How to Reset Battery Light on Ford F150?

Almost all Ford F150 users come to the internet to find out the method of resetting their truck’s battery light. The reason behind this is that the problem is so common in all kinds of vehicle users.

Like them, if you want to reset the Ford F150 battery light yourself, don’t worry because it is very easy. When something goes wrong with your car’s battery or alternator, the warning light will light up. 

So how can this process be performed? Our article will show you a simple process from which you can manually reset battery warning light of the truck.

Can a Defective Alternator Harm a Recently Installed Battery?

Whether or not there is any damage, we would never encourage you to use a newly installed battery with a faulty alternator. Even then, if you want to do it, however, according to our research, there is a possibility of irreparable damage to the new battery.

How to Reset Battery Warning Light on Ford F150?

We are committed to providing easy and fluent solutions to all problems related to your vehicle. Keeping that trend in mind, below are some of the most widely researched easy stages to reset battery warning light on the Ford F150.

Stage 1: Shut Down All Power

When you are about to start this process, even though the battery warning light is active, you must understand that the truck still has some power. For this, you need to turn down all the power in the truck. 

Complete the first step by turning off all types of battery-related parts such as AC, headlights, heating system, sound system, etc.

Stage 2: Examine the Battery Situation

Now, you need to examine the battery of your truck. First, wear a hand glove and discard the top from the battery terminal. Notice if there is any damage to the battery. If the battery is damaged, you will see white-colored or greenish-colored material under the cover.

Stage 3: Clean Battery Terminal

This is not just the case with only the Ford F150, after a while, all car battery ports or terminals must deplete. When your truck’s battery warning lights are active, cleaning the battery terminals is crucial. 

So you can easily accomplish this task with a toothbrush and ordinary household cleaner or grease. All you need to do is dip the toothbrush and rinse the damaged parts on the battery.

Stage 4: Strengthen the Terminal Camps

When you are saturating the battery ports, take care of the terminal clamps too. Clean those clamps and fasten the loose parts with pliers or a wrench. For your Ford model, we ask you to check the OEM command.

Stage 5: Reset Battery Lines

All you need to do initially resetting the battery is reset the battery wires. You will see a red cable that is connected to the feasible connection of the relay and the alternator. You will need to reset that cable if it is damaged. 

The cable is located near the starter motor relay. If you want, you can take the help of a mechanic to perform this. It is good to know that resetting the battery improves the power supply to the engine strategy.

Stage 6: Recharge Battery and Repair Alternator

Now you should recharge the battery of the truck. If you do not recharge the battery regularly, it will quickly become defective. Also, pay attention to the alternator and voltage controller as these devices are quite fragile. 

If your truck’s voltage falls and then the battery warning light is illuminated, action should be taken quickly. Otherwise, you will have to face deep loss and a huge expense for sure.

Stage 7: Renew Alternator Belt

Once you’ve fixed the alternator, all electrical options, including your truck’s sound system, headlights, radio, and charging system, should work properly. 

When the belt of the alternator goes bad, it runs low and as a result, the battery runs out quickly. If this also happens to your truck, you may need to displace the belt.

Stage 8: Reset Battery Warning Light

Finally, you have to perform resetting the battery warning light on the Ford F150. You will perform this through the truck’s computer network. For this, you should have an idea about Fuel Test Procedure (FTP). 

To increase your knowledge, FTP is a system that works with charging systems and gas mileage to accelerate alternators. However, to reset the battery warning light on your truck, first, gather the diagnostic data of Ford F150. 

Second, detach the battery connections at different points on the truck. Third, you need to recharge your truck’s battery by data stream. So move to your dashboard screen of the truck. 

Finally, customize all settings, such as battery charge, temperature, voltage, and more.

Stage 9: Battery Reset Test

The last step is to examine the battery. For this, you need to monitor and monitor the battery system.

Is It Safe to Drive Ford F150 With the Battery Warning Light on?

The fact that your truck’s battery warning light is active means that it must have a faulty battery or alternator. If you drive in this condition, the car may run out of battery at any time during driving. 

Therefore, we advise you not to drive the truck while the battery light is on. Remember, we always want you and your vehicle to be well.

How to Preserve Ford F150 Battery Warning Light Functioning Appropriately?

The question that may arise in your mind is how to maintain battery light in the future. You may be looking for answers on how to properly preserve a recently mounted battery. The answers to all your questions are given below:

If the Alternator Belt is Damaged:

The alternator belt may be missing or loosened over time. Symptoms such as glazing, screaming, friction, cracking, etc. are seen when it is damaged. To fix this you need to replace the belt.

If There Is a Problem With Fuse Box:

Sometimes the fuse box of the truck explodes due to excessive heat and a short circuit. To avoid such problems, mount a better quality fuse box on your truck.

If Electrolyte Leaks:

We can also call this problem acid leakage. We often hear that vehicles catch fire for various reasons. One of the reasons behind this is electrolyte leakage. 

This problem occurs when the negative terminal of the truck battery leaks and the sensor monitoring system fails. To solve this, you need to switch to better lead-acid batteries and an Absorbed Glass Mat.


In this article, we have a very detailed discussion about resetting the battery warning light on the Ford F150. When the battery light is on in the Ford F150 truck, there may be several reasons behind it. 

You need to know the specific cause first and determine how serious it is. You need to identify the cause and carry out the repair work accordingly. Properly store your favorite truck so that you do not encounter this type of problem in the future.

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