Remotely?

Yes, you can unlock your doors remotely if you have the FordPass App. Go to the “Homepage on the app, and press the “Unlock” button if you want to unlock your car doors. If you want to lock your car, press “Lock”. Wait for the confirmation alert that confirms your action. 

How Do I Find My Ford PIN number?

You can ask for a PIN from your sponsor by clicking here. Go to the “Request A PIN” link. This will send your sponsor an email to give you a PIN. If your request is approved, you will get a reply email containing the PIN code within 24 hours. 

What is Ford Admin Key?

The Ford Admin Key is a button that is used to lift all the restrictions set by the MyKey feature. These keys are never programmed by the user.


We hope you find this article useful in answering your question “ How to Reset Ford door code?”. In the future if you cannot remember your Ford door code, now you know just where to look!

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