Who Makes Everstart Batteries? Are They Good?

Everstart is the global leader in marine and consumer batteries. They are supplying quality battery products for a wide range of vehicles and applications. Their battery brands include are high-quality and vastly used. But do you know who makes Everstart batteries? 

If you are planning to make a purchase from the battery brand, you need to know the answers to some questions. Among these questions, the manufacturer is important. We are going to talk about this in this discussion.

Besides that, we will also talk about where are they made, their good qualities, the warranty process and finally some suggestions before you buy. So, let’s start the discussion.

Who Makes Everstart Batteries?

The world-class battery items manufacturer Clarios makes Everstart batteries. Clarios makes batteries that are designed to meet the needs of commercial and industrial customers. Their batteries are more than a battery when you are planning to use them in your vehicle.

Some might say that Johnson Controls makes these batteries for us. That will not be wrong because Clarios is a brand under Johnson Controls. Before 2019, Johnson Controls directly manufactured Everstart batteries. But now they are under Clarios.

Where Are Everstart Batteries Made?

There is less information about the manufacturing sites and plants of Clarios. So, it was difficult to know where the Everstart batteries are made. But as it is a global brand of high-quality, affordable batteries, it produces batteries in many parts of the world.

Some of the factories where Everstart batteries are produced include China, the USA, and Ireland. Any other manufacturing site may contribute to manufacturing these batteries but that is not publicly announced by the authority.

Are Everstart Batteries Any Good?

The Everstart Batteries are a popular choice for consumers looking for high-quality, affordable batteries. They have been manufactured with quality materials and incorporate advanced technology that makes them ideal for use in a wide range of applications. Especially for vehicles.

Additionally, the Everstart Batteries offer reliable performance even under difficult conditions such as cold weather or heavy usage. This is thanks to their construction using lead-acid battery cells and gel polymer insulation. 

In addition, they feature venting systems that help to keep your batteries cool and free from sulfur buildup which can cause corrosion and damage. All of these features make the Everstart Batteries an excellent option when it comes to purchasing quality batteries at an affordable price.

Who Sells Everstart Batteries?

There are different types of sellers of a product. First of all, the company’s one distribution section, secondly dealers and their own showrooms, and finally local retailers. In the case of Everstart batteries, the selling line is the same. 

They have official dealers and showrooms. Besides them, the auto mechanic shops also sell this battery. These are the real shops that sell Everstart batteries. You may also buy these batteries from online sellers. Amazon and Walmart are two sellers who sell Everstart Batteries.

Everstart Battery Warranty

Everstart is a leading provider of battery warranty and protection services. They offer a range of warranties that are tailored to meet the needs of their customers, including new or pre-owned batteries. Their warranty policy depends on their battery types. 

Everstart’s ValuePower users will get a one-year free replacement warranty. In the same way, EverstartValue, EverstartPlus, and Everstart Maxx will get 1,2, and 3 years of free replacement warranty respectively. But there are some conditions to getting their warranty. To know more about Everstart’s warranty policy, ask the seller. 


Q: Who Makes Everstart Deep Cycle Batteries?

Ans: All the batteries of Everstart, Clarios makes their deep cycle batteries. Before Clarios, its parent organization Johnson Controls made these batteries.

Q: Who Makes The Walmart Everstart Batteries?

Ans: Walmart Everstart and Everstart refer to the same battery brand. So, their manufacturer is also the same, That is Clarios.

Q: Is Walmart Everstart A Good Battery?

Ans: Yes, Everstart is really a good battery brand and their batteries are popular too for high quality and long-time service.


Everstart Batteries offer a variety of chemistries, sizes, voltages, and currents that allow them to be customized for specific applications. Additionally, they provide customer support through their 24/7 live chat service as well as phone line and email support.

So, as a car battery brand, there is no better alternative than Everstart. Now every one car out of 3 is using Everstart batteries. So, you must try them on your car for better and long-lasting service. Thanks for reading from us.

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