How To Unlock A Ford Fusion Without Keys! [Explained]

You might run into a situation where your Ford Fusion key is either lost or locked inside the car and now you have to figure out how to unlock a Ford Fusion without keys. There are four safe solutions to unlock Ford Fusion without keys. These methods includes FordPass App, Keyless Entry Code, Ford Smart Key, and Professional Lockout Kit.

All the fun of riding can go in vain when your key is not with you while the truck is locked in position. As a person who might be in a rush, this silly disturbance out of nowhere can really feel annoying.

If you are thinking in the back of your mind about how to unlock a Ford Fusion without keys, try one of these 4 methods–  

  1. Using FordPass App.
  2. Typing Keyless Entry Code. 
  3. Applying Lockout Kit.
  4. Inserting Smart Key. 

The above methods will be easy to attempt as I’m about to share an in-depth procedure of each. Let Me Walk You Through It!

This is How To Unlock A Ford Fusion Without Keys!

To unlock a Ford Fusion without keys is easy by going to the locksmith. But it may take forever and cost a lot to get done. If you are in a rush and want a quick fix, then here are some ways you can unlock your car.

Steps To Unlock A Ford Fusion Without Keys infographic

Method #1: Download The FordPass App & Use It.

If you are thinking ‘how to unlock Ford Fusion with keys locked inside?’, using the FordPass app will help. Those trucks which are connected with the FordPass app can unlock state in a second. Take a look at the given instruction!

How to download FordPass App?

  1. Go to App Store or Google Play Store. 
  2. Search for the ‘FordPass’ app. 
  3. Download the app. Wait for it to download completely. 

How To Activate and Unlock Your Vehicle On FordPass App?

  1. Open the app. 
  2. Create an account by your name. 
  3. Tap on the My Vehicle option. 
  4. Click on Add Vehicle.
  5. Write down your truck’s VIN bar code. To find this code, just look at the driver-side door floor area and there’ll be a label.
  6. Wait for 1 – 2 minutes.
  7. You will get the confirmation message on your vehicle screen
  8. Check your phone to get the 2nd confirmation message. That message need 24 hours to get process (just for security reason).
  9. Confirm your message as it appear on vehicle LCD
  10. There will a third confirmation by the company just like the last two one.
  11. After confirmation, select the activated option after seeing your vehicle on this app.
  12. Click on your vehicle on this app. 
  13. Hold the Unlock button for 2 – 5 seconds. You’ll see the circle starts to spin which means the truck is unlocking. Done!

Method #2: Enter 5 Digit Code For Keyless Entry.

If your truck is integrated with KEC (Keyless Entry Code) and in worst case scenario you forget that code. Then the following steps might help to get you your 5 digit code for keyless entry in future.

  1. Locate the passenger fuse box
  2. Take out the trim panel to reach the fuse box. 
  3. Find the black and white sticker which is attached to the fuse box. It contains 5 digits with a number. 
  4. Enter the keyless entry code (5 digits) on the keypad (mostly located near the frame driver’s seat) and it will unlock the driver’s door. 

Method #3: Try A Lockout Kit.

To start this method, you need to have a locksmith tool like SYMYNELEC Car Tool Kit. If you are already in this situation, then the above method might not be best useful. However, if you are preparing just in case such keyless situation appears it’s time to get the kit.

This kind of tool helps unlock the truck professionally without harming the truck surface. Take a look at the given instructions:

  1. Take the plastic tool and slide it into the gaps of the driver-side door.
  2. Place the air wedge into the upper side. Press the pressure tube a couple of times to fulfill the air wedge.
  3. Use the reaching tool inside the gap of the driver-side door. Move it so that the tip (loop-side) reaches the unlock knob inside the truck.
  4. Slightly retract the reaching tool so that the knob causes the truck door to unlock.

Method #4: Use The Smart Key.

All modern truck comes with a tiny gadget called Smart Key. It helps to unlock Ford Fusion dead battery locked doors easily. Here’s how to do it yourself:

  1. Locate the small button on the rear of the Smart Key (flip it to see clearly). 
  2. Slide it up to discover the pin-like key inside. 
  3. Find the round and tiny hole beneath the driver’s door handle to use this key. 
  4. Insert the key on the right spot and twist it. 
  5. Take out the plastic housing on the end of the door handle.
  6. Insert the key inside and twist it. It’ll help to unlock the door.

Ending Note

Leaving the truck unlocked is risky in the street but facing the lock issue might give serious frustration and anger. 

By knowing to unlock a ford fusion without keys, you can avoid this kind of situation. There are 4 methods that you can try one way based on your preference. 

In case nothing works for your car, then it’s better to call 911 or go to locksmiths to unlock it. It may charge no more than $150 – $350 (including trip fees + emergency rate).  Hopefully, this detailed and step-by-step guide helps you. Happy Driving! 

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