Harley Street Glide Vs Road Glide: Which Is The Best Motorcycle?

Since 1903, the Harley-Davidson Company has been producing excellent motorcycles one after another for its customers. Notable among their popular models are Road Glide and Street Glide. These two bikes are world-famous for their unique features and performance.

Both the Road Glide and Street Glide bikes have received so much response from buyer society that most people are hesitant to buy them. The remarkable specs of the two bikes turn the heads of the customers and they start thinking that which bike can be favored. 

If you are in the same dilemma as them, then this article is for you. Here we will first know the features of the two bikes. Then we will have a comparative discussion about Road Glide vs Street Glide and finally reach a final decision to pick one.

Road Glide

Harley-Davidson has been offering people one bike after another since the beginning of their journey. That’s why in the early 1900, the company won the title of the best brand of the time. Anyway, we are talking about Road Glide which is a famous cruise bike. The bike came on the market with some mind-blowing features and is still an eye-catcher among bike lovers.

A few times ago, Harley-Davidson launched its Road Glide model. They used the Milwaukee-Eight engine for the first time. The bike has an engine with 1745 CC power. When the engine goes off the road, its sound surprises and enchants everyone.

Road Glide has a self-starting mechanism so that you can turn it on without any hassle. The bike gives you three color options – vivid black, reef blue, and white sand pearl. It weighs 820 lbs or 372 kg.

Road Glide has a double LED-lit, with which you can achieve a bright vision even in the deep black darkness. It also has double bending valve suspension on both the front and rear sides.

Street Glide

The Harley-Davidson Company made its journey smoother and more successful by launching Street Glide in the market. There is a sparkle in the look of the bike which increases the insanity and excitement among the people. The roar of the bike from start to finish will drive you crazy.

The bike has an engine of 1745 CC and its power is 65 bhp. You can easily understand how powerful it is. It is capable of generating rotational speeds up to 5500 rpm. The bike is likely to overheat easily due to excessive power generation. An air-cooled mechanism is mounted on its body to prevent this problem. The transmission of the bike is a 6-speed manual.

If we talk about the light of the Street Glide, then all its lights are very strong. Its headlights are halogen and the taillights are LED lit. You can easily travel with it even in the deep dark. It weighs 796lbs or 361 kg. A little heavier in weight, but the color options you get on this bike are vivid black, midnight crimson, and white sand pearl.


Road Glide and Street Glide are two completely different models of bikes, but they have some similarities. Since we want to determine which is the best of these two bikes, we should also focus on the similarities. 

Significant similarities between Road Glide and Street Glide are given below:

  • An engine of 1745CC;
  • A 22.7L capacity fuel tank;
  • A self-ignition process;
  • Air-cooled cooling system facilities;
  • Two cylinders each.

Main Difference Between Road Glide vs Street Glide

Okay, this part is vital for choosing the best of the two bikes. So your full attention is expected. Let’s talk about the main distinctions between Road Glide and Street Glide.


In the case of bikes, weight matters a lot to the rider. The advantages and disadvantages of riding a bike largely depend on its weight. On the one hand, the weight of a Road Glide is 820 lbs or 372 kg. Street Glide, on the other hand, weighs 796 lbs or 361 kg.

Headlight and Taillight

One of the most important parts of a bike is the headlights and taillights. Harley-Davidson uses LED-lit on both the headlight and taillight of their Road Glide bikes. But the case of Street Glide is an exception because its headlight is halogen and its taillight is LED-lit.


In the bike industry, fairing means protective paneling wrapped around the bike. This paneling is usually made of aluminum, fiberglass, or plastic. Road Glide uses frame-mounted fairing. Street Glide, on the other hand, has fork-mounted fairings.

Which One Suits You Best?

Before we decide which one is right for you in the battle of Road Glide vs Street Glide, we should take a look at a brief comparison table. We believe that the table below will help you in the final pick.

Facts Road GlideStreet Glide
EngineMilwaukee-Eight 107Milwaukee-Eight 107
Weight 820 lbs or 372 kg796 lbs or 361 kg
Length 95.7 inches96.5 inches
Trail 6.8 inches6.7 inches
Seat Height25.9 inches26.1 inches
Headlight and TaillightBoth are LED-litHeadlight is halogen but the taillight is LED-lit
Fairing Frame-mounted Fork-mounted 

Our two competitors Road Glide and Street Glide both collide equally, neither of them is less than the other. Sporty exterior style, smooth riding experience, and athletic design- all these praises are suitable for two bikes. 

The major controversies are in the dimensional case, such as weight, length, etc. Prices may vary from market to market, but there is a slight difference in build quality. It is up to you to choose between Road Glide and Street Glide.

Road Glide is for those who like long-distance tours and run mile after mile. For those who prefer a strip-down hot-rod bagger-type cruise bike, Street Glide is for them.

Harley Street Glide Vs Road Glide Infographic


Road Glide and Street Glide are two very expensive bikes. There are countless people whose dream is to buy one of these two bikes. The Harley-Davidson Company acknowledges that Road Glide and Street Glide have made significant contributions to their skyscraper reputation.

The discussion of this article is for those who are always in a dilemma with these two bikes. Here we have explicitly mentioned the specs and comparative discussion of the two bikes. We hope after reading that discussion, you will have no hesitation.

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