Who Makes Duralast Batteries? [Brand Breakdown]

Duralast batteries being one of the world best battery is being sell under this private lable by AutoZone. These batteries are manufacture by three different manufacturers Johson Controls, East Penn, and Exide.

Being a car owner, you have to replace your car battery atleast once every three to four years. This is because an average car battery life is no more than four years. Before replacing your car battery you should select one and it has to be the best one.

Duralast batteries are amoung the one of the world best car batteries and its one of the most used car battery in USA. With this a question rase, who makes Duralast Batteries?

Asnwer to this is little complex, as the battery owner doesnot manufacture these batteries. Interesting point is that this battery is being manufactured by three different companies but only register under a single Brand name. We have developed a complete guide on Who make Duralast batteries.

Who Makes Duralast Batteries

Duralast Batteries being a private label of AutoZone, the Duralast tends to offer top-notch batteries that rank at the top in the US for their premium quality, durability, and lifespan.

Though this popular brand holds its reputation through its traits, it was still a mystery exactly who makes Duralast batteries. They are manufactur out of 3 manufacturing facilities. These includes:

  • Johnson Controls (Clarios)
  • EAST Penn
  • Exide

Johnson Controls International (Clarios)

On 1885, Johnson Controls was founded in Cork, Ireland. This company is known as the truck battery manufacturer in the world. The JC makes batteries and other gears for up to 6 continents.

Nearly all Duralast batteries types are manufactured by the Clarios, its just one product of the legendary manufacturing facility of Johnson Controls.

The net income of this brand is around $2.4 billion USD in 2018 which downfall to 88.88% in 2020. However, it again raises up to $1.637 which is 159.43% in 2021.

Important Figures:

  • Established: 1885.
  • Number Of Employees: 100,000 Employees.
  • Revenue Range: $24.693 Billion USD.
  • Key People: The CEO and Chairman are George Oliver.


The 2nd manufacturer facility which does a great job to manufacture the Duralast batteries is the EAST Penn also known as DEKA.

Since AutoZone is a busy brand that has to handle tons of products for their customers. The company gets help from some other big manufacturing companies like the EAST Penn to make quality Duralast batteries.

It’s still one of the largest lead acid battery facilities in the world.

Important Figures:

  • Established: 1946.
  • Number Of Employees: 10,500 Employees.
  • Revenue Range: $2.8 Billion USD.
  • Key People: Kurt Smith (CEO), Jim Davis (Executive VP), & John Byrd (VP Sales)

Exide Industries Ltd

It is an Indian manufacturing facility that produces more than 8 million automotive batteries including the Duralast for AutoZone company. This brand contains a good number of workers who spend their quality time manufacturing quality batteries.

Important Figures:

  • Established: 1947.
  • Number Of Employees: 3296 Employees.
  • Revenue Range: $29 Billion USD.
  • Key People: Bharat Dhirajlal Shah (Founder) and Gautam Chatterjee (CEO).
Duralast Batteries Infographic

Who Make Different Types of Duralast Batteries

The Duralast battery comes in 3 types mainly, Duralast, Duralast Gold, and Duralast Platinum. Each type is made by a single or sometimes more than one manufacturer.

Who Makes Duralast Gold Batteries?

The Duralast Gold is non AGM line battery that uses lead-acid to offer the optimal taste of power on electronics.

This type of Duralast battery is made by East Penn (DEKA) in Pennsylvania, the United States. However, some of them are being manufactured from the JC (Johnson Controls) and Exide.

Who Makes Duralast Platinum Batteries?

Being an AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) type battery, the Duralast Platinum provides strong power to run the passenger car or SUV’s and even trucks.

This type of Duralast battery is mostly made from the Johnson Controls International (Clarios) manufacturing facility.

It contains rich equipment and the needed hi-tech to provide the top-quality batteries under this label. The Clarios made tons of Duralast batteries in Mexico or Germany and Spain.

Last Words

Yeah, AutoZone owns the Duralast batteries including the Gold and Platinum types. But the manufacturer who makes Duralast batteries is not AutoZone, as you know.

The JC makes more than 75% of Duralast batteries. And then the 15% – 25% batteries are made by other companies like the EAST Penn, and Exide.

Hopefully, this guide shows the real information to help you learn the inner details with some random knowledge of each manufacturer. Catch You Later!

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