How Much Does A Car Battery Weigh? (Different Types)

Occasionally you need to replace the car battery which requires a good knowledge of its weight information.

It is somehow a piece of solid info that you need before purchasing a battery. So, how much does a car battery weigh?

Based on car battery types, the weight would be different. But in most cases, the average car battery is rated around 40 lbs. or 18.144 kg.

If your car battery has a torn-apart label that makes it hard to figure out the weight point. And in that case, continue to read this guide to find the more specific answer.

How Much Does A Car Battery Weigh Depending On Its Type?

Looking at the car battery weight chart might not answer what you want to know as most don’t contain all info. So, I will show you thecar battery weight kgor lbs. (on average) depending on its type. Let’s find out.

How Much Does A Tesla Car Battery Weigh?

The Tesla car battery weight around 1,100 to 1,700 lbs. (499 to 771.11 kg) based on the manufactured lead and cell inside.

Although the company itself states that their cars like the storage trunk would weigh 900 lbs. (408.23 kg) approximately. 

It actually depends on the size which can cause bulkier weight like the Model S battery or let you have lighter weight like the Model 3. 

How Much Does An Electric Car Battery Weigh?

As an electric car battery, it will mostly weigh 1,000 lbs. or 454 kg. Some might weigh between 600 to 800 lbs. (272.16 to 363 kg) while others cost more. To give an example, the 40 kWh electric car weighs 650 to 700 lbs. (295 to 318 kg).

How Much Does A Lithium Car Battery Weigh?

In most cases, the lithium-ion cat battery would weigh between 170 to 882 lbs. (77 to 400 kg). Some might have less while others can weigh a lot based on the kilowatt-hour and lithium type.  

Here’s a table to give you a slight idea of lithium weight:

Kilowatt HourLithium-ion TypeWeight
20 kWhLithium Cobalt Oxide221 lbs. to 294 lbs. (100 kg to 133.33 kg)
20 kWhLithium Manganese Oxide294 lbs. to 441 lbs. (133.33 kg to 200 kg)
20 kWhLithium Iron Phosphate367.42 lbs. to 490 lbs. (166.67 kg to 222.22 kg)

How Much Does A Standard Car Battery Weigh?

The standard or typical car battery weighs for about 40 lbs. or 18.143 kg in general. However, there’re a few that weighs 50 lbs. (22.68 kg) or more.

How Much Does An AGM Car Battery Weigh?

On average, the AGM aka Absorbent Glass Mat car battery would weigh 45 to 66 lbs. (30 to 21 kg). For example, a 100Ah deep cycle AGM battery has 65.9 lbs. load point.

How Much Does A Hybrid Car Battery Weigh?

Having 2 batteries, the hybrid car battery has a 12v starter and electric type. Both batteries help get energy and provide it to the parts. It mostly weighs around 26 to 41 lbs. (12 to 19 kg).

How Much Does A Heavy Duty Car Battery Weight?

You’ll probably find heavy-duty car batteries in between 25 to 200 lbs. (11.34 to 91 kg). If it’s about bigger ones, then it will weigh around 130 – 190 lbs. or 59 – 86.183 kg.

On the other hand, the smaller one will weigh 26 – 60 lbs. or 11.79 – 27.22 kg.

How Much Does A 6 Volt Car Battery Weigh?

The 6-volt car battery mostly weighs between 58 to 104 lbs. (26.31 to 47.174 kg) in general. Some can weigh more than the average load. 

How Much Does A 12 Volt Car Battery Weigh?

In every car, the 12-volt battery weighs about 30 to 50 lbs. (13.61 to 22.68 kg). Most cars with 12v batteries have 41 lbs. or 18.60 kg. 

How Much Does a Ford Battery Weigh?

Basically, the Ford battery can weigh around 30 to 50 lbs. (13.61 to 22.68 kg) based on car type. Take a look at the given table to get some of the Ford model’s battery weight.

Ford ModelsWeight Point
F15047.3 lbs. or 21.455 kg
Mustang32 lbs. or 14.515 kg
Ranger39.683 lbs. or 18 kg

Wrap Up

You know how much does a car battery weigh based on the type.

If you have not found the weight of your car battery, try looking at the label or manual of your battery to know the exact weight. 

Hopefully, you like this guide and now understand the weight point of each type of car battery. See You Soon!

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