Ford Escape Radio Not Working? Possible Causes And Solutions

Ford Escape radio not working? Well it can be due to number of reasons like blown fuse, bad wiring, broken wires, radio has passed its useful life mark, radio system has some by default issues, mobile connectivity issue, and complete broken system. Each of these problem has a specific solution and we have discussed them in detail.

It can be really frustrating when the Ford Escape radio is not working. However, since this dysfunction can be caused by either a wiring issue or a blown a fuse, it is almost always easily fixable. 

Most of the time, the solution is literally a screwdriver away. You would only need the internal panels of the vehicle to give you a clue on what is going on with the sound system. So, here are some of the things you should do. 

What Might Have Gone Wrong With the Ford Escape Radio

There are a lot of things that can be gown wrong with your Ford Escape radio. Problem can be temperory or permanent. Some problems with the radio system just need to reboot the system whereas some problems need expert help for poper solution.

Following is a list of problem you may face with your Ford Escape radio

  • Radio displace is balnk
  • Radia system command box is non-responsive
  • There is a connectivity issues is radio
  • Problem in properly shutting down the radio ystem

There are several reasons why your radio might not be working. Here are a few reasons that might be responsible for any one or all of the above mention problems.

  • Bad Wiring or wire
  • Blown fuse
  • Broken radio
  • Connectivity issue with Phone

Problems with Wiring

Broken wire or bad wiring is the most obvious and the most common reason for a several problems in Ford Escape Radio.

The radio wiring that connect it with battery and other related car circuits might get bad/broken/loose after being mishandled by an inexperienced mechanic. Wiring issue can also occur just becasue you have an old Ford Escape and its components has super passed their useful life.

Sometimes it also happen after a moderate mechanical impact that you shoved away as nothing. 

A Blown Fuse 

Just like is regular electric circuits, fuse in cars are responsible for protection the electrical components from being damaged by fluctuating electric current and voltage.

Depending on the model there can be several fuses that supply power to radio and related components but there will always be a main fuse dedicated for radio system. All mechanics know that among all issue with radio, radio fuse issue is a common one. So every mechanics do check it first before replacing or reparing anything else.

Internal Issue

Although Ford like always delivered high quliaty products in their Ford Excape but still electrical components can develop faults that cannot be repaired. These problem are some time present in the system by default and some time they developed over time due to some bad practices by user.

What ever the case is these problems cannot be fixed as they involve major hardware change in radio. So for such a product its basically easy to replace the entire radio system rather than putting time, money and effort in repairing the system.

Connectivity issue with Phone

Your Ford Escape Radio has ability to connect itself with your phone to allow varity of phone function to be excuited on radio. Some time user face connectivity issue between their phone and radio.

This connectivity problem can be either from your radio end or from your phone end. In most of the cases there is not much you can do to solve this problem as its a major factory set software related problem.

How To Get Your Radio Working Again

For each problem in Ford Excape Radio, there is a specific problem and for every problem there are some specific solutions. Following are some of the solution or working you can do to solve problem with your radio.

Fix The Wiring Panel

As we have mentioned, faulty wiring is responsible for a radio malfunction, so we might need to fix that first. It is quite easy to do, and you shouldn’t have many technical issues with this step.

If you look at the left side of the steering wheel, you will notice a detachable compartment with a thin slit horizontally. With the help of a pry bar, you should be able to take the front panel off. 

Observe the wiring channels that lie behind and look for loose wires or burnt wires. If any, replace it with a new one.

Fuse Check

Blown fuses are more common in a vehicle than you think. If the wiring didn’t have any problem, you would need to reset or replace the fuse.

To locate the fuse compartment, we will take a look at the passenger side footrest. There should be two tiny screws that come off my hands. Then the entire vinyl/ leather cover will peel off. The fuse board should be visible now.

It is important to remember that the fuse board has fuses from all over the car. To know which exact fuse is meant for your radio, the Ford manual will be helpful. A specific numerical value will dictate which row and column the fuse is at.

If it is blown, replace it. But if not, then take the fuse out and put it back again. Your radio should work afterward. Remember to keep the engine turned off as you do these tasks.

Use The Power Button And Forward Button

This works as a rather temporary fix. What happens if you press the power button and forward button at the same time? No, your radio doesn’t take a screenshot, but it resets for the time being.


If all fails, we resort to rebooting. Remember to back up any personal information or document beforehand since it will erase all data. You will need your phone for it, though. On the Bluetooth menu of your phone, select SYNC.

Now on your car dashboard, scroll down the menu to find and tap SYNC. After confirmation, you will need to scroll through this submenu to find Master Reset that you will select. 

Few more dialogue boxes shall appear, and click yes on all of them. Afterward, reconnect your phone with the radio, and the master reboot should be finished.

Ford Escape Radio Not Working Infographic

Final Words

Ford Escape radio might have a problem or two, but these are nothing we cannot fix. Don’t spend hundreds in a mechanic store; just take your toolbox out and pry away for a radio as functional as a brand new one. 



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