How Do Ford Dual Fuel Tanks Work? (Solved)

According to Global Industry Sales, GMC is currently the largest car manufacturer in the world. The company has been producing various models of cars since 1908, of which the Ford is one. A notable feature of this model is its dual fuel tanks.

These dual fuel tanks from Ford are truly amazing. Such tanks are mounted on super-duty categories. Many people are curious about dual fuel tanks and how they work.

Our article is based on this question. Here you can find out how the first dual-fuel tanks were invented and why Ford uses these tanks. So keep reading.

What Was the Original Concept of Dual Fuel Tank Implementation?

If we look at the older models, we can see that the smaller tanks were mounted on those trucks. This is because they were unable to carry enough fuel and did not have much mileage. 

But now we see trucks with more features that ensure more comfort. Existing trucks have been fitted with dual fuel tanks that ensure longer travel. 

Another notable feature of the dual tank is that it assists in the weight distribution of the trucks. When it comes to a tank, it causes a truck imbalance when the truck takes a hard turn. 

The dual tanks have ensured vehicle rigidity as well as confidence and road safety. As in the case of single tanks, the fuel tank may fail in a place where there is no help in the vicinity. But this is unlikely to happen in the case of dual fuel tanks.

Why Does A Ford Have Dual Fuel Tanks?

The Ford Company decided to implement dual fuel tanks for its manufactured vehicles. There are, of course, several rational reasons behind this. Considering those reasons, it is clear that they probably made the right decision.

Ford includes a dual tank system to increase the fuel efficiency of its trucks. This allows drivers to carry more fuel and travel farther. When traveling long distances, the dual tank ensures that the engine does not shut down due to a lack of fuel in the path.

In addition, as we know, dual tanks play an important role in maintaining the balance of the vehicle, especially when it comes to difficult turns. A single fuel tank causes problems in this case. For these reasons, Ford decided to implement dual fuel tanks in their trucks.

Model of Ford Dual Fuel Tank Technique 

At present we see both parallel and series systems in dual fuel tanks. In the parallel system, we see that the functions of the pumps running on two free fuel lines meet in the ‘Y’ connection in the fuel system. On the other hand, the series system sets the fuel pumps in a standard line.

However, models of dual fuel tank systems include the following components:

Fuel Pressure Regulator

A fuel pressure regulator uses a diaphragm when working. It controls the fuel compression caused by the fuel injector. The diaphragm of the regulator is driven by one pass of the tank and the other is connected to the vacuum in the intake manifold.

Fuel Reservoir

When there is less fuel in the truck and you fall into the extreme condition of the truck, the fuel reservoirs prevent the fuel barrier. Reservoirs are formed by fuel delivery assemblies and remain in-tank condition.

Venturi Jet Valve

When high pressure flows out of the fuel pump, the dual tank procedure removes it intending to start this venturi jet pump. This pump then pulls the fuel out of the tank to the assembly. 

This valve procedure sustains fuel allowance when a truck is upright and fuel levels are low. Also, its nylon filter system prevents dust from reaching the fuel tank.

Supply Check Valve

This valve unfolds when the pressure at the outlet of the pump surpasses the valve spring force tension. That time the engine shuts down, the valve shuts to regulate the pressure of the power line and to maintain the prime of the pump.

Shuttle Selector Valve

The main responsibility of a shuttle selector valve is to control the fuel pressure. Occasionally the pressure of the shuttle diaphragm exceeds the opposing spring force. This valve then opens a return line.

How Do Ford Dual Fuel Tanks Work?

One of the two fuel tanks in a Ford truck is primary and the further is secondary. The dual tanks are connected by two pipes. Depending on the fuel level of the two tanks, fuel flows from one tank to the other. 

One of the two pipes in the dual tank supplies gas to the engine and the other to the fuel trail. The tanks work separately but simultaneously. That time the truck is driven, fuel flows from the primary tank to the engine. 

The secondary tank replaces the wasted energy of the primary tank. As soon as the ignition of the vehicle is started, the fuel pump becomes active. 

Again, when the ignition is turned off or the speed of the vehicle drops below 120 ppm, the fuel pump becomes inactive. The powertrain control module mainly does this.

Why Did Ford Stop Including Dual Fuel Tanks in Their Vehicles?

Not long ago, Ford mounted dual fuel tanks on its vehicles. But this popularity is no more, meaning the company does not currently implement dual fuel tanks. However, it is still valid for a handful of super-duty model vehicles.

The main drawbacks of earlier single tank vehicles were their small size and low carrying capacity. This started to cause various difficulties for the drivers, so later dual fuel tanks were introduced in the market.

But there were also some problems with the dual tank system. The production cost of Ford dual fuel tanks was very high. It also took a lot of effort to maintain. The valve systems, automatic switches, and extra fuel pumps cost extra money. 

Compared to that, building a big vehicle with a bigger tank was relatively cheap. So the Ford Company dropped the dual fuel tank system and introduced in-tank fuel pumps and larger tanks.


Ford implemented dual fuel tanks on their trucks, keeping in mind the concerns of its drivers. This initiative later became very effective for remote drives. The higher fuel capacity of the dual tank technique became popular among the drivers.

But due to high production costs and complex maintenance problems, Ford decided to shut down the dual fuel tank system. Larger tanks are currently mounted on all Ford models, except a few high-powered models. However, this article has told you why and how Ford Dual Fuel Tanks work.

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