Who Makes Everstart Batteries? Are They Good?

EverStart is a great option for people who don’t want to invest much money in batteries. Walmart is the supplier of EverStart batteries and you already know how reliable Walmart products are. But Walmart doesn’t manufacture the batteries, then who does?

Clarios which was known as Johnson Controls for past years is the biggest producer of EverStart batteries. Also, East Penn Manufacturing and Exide are the producers of the batteries. 

Let’s go through the article to know how great EverStart batteries are, how much they cost, where they’re made, and everything someone can ask about the batteries.

Who Makes Everstart Batteries?

The world-class battery items manufacturer Clarios (the new name of Johnson Controls) makes Everstart batteries. Two more manufacturers of EverStart batteries are East Penn Manufacturing and Exide.

However, Clarios is the biggest producer (annual production is 150,000,000 batteries annually) and it produces a third of the world’s car batteries.

Before 2019, Clarios was known as Johnson Controls which used to directly manufacture Everstart batteries. Other brands like Varta, Heliar, MAC Batteries, and Optima Batteries are under the distribution of Clarios.

East Penn Manufacturing has a nice bonding with Walkmart and it has been supplying Everstart batteries to Walmart for years. This is a Midwest company and it supplies EverStart batteries, chargers, and industrial utility vehicles. 

Exide is an Indian company that’s highly popular for manufacturing submarine batteries for the Indian Navy. It’s one of the biggest lead-acid battery producers in the world.

Where Are Everstart Batteries Made?

There is less information about the manufacturing sites and plants of Clarios. So, it was difficult to know where the Everstart batteries are made. But it’s known that the Clarios is an American company and its headquarter is in Cork, Ireland.

Some of the factories where Everstart batteries are produced include South Korea, the USA, and Ireland. Any other manufacturing site may contribute to manufacturing these batteries but that is not publicly announced by the authority.

Who Sells Everstart Batteries?

There are different types of sellers of a product. First of all, the company’s one distribution section, secondly dealers and their own showrooms, and finally local retailers. In the case of Everstart batteries, the selling line is the same. 

They have official dealers and showrooms. Besides them, auto mechanic shops also sell this battery. These are the real shops that sell Everstart batteries. You may also buy these batteries from online sellers. Amazon and Walmart are two sellers who sell Everstart Batteries.

Most Popular EvaStart Car Batteries

You’ll find three different levels of battery when it comes to the Walmart brand EverStart car batteries. Let’s have a look at their key information.

FactorsEverStart ValueEverStart PlusEverStart Maxx
Best for Entry-level usersMid-level usersProfessional users like racers
Cold Cranking Amps490 CCA to 650 CCA525 to 750 CCA370 CCA to 850 CCA
PriceUnder $50Under $80Under $120
WarrantyOne-year free replacement warrantyTwo-year free replacement warrantyThree-year free replacement warranty
LongevityAt least 2 yearsAt least 3 yearsAt least 5 years

As you can see, there are EverStart options for different-level users so you can go for exactly the one that fits your needs. All options will fit most cars on the market and provide an average performance throughout the years.

If you still ask for recommendations, we’d say that EverStart Maxx would be the best option if you don’t have budget issues. It’s a premium-quality battery that offers plenty of power for multiple starts no matter how the weather condition is.

What Are Other Types of Everstart Batteries?

EverStar batteries are used in almost all types of vehicles including airplanes, boats, trucks, and cars. For this, there are different types of EverStart batteries which leaves you an option to choose the right fit for your vehicle.

Automotive Batteries

Name an automotive anything like SUVs, cars, or trucks; EverStart is used in all of them. This is the perfect battery for starting smaller engines because it provides short bursts of high-power output.

This type of battery uses a combination of sulfuric acid and water. The combination is used for the necessary chemical reaction that provides power to the chemical.

Automotive batteries last for years because they use only a small amount of charge to get every job done.

Marine and Deep Cycle Batteries

As we just said, automotive batteries use only a small amount of power at a time. But deep-cycle batteries discharge quite heavily and ensure a steady stream of current.

The batteries are just the right option for most ATVs, personal watercraft, motorcycles, and boats. They are powerful enough and do not lose charge over time.

Heavy-duty materials with improved corrosion-resistant ingredients are used to make the batteries. So, yes, they are longer lasting than automotive batteries.

Tractor and Riding Lawn Mower Batteries

These batteries are quite similar to car batteries because both use a 10-volt battery. But tractor batteries are smaller in size.

Although the same chemical reaction in cars occur in tractor batteries, the second option doesn’t last as long as automotive batteries.

Still, tractor batteries offer higher power outputs for a longer time than automotive batteries and there’s no risk of overheating or damaging to the batteries themselves.

Leisure Batteries

If you need batteries for your RVs, remember that not usual auto batteries will work in them. RVs work with marine or deep cycle batteries that you can easily get from EverStart. The batteries can withstand rough conditions and extreme vibrations and offer an overall great performance.

Are Everstart Batteries Any Good?

The biggest ‘good thing’ about EverStart batteries is that they come at a very affordable price point with great features. Everstart Batteries offer reliable performance, thanks to their construction using lead-acid battery cells and gel polymer insulation. 

In addition, they feature venting systems that help to keep your batteries cool and free from sulfur buildup which can cause corrosion and damage.

However, the batteries are not always the right fit for everyone. If you live far from a Walmart, purchasing or returning the batteries can be difficult for you. And, if you want a longevity of 10 years from the batteries, EverStart isn’t your option because they offer 3-2 years of longevity.

Below are the positive aspects of EverStart batteries:

  • A wide range of Cold Cranking Amps: Cold Cranking Amps or CCA rating indicates how easy it is to crank the engine in different situations. For example, the higher the rating is, the easier it is to crank your engine on low-temperature days.

The batteries offer 320-900 CCA whereas more than 750 CCA is considered enough for people who live in a cold climate.

  • Warranty: Although EverStart batteries are inexpensive, they’re still backed by a warranty. You can get a warranty of 1-3 years depending on which type of battery you get which is great for the price.
  • Return policy: You probably already know that most automotive battery brands do not allow returns. But EverStart batteries allow you to use the battery for as long as 90 days. And, if you don’t like the performance within this time, you can return it to the store with a full refund.

Now, let’s talk about the negative aspects of EverStart Batteries. Or, you can ask, are there even any drawbacks?

The answer is yes. EverStart Batteries are not the right option for every type of user. Some may mind the batteries not being enough. Below are some reasons explained.

  • Poor design: The Walmart battery construction and design isn’t top-notch like other retailers like Auto Zone, PepBoys, or O’Reilly. Because Walmart focuses on the cheap price. So, of course, you need to spend more to get better.

One specific issue with the design of EverStart batteries is that their on-top caps are not in good shape. There are a lot of complaints only about that the battery caps are too loose and they tend to get corroded soon.

  • Trouble returning: Although there’s a generous return policy with EverStart batteries, there’s a drawback.

When you shop online, you can’t return the product just through the mail. You rather need to take the product to a Walmart store near you. It can be a hassle for you especially if there’s actually no Walmart store near you.

The same issue can cause another issue; difficulty finding batteries. Since Walmart is found in most big and major cities only, you may find it annoying to reach the place from a rural area.

Since EverStart batteries are only available at Walmart, it’s a problem for many users.

Who Sells Everstart Batteries?

There are different types of sellers of a product. First of all, the company’s one distribution section, secondly dealers and their own showrooms, and finally local retailers. In the case of Everstart batteries, the selling line is the same. 

They have official dealers and showrooms. Besides them, auto mechanic shops also sell this battery. These are the real shops that sell Everstart batteries. You may also buy these batteries from online sellers. Amazon and Walmart are two sellers who sell Everstart Batteries.

EverStart Batteries Cost Ideas

As you’ve seen, there are different types of EverStart batteries. So, the pricing will vary according to the types. Also, the size of the batteries affects the pricing as well.

  • Automotive Batteries: The price will be somewhere between $50 and $150.
  • Multi-Sport batteries: Expect to spend around $40-$90 to get these batteries.
  • Tractor batteries: Their price range is $30-$100.
  • Marine batteries: They cost less; around $70-$90.
  • Leisure batteries: You need to spend $25-$130 to get them.
Everstart Batteries Infographic


Q: Who Makes Everstart Deep Cycle Batteries?

Ans: All the batteries of Everstart, Clarios makes their deep cycle batteries. Before Clarios, its parent organization Johnson Controls made these batteries.

Q: Who Makes The Walmart Everstart Batteries?

Ans: Walmart Everstart and Everstart refer to the same battery brand. So, their manufacturer is also the same, That is Clarios.

Q: Is Walmart Everstart A Good Battery?

Ans: Yes, Everstart is really a good battery brand and their batteries are popular too for high quality and long-time service.


Everstart Batteries offer a variety of chemistries, sizes, voltages, and currents that allow them to be customized for specific applications. Additionally, they provide customer support through their 24/7 live chat service as well as phone line and email support.

So, as a car battery brand, there is no better alternative than Everstart. Now every one car out of 3 is using Everstart batteries. So, you must try them on your car for better and long-lasting service. Thanks for reading from us.

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