Ford Fuel Tank Selector Valve Problems! [Solved]

There are some certain Ford fuel tank selector valve problems that you can face with your truck. These problems include Fuel Tank Selector Valve Doesn’t Operate, Front Tank Is Full but Still Showing Out of Gas, Rear Tank Pouring the Gas Underneath The Truck, and 1 Or More Valves Are Block Due to Dirt. This article is a complete guide for their solution.

Ford Fuel tank selector value enables you to switch or select any one of the two fuel tanks available in your Ford truck. Some Ford trucks have more than one fuel tanks and driver can select fuel tank they want to use for fuel intake.

Your vehicle engine will work efficiently if its fuel tanks get a balanced flow of fuel. It is the main job of the fuel tank selector valve to deliver a constant and balanced flow of fuel by switching between fuel tanks.

Sometimes the fuel tank selector valve gets out of order and causes issues such as:

  1. The fuel tank selector valve doesn’t operate
  2. The front tank is full but still showing out of gas
  3. The rear tank pours the gas underneath the truck
  4. 1 or more valves gets blocked due to dirt

If your Ford is suffering from any of the above issues, then don’t panic. I’ll share the solutions. These are the best ways, that I would try to fix the Ford fuel tank selector valve problems!

4 Ford Fuel Tank Selector Valve Problems & Solutions.

It’s simple to fix the issue by changing parts or doing some thorough cleaning. However, its still necessary to understand the bad fuel tank selector valve symptoms and finding out what exactly is wrong before trying any fixes.

4 Ford Fuel Tank Selector Valve Problems & Solutions infographic

Problem #1: Fuel Tank Selector Valve Doesn’t Operate.

If your Ford fuel tank selector valve does not work and it is stuck with a particular tank. Then it is simply mean that your Ford fuel tank selector valve is broken and need replacement.

To fix it, follow the directions:

  1. Open the hood and locate the selector valve near the fuel tank.
  2. Unplug the wiring tube from the selector valve. 
  3. Remove the selector valve by unbolting the screws. Be sure to use a screwdriver for better grip. 
  4. Insert the quality selector valve in the place. If you are looking for one, try the ACDelco U7000 Professional Fuel Tank Selector Valve.
  5. Attach the bolts and screw them in with the screwdriver.  
  6. Plug the wiring harness tube on top of the selector valve. 
  7. Close the hood and test if it solves the issue or not.

Problem #2: Front Tank Is Full but Still Showing Out of Gas.

If you have just filled your Ford fuel tanks but your engine is not getting fuel. This means the fuel selector value is not sending fuel forward from fuel tank toward the engine.

This issue raises if one tank is overfilled and other is relatively empty. Fuel tank selector valve cannot switch from empty tank to full tank due to either broken wire or bad motor.

Get the gears and try the given technique to fix this issue:

  1. Locate the fuel selector valve.
  2. Look inside its wiring harness
  3. If you find any torn-up or damaged wire, change them immediately 
  4. If still showing the same error, then go to the next step. 
  5. Take out the selector valve by losing the screws. 
  6. Place the valve in a secure place. 
  7. Take a screwdriver to remove the cover and reach for the motor.
  8. Take that small motor and inspect it. If it seems burnt and smells on the rear side, then replace it with a new motor.

Problem #3: Rear Tank Pouring the Gas Underneath The Truck.

If you constantly see the fuel dipping under the truck from the rear tank. It can be happening due to the failed fuel selector valve gasket. There are about six valves for inlet and outlet in a Ford fuel tank selector and more valves means more places for fuel to leak through.

So if any valve is leaking, its time to replace or repair it. Depending on the situation there can be many possible solution of this problem. If fuel tank or tubes that connect tank and tank selector valve is damaged then its a complete separate work.

If its the valve then you need to follow the procedure mention in first section to replace the fuel tank selector valve.

Problem #4: 1 Or More Valves Are Block Due to Dirt.

It happens because of no circulation of the fuel tank and this further causes the engine to improperly work and reduces the overall riding performance. 

Follow the given steps to solve the issue:

  1. Remove the selector valve and its upper section.
  2. Use a WD40 penetrating oil like WD40 490057 Spray on the 6 valve’s mouth. 
  3. After that, tap continuously on the piece that goes up and down for 4 – 5 seconds. 
  4. Again, spray it on the same area and tap on the same piece. 
  5. Grab a tissue to remove the liquid that flows.   
  6. Insert the gasket sealer to attach the gasket. 
  7. Attach all the parts back to their places. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where is the fuel tank selector valve on Ford?

It’s located in the middle of the fuel pump and tank in most Ford trucks. You’ll find it under the hood near the frame rail.

2. What is a fuel tank selector valve?

It is a part that balances the flow of fuel to shift inside the primary tank to the secondary tank in order to fulfill the engine needs. This component usually has a black or silver coating with the 6 valves.  

3. What does a fuel tank selector valve do?

The fuel tank selector valve is connected to the switch accessible that carries the fuel to transfer it from the primary and secondary tank to fuel pipes. Thanks to this part, the truck can work well.  

Ending Notes

Lack of maintenance and improper fueling can cause the Ford fuel tank selector valve problems. In this guide, I tried to present possible solutions to all the common issues which ford faces due to something wrong with fuel tank.

It’s possible that your issue is severe and so above techniques don’t work for you. If that’s the case, call a mechanic to get it fixed in a better way.

Hopefully, this guide has able to give you some insight to handle your current state better. Good Luck!

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