How Much Does A Car Battery Weigh? (Different Types)

Weight of your car battery in a basic but must have information for all car owners. Its quite important to know the car battery weight when you are optimizing your car for speed or millage. A ithium-ion 12Vbatteries weight to about 26 pounds and a lead-acid 12V car battery weigh 40 pounds. Like this all car batteries of different brand being used for different purpose have different weight.

Car battery is an important part of any car and specially electric or hybrid vehicles. This electric battery provides electric current for the car starter and other components, so its an essential part of a car.

Batteries do add weight in car and that you may need to consider that weight of the car specially when you got a sports car for racing or you have an electric or hybrid vehicle.

If your are optimizing your car for maximum speed or maximum millage then you have to consider weight of the car battery as each and every gram matter in this situation.

Even its not about racing or optimizing your car for performance, having a complete understanding of your car battery weight.

So, how much does a car battery weigh? Based on car battery types, the weight would be different. But in most cases, the average car battery is rated around 40 lbs. or 18.144 kg.

How Much Does A Car Battery Weigh Depending On Its Type?

There are hundreds if not thousand of brands that offer quality car batteries and each brand battery will have different weight.

Electric vehicles have a electric battery centered working mechanism where battery is the most important and one of the biggest part of car.

Regular cars use regular battery and they are important part of car but its not the heaviest or biggest part in car. So we have try to write for about most the battery types being used in the market.

How Much Does A Tesla Car Battery Weigh?

The Tesla car battery weight around 1,000 to 5,000 lbs. (499 to 771.11 kg) based on the model and abttery size installed. A Tesla Model S battery weights about 544 kg (1,200 pound). A Tesla Model Y battery weights about 2,000 kg (4,416 pound).

How Much Does An Electric Car Battery Weigh?

As an electric car battery, it will mostly weigh 1,000 lbs. or 454 kg. Some might weigh between 600 to 800 lbs. (272.16 to 363 kg) like a Nissan Leaf battery weight about 303 kg (668 pounds) while others weight more like 12,000 to 15,000 lbs.

How Much Does A Lithium Car Battery Weigh?

In most cases, the lithium-ion cat battery would weigh between 26 to 66 lbs. (12 to 15kg). Some might have less while others can weigh a lot based on the kilowatt-hour and lithium type.  

How Much Does A Standard Car Battery Weigh?

The standard or typical car battery weighs for about 40 lbs. or 18.143 kg in general. However, there’re a few that weighs 50 lbs. (22.68 kg) or more.

How Much Does An AGM Car Battery Weigh?

On average, the AGM aka Absorbent Glass Mat car battery would weigh 45 to 66 lbs. (21 to 30 kg). For example, a 100Ah deep cycle AGM battery weight 28.5 kg.

How Much Does A Hybrid Car Battery Weigh?

Hybrid Vehicle has two batteries, one a 12 V battery for vehicle electrical systems and an other battery to run engine. 12 Volt battery is a small one and weights only 25 to 40 pounds whereas the other battery weight depends on vehicle type and battry size.  hybrid Toyota Prius battery weights to about 118 pounds.

How Much Does A Heavy Duty Car Battery Weight?

You’ll probably find heavy-duty car batteries in between 20 to 75 lbs like a tractor battery only weigh between 24 and 55 pounds. If it’s about bigger ones like bus battery will weigh between anything 130 to 190 pounds

How Much Does A 6 Volt Car Battery Weigh?

The 6-volt car battery mostly weighs between 58 to 104 lbs. (26.31 to 47.174 kg) in general. Some can weigh more than the average load. 

How Much Does A 12 Volt Car Battery Weigh?

In every car, the 12-volt battery weighs about 30 to 50 lbs. (13.61 to 22.68 kg). Most cars with ithium-ion 12Vbatteries weight to about 26 pounds and a lead-acid 12V car battery weigh 40 pounds.

How Much Does a Ford Battery Weigh?

Basically, the Ford battery can weigh around 30 to 50 lbs. (13.61 to 22.68 kg) based on car type. Take a look at the given table to get some of the Ford model’s battery weight.

Ford ModelsWeight Point
F15047.3 lbs. or 21.455 kg
Mustang32 lbs. or 14.515 kg
Ranger39.683 lbs. or 18 kg
How Much Does A Car Battery Weigh Infographic

Wrap Up

You know how much does a car battery weigh based on the type.

If you have not found the weight of your car battery, try looking at the label or manual of your battery to know the exact weight. 

Hopefully, you like this guide and now understand the weight point of each type of car battery. See You Soon!

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